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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.

For the Moon defines that something new happens every moment of every day of your life.


Written by יהונתן וואקסמאן author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

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Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"

The "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares

& the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.


"Merry Christmas"

Friday 25th December 2015 - Full Moon in Cancer

Complain about life - OR - Love Your Life - is - The Choice of Karma


There are some people - that no matter whatever happens to them - they always complain - indeed - "they" are determined to become a grumpy old men or old Babushka's that mumbles to themselves - complaining, criticizing and hating everyone. Indeed to become a grumpy old man takes years of training - grumpy old men don't just become grumpy in one day - it is a collection of negativity that they fester from within over many years.


Babushka is the Eastern European term given to a big fat old lady - who has grown a moustache - who's husband left her years ago - who hates her own children and grandchildren - and hates her neighbours and everyone keeps away from - you get the picture - don't you ? They don't just become "Babushka's" - it takes many many years of complaining about life - "they" begin to become miserable from the age of 30 - when they begin to complain about the "men" and "women" in their lives.


So, if you're headed along the pathway to become a grumpy old man or a miserable old Babushka - because you can't appreciate the gift of life, or because you don't love your life, or because you don't love other people, or because you're constantly complaining - then this Full Moon in Cancer is your destined opportunity to change your eventual destination.


The ONLY reason for bad karma is because of BAD relationship energies with OTHER people and complaining about life. Hence the solution to create good karma is to have GOOD relationship energies with everyone in your life and love your life.


It is quite normal to have problems in life - that's life - we've all had problems - the key to karmic success - is turnaround a bad situation INTO a good situation. What you decide to do after the problematic situation - how you use the real life events to change the destiny of your own life. You could add it to the numerous other problems in your life and keep heading along that pathway to become grumpy - OR - you could choose to use the situation - to CHANGE YOUR OWN DESTINY - by handling it differently - and TURNING your life around.


Friday 25th December 2015 - karmic "light" goes on

Moon enters Cancer - 5am UK - 6am Europe - 10:30am India

4pm Sydney, Australia - 00:00am USA EST

Moon 3° Cancer opposes Sun 3° Capricorn - Full Moon

Full Moon in Cancer - 11:30am UK - 12:30pm Europe - 5pm India

10:30pm Sydney, Australia - 6:30am USA EST

Moon 7° Cancer trines Neptune 7° Pisces

Moon 10° Cancer quincunx Saturn 10° Sagittarius


Saturday 26th December 2015 - Uranus direct

Moon 14° Cancer opposes Pluto 14° Capricorn

Moon 16° Cancer squares Uranus 16° Aries

Moon 23° Cancer sextiles Jupiter 23° Virgo

Moon 24° Cancer opposes Mercury 24° Capricorn


Sunday 27th December 2015

Moon 26° Cancer squares Mars 26° Libra


The Full Moon - due to it's power - will create a LOT of energy in everyone's lives - it will make many people uncharacteristically more determined to want to change their lives than usual - and that's because this a Full Moon in Cancer on 25th December 2015 - began as a the New Moon in Sagittarius on 11th December.


Let me explain an important astrological secret that each Full Moon contains the energies of every single day since the New Moon - because the Full Moon is made up of pieces of the past 14 days - even if you've forgotten or can't remember everything - at the Full Moon - your aura remembers everything - that's why if something GOOD has happened to you - you feel it's energies at the Full Moon - and - conversely - if you have had inexplicable event - that too - your aura remembers at the Full Moon.


The Full Moon - then gives you the karmic choice - to either complain about life - OR - turn your life around by becoming DETERMINED to turn your life around. Everyone reads astrology because you want to become LUCKY - no-one reads astrology because they want to become a failure.


Hence with this powerful karmic Full Moon in Cancer you can turn-your-life-around - TODAY - by deciding that your going to LIVE LIFE AND LOVE LIFE. When you love life and when appreciate the gift of life then your aura becomes both cleansed and more importantly begins to "buzz" as you begin to turn your life around.


Once a year there is a Full Moon in Cancer - in the natural home of Moon - and this is it - a BIG day to become cleansed and to change your life - all you have to do is be OPEN to all the flowing positive energies - and - then use the SURGE of positive energies to BLOW-AWAY, DESTROY and ELIMINATE all your negative thinking that has made you believe you couldn't never be successful.


The Full Moon in Cancer - is like a huge light - all you need to do is let the light shine on all the darkness - and the darkness will vanish. "Darkness" means beliefs that are making your life feel like a failure - making you feel dead inside - making you feel depressed. Whereas the LIGHT of the Full Moon in Cancer will be determined to make you believe that ANYTHING is possible - all you have to do is be DETERMINED to want to live life.


During the past few months I've been humbled to see how many of the Syrian refugees - out of determination to get out of bad situation - succeeded to find a new life in Europe - indeed - they say - there's over 1 Million living in Europe today - all of which are alive today because they were DETERMINED to get away from negativity - and all they wanted was to live life.


All of us - have the potential - although many of us don't use our full potential until "life" makes us become determined. The karmic Full Moon in Cancer will be making EACH and EVERYONE - DETERMINED - to want something specific in your lives. It could be money, success, love, relationships, good health or happiness - but - you will only get it - if you want it - and want it because you LOVE LIFE and you want to LIVE LIFE to the fullest.


I must add that the karmic Full Moon in Cancer will also make some people COMPLAIN about things in their lives - and because of the squares and oppositions on Friday / Saturday - it will make many people complain so much that they force an end to anything they complain about - because the negative energies are magnified at the Full Moon - that too is destiny ensuring that things change.


The Big Turnaround is magnified by the Moon

Saturday - Uranus in Aries has just gone direct

Uranus direct at 3am UK - 4am Europe - 8:30am India - 2pm Sydney, Australia - [Friday 10pm USA EST - 8pm Arizona]


The Full Moon magnifies all the planetary activity - and hence - as Uranus in Aries - goes direct on Friday night / Saturday morning - everyone will feel the "turnaround". Hence - as explained above - whilst the Full Moon might initially make you feel like your life is a complete failure - Uranis goes direct in Aries - will ensure you get the powerful determination to want to turn your life around - and you will succeed.


You might need to go to sleep and wake-up on Saturday morning before you feel it - but without doubt EVERYONE - will feel Uranus going direct in Aries - and that's because each of the outer planets - always have a long 5 month retrograde - so when the outer planets go direct - everyone feels the shift.


Whatever you've been missing in your life since July 2015 - will suddenly come back into your aura today. Uranus in Aries defines that the facet you've been missing - is a determination to want to live life to the fullest - to want to do something meaningful with your life instead of just accepting what you've accepted. It is indeed a time for change.


Uranus in Aries turnaround going direct on the day of the Full Moon - means it will be surprising everyone of you - and that's exactly what LOVE does to everyone. "Love of life" is defined by Uranus in Aries - means it energizes your HEAD - as Aries rules the head - to make you LOVE someone or LOVE something - whatever and whoever makes you WANT to live for tomorrow and for live for your future.


That sense of new LOVE in your life - will make you determined to achieve it - and as you all know LOVE for anyone or anything always shirks off the negativity and makes you feel alive like never before. The buzz of Uranus in Aries in your mind and in your aura - will create SUCCESS - because the energy of Uranus in Aries will make you want whatever it is that life wants you to want and then get it.


I must add the important points that ....


[1] anyone born between 1971 => 1988 - due to your Uranus in Libra and/or Pluto in Libra in your birthchart - means you too - will be getting opportunity for BIG changes - except - it for some of you - - it might feel like you're having a midlifecrisis - as you become determined to dump every bit of negativity and start anew - the good news is that Uranus in Aries - will create BIG opportunities - it will be your choice to do the NEW or continue with the OLD - in most cases - there is no choice - because you will feel compelled to do the NEW.


[2] Anyone born between 1948 => 1962 - due to your Uranus in Leo and/or Pluto in Leo in your birthchart - means something BIG, UNEXPECTED and SURPRISING will be happening in your lives from 26th December 2015 - for you it is life-changing - much more than others. Because the Uranus in Aries combined with Saturn in Sagittarius means - finding stability in your life - and the only way you're going to get stability is by dumping anything that is UNSTABLE in your life.


[3] And anyone born after 1981 - if you've never been in-love and/or if you've never had "sex" - [or not had sex for at least the past 5 months] - then this Uranus in Aries combined with Saturn in Sagittarius means - will make you fall-in-love with destined true love. Your heart will become OPEN to love - you'll desire and want - like you've never desired before - and for some of you the feelings will make you panic - because you've never felt this way before about love and relationships.


[4] And for all readers - you either have to see your own birthchart - to see what planets you have in Aries, Leo & Sagittarius that will become enlived by Uranus going direct in Aries - OR - wait until Saturday morning 26th December when you will feel ALIVE with optimism and determination to want something NEW in your life.



I am determined that I'm going to make each of you become lucky during Sun in Capricorn .....

Spiritual Astrology will make you become lucky


During Full Moon in Cancer - you can become LUCKY - because you will become full of DETERMINATION - then say to yourself - "I'm going to do it - I'm going to do it - I'm going to do it" - and then you'll do it and you'll get it. But to become energized with the power of DETERMINATION - you have to truly and honestly WANT it - because you must feel - from within you that - it is your destiny.


You see - many people say they want "this and that" but then do nothing about getting it - they even half-heartedly wish for it which is a waste - maybe they're half-hearted because they know they'll never get it - but to achieve anything in life - you have to WANT IT WITH DETERMINATION - and when you do - that's when your aura - will make you feel - you're going to get it.


The Full Moon in Cancer means that you will only be given feelings to want something - because you will feel that it is your destiny - it is whatever life wants you to want - and - that's the SURPRISE - because when you feel it "buzzing" with energy in your aura - you will realize - that you're going to get "it".


Sunday 27th December 2015 - Moon enters Leo

Big "Sense of Relief" - because of Success - Bright & Happy


The Full Moon in Cancer on Friday 25th December and Uranus going direct in Aries will have UNLOCKED something for each of you - it will both combine the necessity to eliminate something you don't need in your life anymore - and - make you determined to move-onto something new. Although I should be honest and explain that the biggest changes during Moon in Leo - will in fact be due Uranus in Aries - which will ensure you won't want the "past" anymore - it will ensure that you want something "new".


Indeed - I always say that commerce, trade and business is defined by movement - of not wanting the "past" as much as wanting the "new future" - for technically - everyone should live in the same house forever and wear the same clothes - but we are all driven forward to want changes at specific destined times - and that MOVEMENT that people desire change is - defined as someone moves-out - someone moves-in.


Endings and Death are the essence of cycle of life - as people move-on out of the world the next generation comes into the world. The moments of MOVEMENT come in synchronous times - whilst you might have been wanting change and movement for a long time other people will suddenly wake-up at the Full Moon in Cancer on Friday 25th December & Uranus going direct in Aries and decide that now they're ready to move.


The worst thing is being stuck in traffic jams - because there are road-works or something ahead is blocking the flow - the best thing is fast-moving traffic - when everything just goes so quickly - and you get to the destination - quicker than you expect. The FAST PACE will begins now and lasts at least until end of February 2016 - the 1st stage of 2016 - will ensure you arrive at wherever you should be. All you have to do is keep MOVING with the flow.


The unfolding events from now onwards - especially the Moon in Leo in the next few days - will surprise many of you - because suddenly you will realize there was no reason to worry about anything as destined success will happen and are in the middle of happening.


You see many people give-up doing things they're not destined to do - because they're not truly committed - but the persistent, determined and committed person - instinctively knows that eventually comes a breakthrough - that's because destiny makes people committed. During the past few weeks - you've seen changes - and between now and the New Moon on 10th January 2016 - you will get the SUCCESS you've been waiting for - because you remained committed and determined.


Sunday 27th December 2015

Moon enters Leo - 11am UK - 12noon Europe - 4:30pm India

10pm Sydney, Australia - 6am USA EST


Monday 28th December 2015

Moon 10° Leo trines Saturn 10° Sagittarius

Moon 16° Leo trines Uranus 16° Aries


Tuesday 29th December 2015

Moon 27° Leo sextiles Mars 27° Libra

Moon enters Virgo 7pm UK - 8pm Europe - 2pm USA EST

[Wednesday 00:30am India - 6am Sydney, Australia]


Wednesday 30th December 2015 - Venus enters Sagittarius

Very Good Luck - destined Good Luck !


The key to understanding the reason for SUCCESS is defined by Uranus going direct in Aries - which will now reward you with SUCCESS - because you were head-strong and determined. I compare Uranus going direct to getting pregnant - you can want and want a baby for months and months - but instead of giving-up on the relationship and finding someone new - you stay in the relationship committed and then suddenly it happens.


That's what all of you - especially if you've been waiting for a breakthrough - will experience during Moon in Leo - and it will give you a lot of encouragement to do even more - it's the sensation of knowing that GOOD LUCK is now back on your side - and there's no more blockages - everything is moving. This will give you encouragement to do even more - and then the more you do - the more you will want to do - and the more successful you will become - as your AURA buzzes with confidence, vibrancy and positive energy.


For example - when you see a market stall or shop that's busy - you're attracted to it - because you feel there must be a reason why everyone goes there - whereas an empty shop that appears to be dead - you won't even be tempted to walk-into. It's the same auric vibrancy in your life - if you're busy - then your aura will attract success. If you do nothing - then your aura is unnoticed.


It is the reason - why I suggest to many readers who are not having any luck - especially if you've got an internet business - to GO OUT WALKING for 10 minutes - as walking - unlocks your aura for movement and changes to happen - then when you come back - you will feel ENERGIZED and become LUCKY. You could also - listen to music - to wake your aura up - although if you sang along to the music too - it would help your aura more than just listening.


Similarly - if you're all alone - then to become energized - you need to energize your own aura - whether it be to jump up and down or talk to yourself - putting positive words into your aura - will energize you too. Moon in Leo - will be determined to energize everyone's life - so even if you don't do anything - life will FORCE you to do something - it will FORCE you to move - as movement is exactly what destiny wants for everyone.



I am determined that I'm going to make each of you become lucky during Sun in Capricorn .....

Spiritual Astrology will make you become lucky


During Moon in Leo - you will become full of impatient excess energy - you won't be able to do nothing. Even if you don't know what you want to do - the best way to begin is say - "I'm determined that I'm going to do something good today" - "I'm going to be successful today" - "I'm going to do it" - "I'm going to get my life moving" - and the more you say motivational phrases of wanting movement and success - the more - your aura will become ALIVE.


Moon in Leo - defines the more ALIVE and VIBRANT you are - the more energy to emit to your aura - like a LION ROARING - then the more LUCKY energy you will attract into your life - and the more chances that things will be unlocked to happen. So come alive and roar like a lion - define what you want in your own mind and emotions.


Remember Moon in Leo is a positive energy - so put STRONG positive energies into your mind - be motivated by something or someone you LOVE - for Moon in Leo energizes your aura - by strength of your emotional DESIRES of WANTING whatever it is you WANT and LOVE.




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