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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.

For the Moon defines that something new happens every moment of every day of your life.


Written by author of SpiritualSecrets - ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

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Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"

There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you ...

The long "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares

& the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you


Sunday 3rd December 2017 - Full Moon in Gemini

Unlocks something BIG which will be defining your "future"


Astrology defines that sooner or later things change - sooner or later "it" happens for EVERYONE. No-one is supposed to be stuck or stagnant forever. Hence, whereas I'd usually go into long explanations - the next few days - in fact the next 3 weeks are simple to explain.



Anything that needs to change will be changing - and - "it" will happen anyday and anytime from now onwards.

"It" is something specific that creates movement forwards - detaching you from the "past" and moving towards the "future"



Astrology - defines that by 20th December 2017 - you must arrive at a destination - therefore something specific that's either been blocking your life or something you need in order to move your life forwards - needs to happen and will be happening - between now and then.


Every Full Moon is an opposition - an exceptionally powerful opposition - of magnetic attraction to whoever and whatever life wants you to be connected to - and this Full Moon with the Sun, Mercury, Venus & Saturn in Sagittarius - opposing - Full Moon in Gemini - means it is going to be energetically exceptionally very powerful. The Full Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces - means a cessation and an ENDING to anything that's been worrying you and draining you.


The star sign of Gemini always defines CHANGING your mind - that's why Gemini's are often known to be the most unstable and unreliable star signs - because they're constantly CHANGING their minds. However, there is a good side to Gemini - and - that's when Gemini recognizes the need to change - it changes - nothing can stop the power of a Gemini Full Moon changing people's minds.


Hence, Moon in Gemini from Saturday - creating - a Full Moon in Gemini on Sunday - is 100% guarantee that people will be changing their minds - by events that will be happening and strong feelings you'll get - and as you'll see over the next few days - this Gemini Full Moon is exactly what is needed in order to get things moving.


You see - STUBBORN blockages are often created by OTHER people - especially people with STUBBORN negative attitudes. Hence, when stubborn people change their minds - it unblocks things to happen. STUBBORN attitude often defines a CLOSED mind - unwilling to see the truth or unwilling to see things differently. When destiny needs to create change - destiny makes people see things differently - then - like magic - things change.


Saturday 2nd December 2017

Moon enters Gemini - 8pm UK - 9pm Europe - 3pm USA EST

[Sunday 1:30am India - 7am Sydney, Australia]

Moon 2° Gemini opposes Venus 2° Sagittarius


Sunday 3rd December 2017

Full Moon in Gemini - 4pm UK - 5pm Europe - 11am USA EST

9:30pm India - [Monday 3am Sydney, Australia]


Moon 11° Gemini opposes Sun 11° Sagittarius - Full Moon

Moon 11° Gemini squares Neptune 11° Pisces


Monday 4th December 2017

Moon 24° Gemini sextiles Uranus [retrograde] 24° Aries

Moon 27° Gemini trines Mars 27° Libra

Moon 28° Gemini opposes Saturn 28° Sagittarius

Moon 29° Gemini opposes Mercury [retrograde] 29° Sagittarius


Gemini is an OPEN star sign of COMMUNICATION - because through the power of communication is the essence of who you're supposed to be connected to, all facets of your life are defined by WHO you talk to and what you say to them.


Ironically - due to Mercury - the ruler of Gemini - going retrograde on Sunday 3rd December 2017 - means - all your answers, all your happiness and all your success - are defined by people you already know - that's why the "future" is in fact defined by having a BREAKTHROUGH via people you already know - because they've changed their minds OR because life is making them sort things out.


Therefore the Full Moon will ensure that anyone you're destined to be reconnected to - will be communicating with you - all you have to do is ask yourself honestly - do you feel the power of the bond of connection to them when you're talking to them - or - do you feel nothing. The SHOCKS and SURPRISES will be WHO it is that communicates with you and WHO it is you're made, forced or enticed to communicate with.


This once-a-year Gemini Full Moon is 100% certainty that things will be changing for everyone - it is unlocked with this Full Moon and continues for the next 2-3 weeks. And all the changes are either things you've been waiting for - or - things you need in order to be feeling alive and optimistic about your future.


Most importantly - the Gemini Full Moon will remove anything from your life that's been worrying you. And the healing quality of the Gemini Full Moon will include healing your health - as well as healing your thoughts.


The Gemini Full Moon will begin a series of coincidences and create positive changes from 3rd => 20th December 2017 - all of which - will ensure you're ready for the NEXT phase of your lives - a New destined phase - defined by Saturn entering Capricorn on 20th December 2017. Therefore this is the LAST Full Moon prior to Saturn entering Capricorn - so this is going to be the power to make those changes happen.



Today's Audio for Sunday 3rd December 2017

Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius ... [7 mins audio]

Audio is in "mp4 format" and you will need "Quicktime" player



Sunday 3rd December 2017

The once-a-year Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon will move your life forwards

Breakthrough - Success - Good News - Creating a Big Change



3rd December: Full Moon 11° Gemini - with - Sun - Mercury - Venus - Saturn in Sagittarius - means - a breakthrough

When positive energies overcome negativity - when you see clearly the source of life-energy - what and who - makes you "alive"



Today's Audio for AFTER the Full Moon Sunday 3rd / Monday 4th December 2017

After the Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius ... [8 mins audio]


3 Astrological Aspects on Sunday 3rd December


3rd December: Jupiter 11° Scorpio trines Neptune 11° Pisces

3rd December: Sun 11° Sagittarius squares Neptune 11° Pisces

3rd December: Mercury goes retrograde at 29° Sagittarius


The exactness of the above 3 aspects on the day of a Full Moon - means - "it" is going to happen - "it" is going to change your lives - "it" is going to ensure - everything that must happen - will be happening - and - no-one in the world can stop "it" !


When exactly - well - anytime between now and the 20th December 2017 - although the most powerful changes will be between now and 10th December 2017 due to the power of the Moon transits in Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo.



Sunday 3rd December => Sunday 10th December 2017

Unlocks something BIG which will be defining your "future"

During the next 7 days - the Moon will unlock 3 powerful transits which will ensure BIG change for everyone


Astrology defines that sooner or later things change - as believers in Astrology - you know this to be true by real-life experiences in the past 6 months. Everyone of you have seen changes happening - and - even if you can't yet see the destination - you can see movement.


Due to this powerful Gemini Full Moon on Sunday 3rd December 2017 - everyone - of - every age and star sign - will be encouraged, enticed and even forced if necessary to move-forwards. That's because by 20th December 2017 - something has to change.


The BIGGER the blockage in your life - the more likely for a BIG change - I should add [and don't be offended] - but the more lazy you are - the more irritable and frustrated you will get - UNTIL - you feel compelled and forced to do something. In fact - getting frustrated from within is a GOOD sign - because it means - your aura is being spoken to - and - life is telling you to DO something.


This applies to EVERYONE - hence - during the next 7 days - defined by [1] Moon in Cancer Monday => Wednesday [2] Moon in Leo Wednesday => Friday [3] Moon in Virgo Saturday => Monday - means that the Moon will push and entice people to want to do something. That's why - lots of things that need to happen will be happening quickly in the next 7 days.


Astrologically - the reason WHY the next 7 days will create sudden and quick changes to happen is that there a NO planets in Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo - which means - the energies of these star signs are only activated and ignited during the Moon transits - and - it will all happen quickly - the moment it is unlocked.


The key to comprehending "WHY NOW?" is quite simple - Jupiter in Scorpio since 10th October 2017 has already been pushing for BIG CHANGE - then this week - Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday 9th December 2017 - Saturn will be entering Capricorn on 20th December 2017 - which means SOMETHING BIG has to change in everyone's lives to get you to your destination.


Technically - you've got no choice - it's totally unavoidable - life is ensuring you get to the destination - and - therefore the next 7 days will be the strongest in terms of Moon's energies to make things happen.



3rd December => 20th December 2017

Saturn at 28/29° Sagittarius over the Galactic center

3rd December => 20th December - Saturn at 28/29° Sagittarius - everyone will be feeling the power of Saturn

As explained on Months Astrology - Saturn at 28/29° Sagittarius is a BIG deal - and - will create BIG changes for everyone


Saturn 28° Sagittarius - is the definition of meeting your destined destination on the pathway you chose to avoid "it". You see - some things in life must happen - and even the laziest person in the world is forced to participate sooner or later.


Getting frustrated is often a sign that Saturn is forcing people to do something. Otherwise - you wouldn't get frustrated or annoyed about anything - "frustration" is an expression of Saturn energy - ensuring you OPEN your mind to want to do something NEW with your life.


Sometimes you can avoid "it" - even lazy people can avoid "it" - but with all the planets in Sagittarius - especially Saturn in Sagittarius - everyone is being shown clearly "something" specific that needs to change - and it's making people restless until "it" gets done.




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