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I am NOT Jewish - "These online writings are intuitively inspired" | | | |


Although, I've learnt a lot from Jewish religion and use the ancient hebrew script for spiritual reasons - I AM NOT JEWISH - these online spiritual writings are NOT following the traditional "jewish" way nor any "religious" way - but more of an "alternative" enlightening liberated free-thinking pathway - a spiritual pathway guided by "intuitive" thoughts.


You might say some of these writings follow the enlightened pathway that a loyal follower of Jesus Christ would have made 2000 years ago - they're meant to inspire you too - to think - and not offering a replacement for any of the man-made religions of the world.


The spiritual wisdom and knowledge I present is here to help you explore and find your own unique pathway to Eternal spiritual enlightenment - fulfilling the prophetic vision of the age of "the last generation" as predicted in the Book of Daniel.


Spiritual Secrets Website in Audio

"When you begin to think of one important aspect of your life - you'll change your whole life" - so far 22 Audio files online explaining the SpiritualSecrets website

Which includes 2 audio's that define - "Meditation - the synchronization between yourself and your destiny"


Sefer Yad Palmistry ספר חכמת יד

"You have Everything you need in the Palms of your Hands"

The new full version is available @

With "Spirituality of Hands", "ChangingDestiny" & "Hand Exercises"

Sefer Gilgulim Reincarnations ספר גילגולים

"Change one important aspect of your life and you'll change your whole life" - 21 Audio files online explaining Book of Reincarnations

With "Three Keys" and "Good Luck & Good Karma" well worth reading


Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה with 27 audio files to explain the Book-of-Love

"One moment of love gives more life and is worth more than a 1000 years of hate"

יפה שעה אחת של אהבה יותר מאלף שנים של שנאה and explains "The Tree of Life" @


Sefer 72 - Psalm 72 - ספר חסד של אמת - The 7 SpiritualSecrets of Psalms 72 - with 11 Audio files online explaining Sefer72

The inspirational spiritual karmic source of this website in AUDIO is completed @



Recommended Links, Reading & Viewing



The Spiritual interviews with Professor Dr Carl Jung on youtube where he discusses the difference between TRUTH, REALITY & BELIEFS. And the excellent hour-long lecture talking of "beliefs" and "spirituality" & the "World Within" one's mind.


Astrology :

Astrology APP for for Apple Ipad/Ipod "Highly Recommend Planets APP for iPhone/iPad/iPod".

An Excellent APP from - in SKY 3D view of planet Earth/the Sky. & an excellent astrology website with lots of free charts an excellent comprehensive guide to positive/negative qualities of all Sun Signs


Tarot :

Tarot card meanings is


Buddhism; Hinduism & Spiritual India ;

View-on-Buddhism profound articles | Basic Buddhist Teachings on Compassion | Sacred Texts on Buddhism

The Bhagavad Gita available online and for itunes as iGita


Indian Movies & Culture :

During 2008/9 and more significantly in 2010 - at an extra-ordinary time of personal spiritual enlightenment - India and the spiritual Indian culture became especially important for me personally; even Bollywood Films were teaching spiritually powerful lessons such as Om Shanti Om [Reincarnation], Kismat Konnection [Destiny] and Jab We Met [positive "Transformation & Change"], Namastey London [power of kindness, compassion and meaning of love]; Chup Chup Ke and power of prayer in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic; and many others including "My name is Khan" ; "Love Aaj Kal" ; "Bachna Ae Haseeno" ; "Bunty Aur Babli" ; "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" ; "Veer Zaara" ; "Hum Tum" and the very powerful "Tum Mile". I can recommend readers to learn, to be connected with and be inspired from a spiritually enlightened culture of India to the extent that the country and people accepts subjects as Reincarnation, Astrology and Palmistry without the skepticism and cynicism of "western" cultures !


Christian Reading

"The New Testament" in pdf optimized for quick download on internet - The Spiritual Teachings of Jesus Christ

The Prophesied End-Time Revealed by Ronald Weinland; an interesting and thought-provoking read; proving that all spiritually enlightened people of all religions and all faiths are being guiding to the same spirituality and truthful understanding that there is an Eternal Divine Creator with a destined plan for mankind.

Cynet Christian Teachings although we don't agree with some of the prophecies there is a tremendous collection of wisdom including the spiritual understanding of "abortion". [ use then "" biggest and best entry is "2009"]

"" an interesting Christian website; offering quick-steps to "finding" GOD and understanding the power of Jesus Christ - the Messiah.

TheMysteryUnlocked a brilliant online FREE pdf ebook download of an explanation of the prophetic end-times.



Weekly and Yearly Predictions for all 12 star signs with audio

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces | | | |

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם