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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.

For the Moon defines that something new happens every moment of every day of your life.


Written by author of SpiritualSecrets - ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

Read in conjunction with This Weeks Planetary Movements, Monthly Astrological Events & Years Events 2018


Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"

The Moon always reveals to you and makes you feel the Truth

Your feelings are changing because - astrologically there's never been anything like it in the past 29-30 years !


Moon Astrology explains that - every Moon transit always creates and unlocks something to happen. Moon astrology defines that even if all the other planets have defined something to happen in your life - if the Moon in blocking it from happening - then it can't happen. So you must wait until the correct Moon transit for it to happen for you.


In the long "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains there are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you ... if you've had a dizzy and complicated few days - the next Moon transit will be calming and good. Things and feelings always changed every 2-3 days.



FYI - Full Explanations with audio of Daily Moon Astrology are on the "Members-only" website


Sunday 15th, Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th July 2018 - Moon in Virgo

The Truth, Honesty, Happiness, Unbelievable Connections of Destiny


Moon Astrology - defines - the truth speaking to your emotions. When you feel 100% clear about something - then you've received the message from the Moon. When you feel angry, irritable, uncomfortable, frustrated, annoyed and lazy - you too - have got a message from the Moon. It might not be the message you want - but it's the message.


Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] has got an important message to give to everyone - a message of knowing WHO you can trust - WHO makes you happy - WHO is good for you - because - they're 100% loyal to you as you are loyal to them - Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] is about seeing the TRUTH in all the people in your life.



Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Saturn [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign]

Neptune [retrograde] in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



The good news is Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] - with - Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign] on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - will be EXCEPTIONALLY powerful for everyone who has had NOTHING happening in your lives in the past 6 months.


And if indeed, you've honestly had NOTHING happening in your life for the past 7 years - then already since May 2018 - you've seen things happening - well now you're going to be seeing MORE things happening - as you receive the UPGRADE you need to move your life forwards.


Now let me explain something about NEGATIVE StarSigns - especially Earth StarSigns - and - that is they have a natural tendency to worry, to be negative, to moan and complain - and - their inner negativity blocks things from happening for them - all it does is makes them more frustrated.


Let me give you example with the weather - in the winter "people" complain it's too cold - then in the Summer they complain it's too hot - the truth is you can't please those types of people. A moaner will always moan and complain. All you need to do is divorce and detach yourself from someone who is negative and connect with the positive-thinking people. The same internally from within - when we have moments of negative thinking - we need to STOP ourselves - and - think-positive.


Planets in Negative StarSigns - especially with Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] & Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign] - means - all your GOOD LUCK is defined from WITHIN you - when you feel LUCKY - you become LUCKY. So - look at your life - and - realize - how LUCKY you are - think of the good sweet things in your life - instead of thinking of what you've not got.


The good news is that Moon in Virgo on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday - is 100% honesty - 100% truth - 100% good for you. The whole reason you're alive is to live your destined destiny - and - that means - being CONNECTED to the right people - and - being connected will make you LUCKY.


The UNBELIEVABLE facet is created because of Moon conjunct Venus & Moon trines Uranus - which - means that somehow or another - without any logic - Moon in Virgo will UNLOCK and create something unexpected to happen - something that needs to happen - to give you HOPE for a better future.


I should say that the EXCESSIVE "jealous" factor that people are feeling at the moment is Jupiter in Scorpio - which means - life is teaching everyone to ACCEPT and APPRECIATE your own life - instead of wanting "someone" else's life.


When you concentrate on your own life - on your own relationships - on all the goodness in your life - then - "you" are being "yourself". If you're getting distracted by meddling-in other people's lives or wanting someone else's life - then Jupiter in Scorpio will hurt.



Sunday 15th July 2018

Moon enters Virgo - 6pm UK - 7pm Europe - 1pm USA EST

10:30pm India - [Monday 4am Sydney-Australia]

Moon 2° Virgo trines Uranus 2° Taurus

Moon 4° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 4° Capricorn

Moon 7° Virgo conjunct Venus 7° Virgo


Monday 16th July 2018

Moon 4° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 4° Capricorn

Moon 7° Virgo conjunct Venus 7° Virgo

Moon 13° Virgo sextiles Jupiter 13° Scorpio

Moon 16° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces


Tuesday 17th July 2018

Moon 20° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 20° Capricorn

Moon 25° Virgo sextiles Sun 25° Cancer



Let me explain something - "spiritual" - the karma of your life - PRIOR to be being born - was defined by all the karmic connections your spiritual soul is to be connected to. "Some" of the connections are past-life karma with which you must HEAL - and - "some" of the connections are 100% essential for your existence and survival on Earth.


Unfortunately, humans are predictably STUPID - because when Humans arrive on Earth - they forget their spirituality and forget that "SOME" specific people are very important to be connected to. Humans then contrive and manipulate their existence to live WITHOUT the karmic destined connections - and - like being disconnected from a life-support machine - the soul dies.


Lucky for all of us - the astrological energies defined by - Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn - defined by Jupiter in Scorpio - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - defines that NOW - in July - August - September - everyone is being given the KARMIC RESET to be the person you're supposed to be.


Karmic reconnections - destined reconnections - spiritual reconnections - are - all being made. And most importantly DISCONNECTIONS and DIVORCE from anything or anyone that has no purpose to your future. The fact that there are NO planets in Aries, Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius - means there's no room of deception or dishonesty.


"TRUTH is TRUTH" - "The truth of who is good for you - is a - karmic truth - deeply embedded inside you" - and - who is right for you is being revealed as 100% right for you - and - who is wrong for you - you've received the message and either done something about it - or - doing something about it.


Moon in Virgo on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - will ensure - life will GUIDE you - and - get you connected. Coincidences will guide you to be reconnected and connected to all who are good for you. The key word is KARMA - and - that means HEALING.


When you get connected to the RIGHT people - you will feel it and you will know it - Moon in Virgo - will really make you feel LUCKY to be "YOU". Because being "YOU" means attracting the RIGHT people into your life - and - attracting your destined good luck into your life.


Quality and not quantity is what life is about. The powerful quality of exceptionally good people in your life makes you feel life is good. That's because QUALITY defines LOYALTY and trustworthy. Moon in Virgo will ensure you see them and connect with them.


I should say that Moon in Virgo on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - will be VERY LUCKY - for all - SunSign Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces - and - anyone with planets in these 6 StarSign's - all you have to do is LISTEN to your feelings - LISTEN to the goodness that is being given to you - via - the good feelings of being connected and thinking of the people who make you feel ALIVE and LUCKY to be ALIVE.



The New Astrology Website is now up-and-running

From now onwards - all predictions will be fully explained with audio on the "locked-members-only" website


Astrology defines connections and cohesion to other people - selfish types of people never want connections to others - they just want everything for themselves - they're always the most impatient, frustrated, annoying and angry types of people - that's because they've got an immature afflicted attitude that - "they" - are-the-centre-of-the-Universe aspect dominating in their aura.


The next 3 years are going to bad for selfish people - as - their afflicted self-centered quality will be squared by the karma of Saturn in Capricorn - which means - it's time to detach from those types of people - and - best to avoid them.


The lesson of Saturn in Capricorn until December 2020 is to be connected to good people - be open to good people who are good for you - cohesion and tolerance for good people you're destined to be connected to - and - avoidance of all selfish people who do nothing for you - especially if - in the past - you've done so much good for them. Saturn defines it's time to detach yourself from badness and negativity.


Saturn in Capricorn is the reason why I've created a New Locked Website - as I realized that it is wrong of me to be OPEN on the internet - some selfish people took-advantage of my good nature - people took from me - because I gave of myself - and now - I've learnt my karmic lesson.


When someone eccentric and crazy leaves all their valuable belongings in the street - ofcourse - people will steal them. I've realized that I mustn't be crazy anymore. I will gladly share with you - but - you have to share something with me - please make a donation and you'll get access to the new website.


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