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"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


This page is used as advance preview for Today's Moon Astrology


Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June 2019 - Moon in Sagittarius

Monday 17th June 2019 - Full Moon 25°/ 26° Sagittarius

Zone of Powerful Magnetism - Inexplicable Energy of Attraction

Physical Logical Attraction & Repulsion - No illusions - No lies !

Deleting everything which is useless to you and dumping everyone who are bad for you!

Audio for Monday 17th June '19

Full Moon in Sagittarius & Sun in Gemini



Astrology defines the physical reality of our Solar system. Astrology is a science - the only problem has been "astrologers" making the wrong interpretation of what's defined. As we gain experience over many years - and - inspirational enlightenment - we improve with age!


Those of you who believe in Astrology realize somethings have been missing from your traditional understanding - you've learnt from Moon astrology - that the Moon is like a gate-keeper - blocking some energies and allowing-in other energies.


Moon Astrology - as defined by the strength and phase of the Moon - lets you know to expect an increasing amount of energy into your life - each day from the New Moon until the Full Moon. Each day until the Full Moon - you feel more energy - and the Moon is informing you and preparing you to expect something BIG and perfect at the Full Moon.


The Full Moon is the MAXIMUM amount of energy that is speaking to everyone. And whilst Full Moon's get the blame for "lunatics" and illogical "craziness" in the world - the Full Moon in Sagittarius which conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius is actually the most logical of Full Moons.


Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday & Sunday is a clear pure transit - conjunctions and oppositions - means - 100% clarity - 100% truthful clarity - and - thanks to the Moon square Neptune anything that's meaningless and useless in your life will be forced out of your life forever. Moon square Neptune - is actually excellent for LOGIC and TRUTH.


Let me explain that whilst Neptune has the purpose to create dreams coming true - and - is the energy of pyschic truths. But Neptune can be deceptive and lead people astray. Neptune when fully activated in truth - cannot be damaged by confusion, deceit, illusion or lies. This is why all pure pyschics cannot drink alcohol or do "drugs" or do anything that affects the stability of the concentrated mind.


It is natural human instinct to want to be SUCCESSFUL. Success makes you happy - happiness makes you successful. But to achieve success you need to eliminate all other possibilities that define "failure". For example, when you're chosen for a job - the company wants to be successful - and - wants you because they believe you will make them successful. When you chose to marry someone - you chose that person because they make you feel loved and make you feel SUCCESSFUL - and because you've eliminated all others.


Mistakes are made because of DECEPTION. You thought it would be SUCCESSFUL but it turns out to be a FAILURE. Hence, every cyclical energy of the zodiac year - we are given opportunities to DUMP the deception - delete the failure - and - find SUCCESS.


The Sagittarian Full Moon is all about SUCCESS. Whatever that means to you - SUCCESS in money, SUCCESS in relationships, SUCCESS in good health, SUCCESS in feeling alive and doing whatever you do - and - SUCCESS is always defined by what makes you HAPPY. If you're not HAPPY - then - you don't feel SUCCESSFUL.


The beauty of understanding astrology is to know what to expect and why things will be happening to you over the next few days. Everyone and everything that defines 100% GOODNESS - 100% PURE HAPPINESS - 100% SUCCESS in your life will be revealed to you - and - you'll love the strength of feelings you're going to be feeling.


Conversely - you'll feel 100% DIVORCED from - 100% SET-FREE from - 100% liberated from - anything negative in your life. Once every 12 years there's a Full Moon in Sagittarius - conjunct - Jupiter in Sagittarius - and - it is BIG.


For some of you - it will RESET you to get reconnected to people who define SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your life - people from - 2012 - 2007 - 1995 - or - 1989/1990 - to the extent that you will be SHOCKED and SURPRISED - the contrast of feelings to having them back in your life - to not having them in your life.


The events during Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night - will all happen because of instinctive magnetism - as the cells in your body - as the thoughts in your head - the feelings in your heart - will ensure - you're OPEN to be connected to GOOD people in your life - with a passionate aliveness to want to live life.


All future success will be defined at this Full Moon because you feel ALIVE - because you're CONNECTED to everyone and everything that's 100% good for you - it's a logical honesty of truthful feelings to feel ALIVE and happy to be ALIVE - whatever "it" is - you'll feel "it".


Saturday 15th June 2019 - Exact Jupiter-Neptune Square

Moon enters Sagittarius - 10am UK - 11am Europe - 5am USA EST

2:30pm India - 7pm Sydney Australia

Moon 8° Sagittarius opposes Venus 8° Gemini

Moon 0° => 7° Sagittarius [Europe]

Moon 0° => 11° Sagittarius [EST - USA]


Sunday 16th June 2019

Moon 18° Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter [retrograde] 18° Sagittarius

Moon 18° Sagittarius squares Neptune 18° Pisces

Moon 7° => 20° Sagittarius [Europe]

Moon 11° => 24° Sagittarius [EST - USA]


Monday 17th June 2019

Moon 25° Sagittarius opposes Sun 25° Gemini - Full Moon

Full Moon - 9am UK - 10am Europe - 4am USA EST

1:30pm India - 6pm Sydney Australia

Full Moon crosses over Galactic Center 28°/29° Sagittarius

Full Moon enters Capricorn - 5pm UK - 6pm Europe - 12noon USA EST

9:30pm India - [Tuesday 2am Sydney Australia]

Moon 5° Capricorn trines Uranus 5° Taurus


Tuesday 18th June 2019

Moon 5° Capricorn trines Uranus 5° Taurus

Moon 3° => 15° Capricorn [Europe]

Moon 7° => 19° Capricorn [EST - USA]


Magnetism of oppositions - will now because VERY STRONG - defined by - Moon in Sagittarius opposing Venus in Gemini on Saturday - Full Moon on Sunday night/Monday - Sun opposition Moon - the Full Moon unlocking the fullness of - Sun in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius - and combined with Mars 18° Cancer opposes Saturn [retrograde] 18° Capricorn & Sunday's 16th June: Mercury 18° Cancer opposes Saturn [retrograde] 18° Capricorn - means that MAGNETISM of correctness is being attracted into everyone's lives.


Magnetism ensures it's impossible to make any mistakes as - repulsion is another way of saying Magnetism. Feeling repulsed by and wanting to keep-away from some people is making sure you stay on the right pathway. The instinctive nature of magnetism means - even without thinking - you're getting it right as you're listening to your feelings and not being tempted to make any mistakes.


The purpose of your feelings is to ensure you arrive at SUCCESS - as the Sagittarian Full Moon wants you to get it right - as a foundation for your future - but in order to get-it-right - you're being disconnected from anything and anyone who is bad for you.


Audio for Sun-Jupiter Opposition - dated - 11th June '19

Explains the gravitational energy of Sun-Jupiter Opposition


Now - there's something important I must explain in Scientific terms of gravitational energies of our Solar system - and - the true meaning of "RETROGRADES". The gravitional magnetism inside the Earth and inside the Moon - keeps the Moon in orbit around the Earth.


There's a powerful physical energetic magnetism between Earth and Moon which is 250,000 miles away. The Moon isn't pulled towards the Sun - the Moon is pulled towards Earth.


Whereas Sun-Earth have a gravitational magnetism which due to the size and strength of Earth - we are constantly and exactly 93 milllion miles away from the Sun - orbiting the Sun. Whatever day of the year - we are constantly connected in orbit around the Sun with the exact same energy that keeps us in Space. The physical entities of Sun and Earth are connected by electromagnetic flux of energies.


The same is with each of the planets - Sun is connected to Jupiter by a powerful energetic field at a constant distance of 390 million miles from the Sun. The energy is able to keep the BIGGEST planet in our Solar system in Orbit around the Sun.


Now, during RETROGRADES of outer planets - this means - that Earth comes in between the Sun & the outer planets - which means - Earth crosses-over the energetic fields that holds the outer planets in orbit.


The effect of which increases from the moment of the retrograde - and - that's why ironically during retrograde you feel the pressure is "off" to try-hard to hold it together - because - during retrograde the Earth is coming closer and closer to the planet - and - things happen naturally.


My point is that on Monday 10th June 2019 - the Earth - everyone of us - came directly in between Sun and Jupiter - this means - Earth came into the maximum Jupiter energetic flux field - of which you'll be seeing the results for next 3 months - but it means - that the cells of your physical body have been energized and "buzzed" with positive vibes.


The excessive positive energy will be felt at maximum strength when the Full Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius - meanwhile all the excess energies are ensuring that everyone does something MAJOR and significant - everyone is restless - everyone wants something to happen - everyone wants to do something with life.


What "it" is - you'll soon see with clarity - and - the purpose of which is to make you look-forward to the future again - because - you're going to be believing in a better future - because something BAD has been eliminated from your life - and - something GOOD has come-back into your life. That "something" GOOD for most people is SOMEONE who is GOOD for you.


Full Moon Crossing Over the Galactic Center

Renewal of Energy for Everyone on Earth

The crossing-over of Moon at 28°/29° Sagittarius creates a renewal of energies

The Full Moon crossing over the Galactic center will feel like the renewal it should be.

The Moon is the Gatekeeper of Energy for Earth - The Gates will be opened wide


Once-a-month Moon crosses over 28°/29° Sagittarius

Once-a-year there's a Full Moon in Sagittarius

Once-in-12 years - Full Moon conjunct Jupiter



In the past few years - I've realized with enlightened amazement that the energies transcending from the Galactic center are more important than I used to think. It's the center of huge energies - which everyone is open to you - even though you can't see them. The lights and energies of which are millions times bigger than planet Earth.


The photo on the right is the truthful reality of the Galactic center - it's bigger than any of us can imagine and it transcends it's energies to everyone on Earth and everything in the infinite Galaxy.


I'm mentioning this today - because this Full Moon as the Moon unlocks the maximum energy as it crosses over the Galactic Centre on Sunday night/Monday/Monday night - you're going to feel a huge burst of positive energies that will make sure you awake on Monday morning with confidence of knowing what you need to do. Something good that will be changing the rest of your lives.





The Sky on night of Sunday 16th => Monday 17th June 2019

The Planets App for iPhone/iPod is =>

Photo taken from Wikipedia Article on the "Milky Way"

The 28°/29° Sagittarius is the direction towards the Galactic Center of the Milky Way


Space is Real and Infinity Exists

Anything is Possible when you Believe








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