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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Virgo 22nd August => 22nd September 2016

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


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from 11th => 18th September 2016

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Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

The important astrological aspects will be explained for each of the 12 star signs :-

Sun in Virgo | Mercury in Virgo | Venus in Libra | Mars in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Libra | Saturn in Sagittarius | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces | Pluto in Capricorn



22nd August: Sun enters Virgo

22nd August: Mercury 26° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 26° Virgo

24th August: Mars 9°52' Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 9°52' Sagittarius

26th August: Mars 10° Sagittarius squares Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces

27th August: Venus 27° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 27° Virgo

29th August: Mercury 28° Virgo conjunct Venus 28° Virgo

30th August: Venus enters Libra

30th August: Mercury goes retrograde at 28° Virgo


1st September: New Moon at 9° Virgo - Solar Eclipse over Africa
2nd September: Sun 10° Virgo squares Saturn 10° Sagittarius

2nd September: Mercury [retrograde] 28° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 28° Virgo
2nd September: Sun 10° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces
7th September: Sun 14° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
7th September: Venus 10° Libra sextiles Saturn 10° Sagittarius


9th September: Jupiter enters Libra

10th/11th/12th September: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "the future begins"

10th September: Saturn 10° Sagittarius squares Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces
11th September: Venus squares Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
12th September: Mercury [retrograde] 20° Virgo squares Mars 20° Sagittarius
12th September: Sun 20° Virgo conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 20° Virgo
13th September: Sun 21° Virgo squares Mars 21° Sagittarius
16th September: Full Moon 24° Pisces - Lunar Eclipse
17th September: Mars 23° Sagittarius trines Uranus [retrograde] 23° Aries
18th September: Venus 23° Libra opposites Uranus [retrograde] 23° Aries
19th September: Venus 25° Libra sextile Mars 25° Sagittarius
21st September: Mercury [retrograde] 14° Virgo trine Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
22nd September: Mercury goes direct 14°50' Virgo

22nd September: Sun enters Libra

Introduction to Sun in Virgo August-September 2016

A busy month with lots of strong destined changes


This zodiac year - which began on 22nd March 2016 - is defined as a STRONG astrological year. Usually it's every 3 years - and - certainly every 6 years - astrologically it's defined as a STRONG year. 2016 is the STRONG year and the collective astrological energies are working to ensure that everyone experiences positive changes.


Depending on your age and astrological cycle - defines if you're a 3 year person or a 6 year person - either way - since March 2016 and until March 2017 - everyone will be experiencing MAJOR changes in your lives. Each astrological month will be enhanced and it's energies magnified.


You've already seen the past 5 months - how each month - did something for you. Some months more than others - but without doubt - you've had something BIG happen and change in the past 5 months - and now Sun in Virgo will complete the 1st half of the zodiac cycle which means that the collective changes and experiences of the past 5 months will now be used wisely to put all the correct pieces of your life together and ensure you get yourself "completed".


Often "Virgo" is compared to a jigsaw puzzle - whilst all the pieces of your destiny are in existence somewhere in the world - you don't know what pieces are essential and needed UNTIL you find what you're looking for. The good news is that since March 2016 - you've had destiny showing you and giving you pieces of the puzzle.


Sun in Virgo will ensure you open your eyes and use all the pieces you've been given - then by law of attraction - you will get all the other pieces you need. By being connected to all the GOOD facets you've experienced in the past 5 months - you know what you need in your life and you know what you don't need too !


Now I should say - especially for readers that don't usually like "Virgo" energies that this month of Sun in Virgo even you will like it and that's because it's a STRONG astrological zodiac year and Sun in Virgo is an important piece of the STRONG year. It is the month when everything that needs fixing will be fixed and everything that is useless and meaningless to your future will be discarded from your life.


It will give you the ability and good luck to get your life moving forwards. Indeed, as the 3-6 year cycle of changes defines that EVERY 3 or 6 years you experience a STRONG transformative year - this is the year of changes for everyone. Sun in Virgo is going to be the month that will be most important in that process of change.


The main reason is on 9th September Jupiter enters Libra. Jupiter entering positive star sign of Libra begins the 2nd half of the zodiac cycle - it creates a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius - which means it's going to create a positive change for everyone - defined by the positive destined relationships in your life. Hence, whatever needs fixing and changing - to prepare you for future - will be happening during Sun in Virgo and that's why it's going to be a very BUSY month with numerous changes for everyone.


Sun in Virgo works via Mind over Matter


Let me explain Virgo energies. Virgo does not waste time doing anything they don't want to do. It's not a case of being "lazy" - it's really the truth that if a Virgo doesn't want something then it won't do it. Because it doesn't want to be connected to anything it doesn't want in it's life.


Now the contradiction of Virgo's happen - when their physical body does something and their mouth has said it will never do it. The reason would appear to be is they've lied - but the truth is their mind is either weak - or external influences have convinced them to do it - or they really have lied.


Either way - the power of Virgo is in what they do - ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS - that's because when someone physically does something - it defines what they really wanted to do. Now the key to being empowered is to take CONTROL of your own mind. Be honest with yourself - and - define what is it that you WANT in your life. And - even more important is to know - WHO is being truthful and honest with you and WHO has been lying to you.


For example, if an overweight person promises to go on a diet - but then eats lots of chocolate ice-cream and cakes - their actions speak louder than their words - and will define they become even fatter. And another example, your partner says they "love" you - but has been cheating on you with someone else - "actions speak louder than words". When you tell your "friend" you're too busy - but in reality - you're simply too lazy - "actions speak louder than words".


Virgo is the star sign that defines loyalty, correctness and trustworthiness - that's because Virgo defines the TRUTH. Actions in sync with words. But in reality in the world - we all LIE. It's human nature - and - it's our lies that get us into trouble. For example, when a young woman marries a wealthy older gentleman - "we" all know the truth. But it still happens. That's life.


Sun in Virgo is asking all of us to be TRUTHFUL - at least with ourselves. And if you don't know what I mean - then look at your actions. Our actions define our minds. Our actions define our loyalty to whatever we do. If we didn't want to do it - we wouldn't do it.


When I see "religious" people behaving badly - their actions define they have no respect for their religion or for others - their actions are their truth. When men or women have affairs with others - they're showing no respect for their partner. When we eat or drink something UNHEALTHY for our body - we're showing no respect for our body.


Whenever our actions contradict our thoughts - we're showing no respect for our destiny. Very often - whilst the fundamental reason for contradictions is that many people aren't even THINKING what they're doing - the real reason is because - there's no sense of LOYALTY. Not just LOYALTY towards others - but more importantly LOYALTY towards yourself and towards your own destiny.


Loyalty to Your Own Destiny


When you know you've got a destined mission in life - when you know you've got to do something important - you NEVER ever get distracted. You won't even eat or drink anything that will be bad for you - because you know you must concentrate and have a clear head to concentrate.


Do you remember how you studied before your exams when you were a student in college or at school? Do you remember how you concentrated so carefully for your "driving-test"? Or - when you went on your 1st date or job interview? Or - when worked when your boss was looking at you? Or do you remember how carefully you concentrate on driving - especially long-distance interstate / autobahn / motorways ?


The intrinsic reason is we all need something to CONCENTRATE on. The human mind hates being in free-fall. Your destiny ensures you have something that either worries or concerns you, that excites or energizes you - so that you will be forced or enticed to CONCENTRATE your mind on.


CONCENTRATING and THINKING is an essential part of living life. It might be for 10 mins or for 10 hours - but everyone needs something to think about. The problem is even when people "think" - their thoughts are in free-fall - and they're not really CONCENTRATING. CONCENTRATING means quality moments of no-distractions and focus - so that you know your mind is switched ON.


LOYALTY towards someone or something means you're CONCENTRATING on doing whatever you're doing because someone is looking at you - and that's the truth - we all need someone to look-up-to , it gives us a sense of wanting to do our job well and most importantly - it makes us feel a sense of LOYALTY. People who don't careless about "loyalty" are always reckless with their lives and with their time.


The LOYALTY factor defines that you're CONCENTRATING and focused on your own destiny and you want it so much that you're prepared to makes sacrifices and refuse to be distracted until you've arrived at the destination. The key to LOYALTY is that it's on your mind all the time.


Sun in Virgo defines Loyalty to your destiny

Mind over Matter - you've got to want "it"


Now I guess - you're wondering WHY the long introduction above about "loyalty", truth and using your mind to concentrate - and that's because - Sun in Virgo means EVERYONE is going to be given something to THINK about, to WORRY about and to CONCENTRATE about.


"It" might appear to be an obsessive worry or thought - but during Sun in Virgo - applicable for every star sign - something REAL is happening and will be happening in your life that will FORCE you to THINK about. The wise readers will use the opportunity to THINK carefully and CONCENTRATE on what it is you truly want in your life.


Whatever "it" is - will be specific to you - but I should say - the real reason is that you THINK and CONCENTRATE about what you honestly want in your life. I always say that your potential is defined by both your emotions and determination to get what you want. Even immature and stupid people can get something - when they THINK and CONCENTRATE on what they want.


When a "baby" needs it's nappy changing - it cries and cries until - someone comes and solves it's problem. Whatever it is that you need in your life is merely something that life wants you to need. You've been given the NEED and WANT - because destiny wants you NEED and WANT it. During Sun in Virgo - all you have to do is THINK and CONCENTRATE on it.


This year - the whole month - Sun in Virgo means there's no boundaries nor limitations - anything is possible - all you have to do is be motivated to want to FIX it - then CONCENTRATE your mind and you will have will-power over your body - and you'll do it. Sun in Virgo is logical, clear thinking and determined to find the TRUTH. The truth that applies to you - to your destiny and to your future.


Sun in Virgo - Destiny has loyalty to your Destiny

Sun in Virgo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo

Neptune in Pisces & Mars in Sagittarius & Saturn in Sagittarius


It's a simple straight-forwards month of destined events - when you'll be given something real that will happen - to make you THINK and CONCENTRATE on. Then the more you concentrate on it - the more it will fill your aura - the more destiny will bring you everything you need.


To get to the solution - Neptune in Pisces will be opposing the Sun in Virgo - and - both Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius will be squaring the Sun in Virgo - which means - all BAD solutions and all WRONG facets will be eliminated because the TRUTH will be revealed. Sun in Virgo will shine it's light so clearly on the TRUTH - that you won't be able to be deceived anymore. It will show you the destined pathway with 100% clarity.


As soon as you experience it - all you have to do is DEAL with it and FIX it immediately. The solution will be to understand honestly - is it a part of your destiny - is it part of your future - if so - you need to CONCENTRATE your mind on it with positive energy. But if it's not part of your destiny - then discard it - don't even waste your energy or time on "it".


The problem will be - when you've got to change your mind - because as soon as you see the TRUTH - that will create STRONG moments. Be honest with yourself and you'll get through it. Sun in Virgo has a mission and that's to ensure you get to your destiny.


Sun in Virgo has 100% loyalty to your destiny. Destiny wants what destiny wants for you. And to ensure you see it clearly - it has to show you both the right pathway and the wrong pathway - it has to show you the good things you've done and the mistakes you've made. Then when you see the whole picture puzzle of your life - then you will know exactly what destiny wants for you.


Indeed, that's the truth - in hindsight - when you THINK clearly and CONCENTRATE - you can see all the GOOD things you've done and all the mistakes you've made. More importantly, you can see WHY you did all the GOOD things and WHY you made the mistakes too. Understanding the reason WHY is the key to ensuring how to undo and fix the problems you've got and ensuring how to unlock and get more GOOD things to happen.


You see EVERYONE has a GOOD luck department and EVERYONE has a BAD luck department. The recipe is something you "know" deep within yourself. Often "bad luck" is because of lies, deceit, negativity and something blocking your "good luck" because you're not being the real "you" - whereas good luck is because you're being the real honest "you" - being happy with your life, feeling alive, liberated, optimistic and looking forward to whatever destiny is bringing into your life.


You always instinctively "know" when you're feeling LUCKY because you feel ALIVE. You wake up feeling ALIVE don't you ? And you "know" when you're feeling UNLUCKY because you feel DEAD inside. The purpose of Sun in Virgo is to ensure you fix your LUCKY factor and you come ALIVE.


Saturn in Sagittarius & Jupiter entering Libra

Means the real "you" will be "back"

If you've not been yourself for the past 3 - 6 years ; if you've not been able to be yourself for the past 3-6 years

Then the combination of Saturn direct in Sagittarius and Jupiter entering Libra - will ensure you're coming back


The zodiac yea 2016 is a STRONG astrological year because of Saturn in Sagittarius & Jupiter in Libra. The destined effect of you coming back to yourself began when Saturn enters Sagittarius in September 2015 - and Jupiter in Virgo has ensured you've been aware of things in your life that aren't right. Jupiter in Virgo showed you the problem and since Mid-May Jupiter in Virgo has been fixing the problem.


By 9th September 2016 - when Jupiter enters Libra - the problem will be solved - either because you will totally eliminate it from your life - OR - because life will have forced you or enticed you into fixing it. Thereafter - you will be "back" - the real version of yourself. With the life and goals that you used to have.


You see - very often the reason why people stop having GOALS or AMBITIONS for their future - is because the pathway they're on is a dead-end - it's not where they should be - so life cuts-off the vitality - until - the person wakes-up and finds themselves.


More than likely, you too - we've all done something in the past 3-6 years that we got used to doing - but wasn't the REAL version of ourselves. Now destiny will give each of us the ability to see the facets of where we've gone wrong and what we need to do to RESET ourselves to exactly where we should be and with whom we should be with. And even if you don't do anything - you'll soon see during Sun in Virgo - there will suddenly come a moment when you FIND yourself.


Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius

Nothing lasts forever - Everything always eventually changes


It's an astrological fact that Virgo is a negative star sign - Libra is a positive star sign. There's a purpose in negative following positive and positive following negative. It's a dynamic energy that ensures we live more wholesome lives. It creates balance and perspective. Most importantly - it always means that "something" negative never lasts forever - it always changes.


This year - Jupiter entering positive star sign of Libra is the 1st year since 2012 - when BOTH Saturn and Jupiter have BOTH been in positive star signs. The combination of BOTH being in POSITIVE star signs is very very important.


Because in 2015 and until now when we've had Saturn in positive star sign of Sagittarius - but for the past year - we've been restricted by Jupiter in negative satr sign of Virgo. Prior to that between October 2012 => December 2014 - we had Saturn in negative star sign of Scorpio. Therefore the last window of BOTH in positive star signs was prior to October 2012.


Hence if nothing truly good and positive has been happening in your life - or if it's been a start and stop - and - if you feel you've just been "surviving" since October 2012 - then the combination of Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius - means - you're about to LIVE LIFE again - and I mean LIVE LIFE and LOVE LIVING LIFE !


Saturn in Sagittarius - Destined relationships

Saturn is going direct in Sagittarius from 9° => 24° - between - 13th August 2016 => 17th April 2017

Saturn in Sagittarius defines "relationships" that protect you, make your wholesome & make you be yourself


Saturn in Sagittarius - defines - everyone in the world will be energized by RELATIONSHIPS with people who are truly destined to be part of your life. There's no maybe - Saturn defines 100% destined loving relationships for everyone of every age - irrespective if you're married or not.


Now - the purpose of being alive is not just to experience all the day-to-day routine - but the purpose of YOU being alive is to experience your DESTINED relationships. You're defined by the relationships in your life. The real people in your life. Whilst you're influenced by all kinds of people - the ONLY people who truly energize your life are your SATURN RELATIONSHIPS.


You might even be "married" - but if you're in a marriage of convenience - and it's not true love - then the protective and the destined energies of Saturn will be missing from your life. You will feel that you're missing something BIG and important in your life.


Hence, it's the reason why everyone - even without realizing it's Saturn in Sagittarius - everyone is OPEN and searching for whoever Saturn in Sagittarius is ensuring you search for. Once you find the people - you'll know. I should add - it's not just about your one-on-one closest relationships - but ALL your destined relationships.


Even people from your "past" - if you should never have disconnected from them - they'll be coming back. But weirdest of all is some people in your life today - you will feel disconnected from. That's because there's no bond defined or blessed by Saturn in the relationship.


The reason why I've inserted this here is during Sun in Virgo - due to the eclipse New Moon, Sun squares Saturn and Sun oppose Neptune will ensure abrupt and sudden ENDINGS to all relationships that have no blessing of "destiny" in them. Even if you've attempted for years to hold-onto someone - if it's not blessed by Saturn - destiny - it will end during Sun in Virgo. This will liberate and ensure you're ready and available for what is to come - if he/she isn't already in your life.


There's another import facet of Saturn in Sagittarius and that is the genuinely GOOD people in your life - all of them - past, present and future. Indeed, we've all got people - whom without "them" ever having been in our lives - we'd be missing something important.


You see - your aura - glows of energies - and when you're connected to the RIGHT people your aura is more alive than when you're connected to the wrong people or simply not connected to anyone. Saturn means you NEED the RIGHT people to be in your aura and in your mind. Even if they're no longer alive and not in your life at the moment - the mere fact that you've been connected to them - creates a "connectivity" to a destined Saturn relationship energy. It is "this" invisible relationship energy that Saturn in Sagittarius is ensuring you feel and become energized by.


I always compare destined relationships to the planet of Saturn - a mysterious looking planet with rings around it and with 67 moons too. The Saturn rings means it's different to all the other planets, doesn't make sense why there's rings and yet it's just so. Likewise - ALL your destined relationships are a complete mystery - none of them makes sense - and yet EVERYONE has destined relationships.


WHY it is the specific people have come into your life - WHY it is the specific people are in your life - and WHY it is NEW people will be coming into your life - doesn't make sense - and - yet it's destiny. It's a mystery - and - all you need to know - is "destiny" will bring the right people into your life.


Argumentative energies

Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius is ensuring you get what you're destined wants you to have ....


The ruler of the star sign of Virgo is Mercury - planet of communication - and as Mercury is in Virgo - it will bring out the best and worst in people's ability to communicate. You see as humans whenever we need to do anything meaningful - whenever we need to create change or tell the world what we want and what we don't want - we must open our mouths and TALK !


Indeed, Mercury is the ruler of TWO star signs - Gemini & Virgo - astrologically Gemini defines OPEN communicative energies - quantity of words - even if it's nonsense and garbage - whilst Virgo defines concentrated focused communicative energies - quality and honesty in your words.


Hence Gemini means the one's who talk the most succeed the most - the power of Virgo is that TALKING is defined as QUALITY of your speech and NOT QUANTITY. Virgo means you need to be direct and honest. The problem in this "modern" world is that people LIE.


Therefore - along comes Sun in Virgo - especially defined because of STRONG squares and opposition [1] Sun in Virgo squares Mars in Sagittarius [2] Sun in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius [3] Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces - that each of us - will realize an important destined TRUTH - and when we do - it might shatter an illusion - but it will ensure we eliminate the blockage - and get destined SUCCESS because we're seeing life truthfully.


Sun in Virgo will ensure you get SUCCESS - because you're being truthful. However, liars and lies will be revealed and because of their stupidity and their selfish ego's they'll attempt to keep on lying - but the more they lie - the more they're creating their own downfall. The sign to "know" who they are is they're the argumentative types who shout and scream at you. As "they" believe the more they talk the more you'll believe them. Sun in Virgo will ensure you see the truth and know that they're lying.


Whenever a wise and sensible person realizes a truth - we immediately change and adapt to circumstances. That's what destiny is going to do - to help you find the truth. At such a time - you will have to ask yourself questions of [1] "destiny" [2] "loyalty" and [3] "honesty" - if it's not all 3 qualities - then it defines you must detach and end that facet of life.


There are "some" things that can't be fixed

When someone has lied to you - when someone has destroyed your life - when someone has "gone" bad - that's it .....


In this modern world - full of deception, selfishness, materialism, lies, addictions and nasty destructive powers - there are some things in life that can't be fixed and there are some things that aren't destined to be fixed. All you can do is DETACH yourself from the badness and move-on with your life.


The karma of life defines that some people are destined to end their meaningless lives at a dead-end. Whereas - you have been given a desire to want to change your life - and you've got an inexplicable urge to want to change your life - so you have to wise, strong, confident and accept the TRUTH of how bad some people are for you and end your relationship with them.


It applies to ANYTHING destructive and meaningless in your life - if it's disrupting your aura so much - it has to END. You see the journey of life is a journey of truth - all the time - you're constantly searching for what is CORRECT and TRUE to you.


Whereas, the "other" types of people in the world - aren't searching for truth - they're continually pursuing and wanting a deceptive life. When people spend money and time on their two-week "holiday" - and yet they spend no time at all preparing their souls for the one BIG "holiday" that comes to all us at the end of our lives - defines who they are.


When your goal and focus is on your soul and creating a spiritual aura of cleanliness and peacefulness - then you won't pursue the meaningless nonsense in the world. You won't waste your time and energy reading garbage on the internet. You'll become detached from negativity and find the purity from WITHIN YOU.


You see - everyone has it WITHIN - the problem is that we're being bombarded by external influences that disrupt our inner peace. Sun in Virgo wants to clean-your aura - fix your life - but it needs YOU to detach from things and people who are really bad for you.


During the past 12 months - Saturn in Sagittarius has been surprising all of us - destiny is offering each of us - opportunities to change, to fix, to do what's right. All you have to be is HONEST with yourself and have HONEST people in your life.



This Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter in Virgo - combined with - Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius means something for everyone


22nd August: Sun enters Virgo the 6th star sign of the zodiac is usually a non-event - but this year it will be a "decision" making month. With lots of changes that you'll be forced and enticed to make - based on the truthful reality of events that will be unfolding. Sun in Virgo is going to be an unusually BUSY month - with lots of unexpected destined events happening in everyone's lives.



The week of 22nd August => 29th August 2016

Two facets will be extremely clear in your life

The week of 22nd => 29th August - two sets of conjunctions - the Virgo & the Sagittarian conjunctions


[1] Mercury in Virgo [Earth Sign] Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Virgo [Earth Sign]

[2] Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]


Each set are being illuminated with clarity by Sun in Virgo - which means - seeing TWO facets of your life clearly and truthfully


22nd August: Mercury 26° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 26° Virgo

24th August: Mars 9°52' Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 9°52' Sagittarius

26th August: Mars 10° Sagittarius squares Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces

27th August: Venus 27° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 27° Virgo

29th August: Mercury 28° Virgo conjunct Venus 28° Virgo



Dates with destiny - real events happening to move your life forwards

Mercury, Venus & Jupiter sitting on the cusp of Virgo - Libra

is affecting everyone - it's strong and unavoidable


Whatever you're experiencing in your life at the moment - you might think it will all pass - but each day it's getting STRONGER - at least until Mid-September - as you're being compelled and forced to deal with something. It will get "solved" and get "sorted".


You should be feeling on the verge of a breakthrough - 3 planets sitting on the CUSP of Virgo-Libra is a facilitating cusp - anything is possible - the 1st date of breakthrough comes on Tuesday 30th August 2016 when Venus enters Libra , the next date will be the eclipsed New Moon on 1st September, then the next date will be Friday 9th September 2016 when Jupiter enters Libra ,


The fact that Jupiter 27/28° Virgo - Mercury 28/29° Virgo - Venus 26/29° Virgo - means it's all sitting on the cusp - it's all changing - it's all being forced to get fixed and sorted-out. Indeed truly a time of cusps. A facilitating time to get it fixed and ended.


The Jupiter factor is interesting because it's starting to make "some" people panic - as they're feeling - if they don't fix it now - they'll have to wait another 12 years before being able to fix "it". It's a panic that last few degrees of Jupiter in Virgo is making people feel - that's because Virgo is determined to FIX "It" - and - that is why it's creating an impatient panic - it's the only way Jupiter can get lazy and stubborn people to do anything!


The result of these planets sitting on the cusp - means that between 22nd August => 9th September 2016 - there will be a BIG change - a BIG transformation in your lives - in everyone's life. From something that's been a problem - from something that's been negative in your life - into - a new phase of your life which is positive - without the problem and without the source of that negativity.


It might simply be - you get to a breaking point and can't take "it" anymore - so you force yourself to break-free of the negativity - OR - life will simply do it all for you. Whatever you've been complaining about - or - whatever has been source of your negativity - will VANISH. That's why I've been telling people - don't complain - because when you have both "positive" and "negative" energies towards something - the ether only sees the "negative" and eliminates it all.




30th August: Venus enters Libra - the 1st date with destiny - one facet of your life solved. Venus in Libra will automatically SWITCH of a source of negativity in your life - like magic it will vanish , drop-dead - won't be seen - because it won't exist anymore.


Venus in Libra from 30th August => 23rd September 2016 - ever since the beginning of the STRONG Zodiac year that began March 2016 - all the inner planets have collectively worked their way through each of the star signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo - today - Venus is the planet that takes the HEAD LEAD - and now it enters Libra. [If you want to see Venus you can - it's the only planet visible - just after Sunset - in the Western Sky and is a pure bright planet].


The important significance of Venus in Libra is that the ruling planet of star sign of Libra is VENUS - hence there'll be a sense of wholesomeness and balanced harmony - that Venus in Libra will bring STABILITY in one specific area of your life. Possibly, something you've neglected since May 2016 - when Venus was in Taurus - [in the other home of Venus].


You'll know what it is on 30th August - as you find yourself - feeling a positive surge energy and healed in one essential area of your life. For some of you - it might be your "home", others it might your relationships, others it might be your work, your creativity, your beliefs, your happiness and balanced harmony in "life" - whatever it is Venus in Libra makes you feel well balanced and happy with "life" - with a sense that everything is running smoothly.


Additionally, I must say - that if who have a VOID in one area of your life - Venus in Libra - will quickly work to FILL the VOID in order to balance your life - making it harmonious in a very short space of time. Between 30th August => 5th September - expect the VOID to be filled and your life balanced.



Mercury in it's natural home of Virgo - doing what it does 3 times a year

Mercury retrograde will affect everyone - it's strong and unavoidable


30th August: Mercury goes retrograde at 28° Virgo - it's a fact of life - Mercury retrograde's happen 3 times a year. The reason is because Mercury orbits the Sun in 88 days - whereas Earth take 365 days. Hence 3 times a year - Mercury creates the appearance of going backwards through the star sign as it moves around the Sun. The truth is Mercury is always on the move - and - you too will see during Mercury retrograde you're going to be on-the move.


Mercury is the ruler of star sign of Virgo - and - this retrograde is one of the reasons WHY I've defined the whole month as STRONG and UNAVOIDABLE. Because whatever you thought you could avoid - Mercury retrograde will ensure you can't avoid - and - you MUST FIX it !


Between 30th August and 22nd September 2016: Mercury goes retrograde from 28° => 14° Virgo - it will ensure you FIX your life, get you what you need in your life - and the BEST facet is anything you've lost which is yours - you'll get back.


In fact - the BEST facet of what you'll get back which you've lost is yourself, your true character, your good health and the TRUE characteristic that define the REAL version of yourself. The Mercury retrograde will create clarity that you'll easily let-go of anything that isn't the REAL "you".


You see the truth is Mercury is always on the move - and - you too will see during Mercury retrograde you're going to be on-the move. You'll be on the move to collect all the parts of your nature that belong to you - all the things in your life that you should have - and the best place to look for them will be in the "past" - from your characteristics that created SUCCESS for you.


Mercury retrograde says - look back and see how you've had SUCCESS in your life - understand your own technique for solving your life problems, for dealing with other people, for doing whatever you've done that's been really RIGHT for you. And most importantly - deleting and dumping anything that's created failure in your life. If the method isn't the real "you" - then it has to end.



New Moon of 1st September 2016

Truth creates Success as Lies will collapse

The reason Truth creates Success is you feel the safety, security, protection and loyalty that Virgo New Moon wants you to feel

Lies often define that someone is not thinking of you - someone is disloyal to you - someone is "unbalanced" and "unfair".

Destined "back-up" plan - to give you better alternatives that what you've got .....



1st September: New Moon at 9° Virgo - Solar Eclipse over Africa [explained fully on Moon Astrology] prior to New Moon - but let me say the reason Truth eventually creates Success is you feel the safety, security, protection and loyalty that TRUTH gives you.


When you believe in a LIE - you're believing something that is unstable and something that will eventually vanish from your life. Hence, you're sensing it's unstable - hence - when it is finally revealed - it gives you great sense of clarity. Because the TRUTH you've been sensing is now in sync with the TRUTHFUL reality. But when the TRUTH is not in sync with what you're seeing - you "know" something is wrong and something needs fixing.


As explained at length above - Sun in Virgo defines loyalty because it defines continuity. Someone who is disloyal to you - and only thinking of themselves - means "they" just want to take something from you - and then hurt you.


Lies define that someone is not thinking of you - disloyalty is someone who is "unbalanced" and "unfair". When a person marries for "money" - they're disloyal - as they believe "they" win either way. "Money" if they're married and "money" if they get divorced. That's why all disloyal relationships always get revealed eventually.


Now - just because you've always been honest and sincere - doesn't mean that you should be hurt by such selfish people - because New Moon in Virgo will create the destined "back-up" plan to give you better alternatives that what you've got. Loyal and sincere people - you will get an even better back-up plan. Whilst disloyal parasites will get what they deserve.


You see the Full Moon is the destined destination - Full Moon in Pisces is a star sign that co-operates with everyone - likes to be at peace and feel protected by it's surroundings. Hence to get to that destination - everything and everyone who is not loyal nor good for you - will be eliminated from your life. And even unhealthy things that you do to yourself - that too will be eliminated as the Full Moon in Pisces is the HEALING star sign.



The 3 aspects that define the New Moon - define - TRUTH - everything in sync with destiny.

Anything that's not destined drops-dead and vanishes, ignored as if it doesn't even exist.


New Moon 10° Virgo squares Saturn 10 ° Sagittarius

New Moon 10° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces

New Moon 14° Virgo squares Mars 14° Sagittarius

1st/2nd September: Sun 10° Virgo squares Saturn 10° Sagittarius - this is an important aspect at the New Moon - as it will show with clarity "destined destiny" - attraction of the good people in your life - as much as a disgust towards the bad people in your life.


Everyone of you - however old or young you are - have experienced DECEIT and LIES of other people. It's part of human nature - bad and disloyal people always look for someone new to use and deceive - because their dishonesty and disloyal factor means they're eventually seen for what they are.


Fortunately Sun in Virgo is a STRONG astrological month - and - life will be revealing to everyone whatever and whoever is totally reliable, totally dependable, totally and faithfully 100% loyal to you. You'll see it, sense it and be protected by it. Some of you will be SHOCKED and SURPRISED - whilst others won't be so shocked - because you've known the truth for a long time - it's just deception was allowed to block the truth.


Therefore, as explained above - "MIND over MATTER" - when your MIND is focused on the TRUTH - the more your mind is focused on the TRUTH - the more light of clarity in your life - the more all the lies, deceit, darkness and pain will vanish.



New Moon => Full Moon 16th September 2016

Strong Journey of Destined Changes

Strong - Strong - Strong - for every star sign .....


Each month of this zodiac year has been strong - something has happened at each New Moon for everyone. Some months have been stronger than others depending on your star sign. However, this New Moon => Full Moon will be STRONG for everyone. Especially if you've been waiting and waiting for something BIG to happen in your life. If you've been waiting for a BIG change - then this New Moon will do that for you.


The reason isn't just the fact that it's eclipse New Moon - although that adds to the fact - because a visible eclipse on Earth - talks to everyone and announces an END of one phase of life and a BEGINNING of a new phase. But the reason for it being STRONG - is the Full Moon in Pisces is a STRONG Full Moon.


Pisces is ofcourse - the 12th star sign of the zodiac - defines endings that truly must end. Anything and everything that has no positive sustainable energy in it - is "dead" energy. The Pisces Full Moon is the destination - and that means - everyone must be surrounded by and full of life-energy. If something doesn't give you "life" energy - then it's not right for you.



Sun in Virgo is reliable, clear and straight-forward - you can always rely on Virgo to do the destined job !

New Moon in Virgo => Libra => Scorpio => Sagittarius => Capricorn => Aquarius => Full Moon in Pisces



New Moon in Virgo - seeing and feeling truthful clarity of what's right for you

Moon in Libra - conjuncts Venus in Libra - ensures you feel the positive energy of what's right for you

Moon in Scorpio - quietly sensing the honest truth - correctness - feeling deep within you


Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday 8th, Friday 9th & Saturday 10th September - conjuncts Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius - ensures destined destiny - this is the MOST powerful transit - as Jupiter enters Libra during Moon in Sagittarius - to unlock - it's magnificent power


Moon in Capricorn - conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn - ensures clarity to do what is 100% right for you

Moon in Aquarius - ensures you finally BREAK FREE of anything negative in your life - irrespective of "other" people's opinions


Full Moon in Pisces on Friday 16th September - everything in your life is defined as YES or NO - anything that's not right will hurt and be forced to end. The gradual journey to the Full Moon will FORCE everyone to do what's right - and at any point along the journey - and as soon as you do what destiny needs you to do - you'll enjoy doing it - because it'll be energizing.


The truth is whether you want to do anything or whether you're forced or enticed to do anything - the destined journey of the New Moon to the Full Moon is going to get the job done. Changes are going to happen. The strongest transit will be Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday 8th, Friday 9th & Saturday 10th September - which will ensure - anything that can't be fixed or anything that's truly not right for you - will END.



Avoid judging and avoid criticizing anyone because .....

What is TRUE to you - might be a LIE to someone else

Everyone is created differently - truth is seeing the good in everyone ...


When you see something that's right for you - it might be wrong for someone else. That's what defines your individuality. All you have to be in HONEST and TRUE to yourself - but more importantly - you can't impose your truth on others. People who attempt to control others - especially people who impose their lies on others - always get found out - and then destiny intervenes to ensure people become liberated from the lies and reset to be themselves.


Constantly amongst man-made religions - strong characters dominate and control others - UNTIL - destiny intercedes and reveals the TRUTH about them. Then all their followers - fall-apart - because they're faced with the clear TRUTH. Indeed, same happens to politicians - people follow UNTIL a TRUTH is revealed - then it all falls-apart.


All the following aspects will affect each star sign differently but the common factor is it will define truth and clarity - for what is RIGHT for you. At this point I want to emphasize a truthful fact about TRUTH. Remember - what is TRUE to you - might be a LIE to someone else - so listen to your own feelings - and - don't let anyone tell you what's right or wrong for you.


2nd September: Sun 10° Virgo squares Saturn 10° Sagittarius

2nd September: Mercury [retrograde] 28° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 28° Virgo
2nd September: Sun 10° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces
7th September: Sun 14° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
7th September: Venus 10° Libra sextiles Saturn 10° Sagittarius


If you don't listen or haven't listened to what you know is the truth in the past - then between 1st => 16th September - you will listen to the truth - because it will be so clear and unavoidable. You'll only need to know the TRUTH pertainable to the most important facets of your life that destiny wants you to change and wants you to heal and fix.


Remember - if destiny didn't need you to change - then you won't need to see the specific truth. You're being shown a specific TRUTH to help you. The astrological TRUTH is that - everything and everyone that is totally 100% dependable in your life - will be revealed to you. The problem will come for all unreliable people - as they will be looking for someone "new" to deceive and use. Be careful - have your wits about you to ensure you're not eliminating one deceitful problem and getting another!



Jupiter in Libra - restores Balance in your life

The journey of Jupiter through each of the star signs - means - things never stay the same - eventually things always change


Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is approx 1300 times bigger than planet Earth. Jupiter enters Libra on 9th September 2016. Your life after 9th September 2016 will be completely different to what it's been like for the past 12 months. In fact due to the powerful OPEN transit that Jupiter in positive star sign of Libra means - Jupiter in Libra means there's a BIG, POSITIVE, important and significant change coming for everyone.


The star sign of Libra defines BALANCE - a strong just sense of correctness. Jupiter in Libra for the next 12 months - will have STRONG dates with destiny - especially as Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. The exact sextile is in December 2016 - at the same time that Jupiter opposes Uranus - and - Saturn trines Uranus.


Hence, between now and December 2016 - as Jupiter 0° => 21° Libra and as Saturn 10° => 21° Sagittarius - a whole new definition and phase of your life will be formed. Defined by the destined relationships in your life. Indeed, if you're in the "wrong" place for your destined relationships then Jupiter in Libra will create such BIG changes that you're forced and enticed into being exactly where you need to be for your destiny.


Dates for reference - Jupiter is a 12 year cycle

Jupiter in Libra - 26th September 2004 => 26th October 2005

Jupiter in Libra - 26th October 1992 => 9th November 1993

Jupiter in Libra - 26th October 1980 => 27th November 1981


Depending on you and when Jupiter will aspect your chart - you'll get the strong dates - which I will explain on the Weekly forecast of the 12 star signs. The initial Jupiter in Libra effect - will immediately UNLOCK - a BIG change for everyone - like something that's been blocked and waiting to happen. Because Libra is an OPEN energy - whereas Virgo has been a CLOSED energy.


Astrologically, you'll see that between 9th September and the Aries Full Moon of 16th October 2016 - you're going to be moving into a new phase of your life. It's STRONG and UNAVOIDABLE. And you'll see - it will be very good for you. It will truly restore a balance back into your life. A balance that will allow "you" to be "you" - to be the best version of yourself. The most honest and liberated version of yourself.


The only word of caution for Jupiter in Libra will apply in the Jupiter retrograde from February => June of 2017 - yes - that's a long time away - and that is be careful you don't take a BIG expansion of your life when Jupiter is direct - if you aren't 100% certain. Jupiter direct Libra will be giving a BIG boost forwards to ensure you have enough for "rainy" days in the future - when Jupiter goes retrograde.



What is TRUE to you - Karmic clarity - the "squares" ....

Astrological "squares" create impossible blockages to create new solutions


10th-12th September: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "the future has arrived and begins a new phase in your lives". There are times which things become so clear - that inevitably you're forced into making changes.


A few months - collective group of Kabbalistic Rabbis - defined that 10th-12th September would be a whole new positive phase in life. I believe they were referring to Jupiter in Libra - but the strange irony is 3 of those Rabbis including one I used to know - [Chacham Maimon Revach] - have since died!


Even so - it's a fact that in the middle-East - especially in Syria - there are dramatic changes happening for the better. Things that were a tragic loss of life - are now turning around and becoming good. One day soon - peace will be restored - one way or another. Jupiter in Libra will be that brightness and light of peace and harmony.


I always say that ANGER and HATRED is a finite energy. Once the source and once the person of anger and hatred dies - like Adolf Hitler - then it's all over. Likewise "bad" people in your life too - once they're run-out of energy - they're stopped by destiny.



10th September: Saturn 10° Sagittarius squares Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces
11th September: Venus 14° Libra squares Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
12th September: Mercury [retrograde] 20° Virgo squares Mars 20° Sagittarius
12th September: Sun 20° Virgo conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 20° Virgo
13th September: Sun 21° Virgo squares Mars 21° Sagittarius



All these aspects will be magnified by your emotions as the Moon leads to the Full Moon - and you'll feel what life wants you to feel - at the time destiny wants you to do what destiny wants you to do. Sun in Virgo defines CHANGE and MOVEMENT for everyone - and that's what you'll be experiencing. Just accept - it's the destined time for CHANGE.



Friday 16th September 2016 - Full Moon in Pisces

Healing and Making you Wholesome

A Brilliant Karmic Friday Night

Full Moon in Pisces - 8pm UK - 9pm Europe - 3pm USA EST [Saturday 1:30am India - 7am Sydney, Australia]


[Explained on Moon Astrology] It's going to be a STRONG night - not in lunatic Full Moon way - but in a protected Full Moon way. The Pisces Full Moon will make you inexplicably PROTECTED from anything or anyone you've got nothing to do with - and make you inexplicably BONDED to anything or anyone that is truly 100% good for you.


You know there are good people in all our lives that we don't need to communicate with in order to FEEL their presence around us. When you sit quietly [or in bed] with someone you love - you just feel their energies around you. The presence of someone is magical.


The Full Moon on Friday night will make you feel STRONG because it will connect you with everyone that you've got destiny with. The thought energies will make you realize how STRONG you feel about them. And for those of you who are at a distance - then - the Full Moon will ensure you make decisions about your future.


But the Full Moon will do more than just normal "relationships" - as it will have the spiritual effect of healing via spiritual relationships. Let me explain - when you walk into a Basilica or Church and light a candle for Jesus Christ - you either FEEL something or you don't.


Whenever you FEEL something - then you know "something" is going to happen. It's more than imagination - it's REAL - and you know it works because you FEEL it so strongly. That's what Friday night will do for you - make you FEEL it strongly - and then it will become REAL. Whatever you FEEL on Friday night is your destiny talking to you.



Strong Full Moon in Pisces 16th September 2016

Receiving exactly what you need ....

Provided you are being "you" - the real "you" - then you'll get everything you need ...

The eclipsed Full Moon in Pisces will be freedom and healing into a new phase of life .


Friday 16th September: Full Moon 24° Pisces - 8pm UK - 9pm Europe - 3pm USA EST [Saturday 1:30am India - 7am Sydney, Australia] the Pisces Full Moon will define what it will define with clarity and hence you're 100% ready for your future. It will make things so clear - that not seeing the destined truth and not seeing your destined destiny will be impossible. Indeed - the full Moon will define the TRUTH that will SET you free along a clear pathway of progress to a much better future.


I'm sure you've asked yourself many times WHY do you get STRONG feelings. It never makes sense - and yet all the BEST decisions you'll ever make in your life are because of STRONG feelings. You do whatever you get STRONG feelings about - because whenever you do whatever your feelings want you to do - then you feel EMPOWERED and STRONG.


When you buy clothes because of your STRONG FEELINGS to buy something new - you feel it. Whenever you make a decision to buy a new home, move into a new apartment, or buy some "healthy" food and change your diet - you too feel STRONG - because something invisible is making you FEEL GOOD about it.


Everyone in the world needs CHANGE and MOVEMENT - it's essential to living a purposeful and meaningful life. But often people are frightened of changing anything because they're frightened of making mistakes. Hence, the Pisces Full Moon will talk to you with STRONG feelings - ensure you get the message and then do something about it.


The Full Moon will make you feel clear and precise of exactly what you need to do. And for some star signs you won't even have to do anything - as coincidences and destined events will just happen - and you'll get exactly what you need without even doing anything.



The balance of power is shifted by Jupiter in Libra


The two sets of astrological energies are still energizing all star signs - but the balance of power is shifted from 9th September 2016 more into positive star signs than negative star signs. Thereafter POSITIVE energies will get stronger and stronger. In so doing NEGATIVE energies will get weaker and weaker. The Full Moon on 16th September 2016 will be a significant turning point for all star signs.



Planets in Negative star signs [1] Sun in Virgo [Earth Sign] Mercury in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Planets in Positive star signs [2] Venus in Libra [Air Sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air Sign]

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]



Hence all the following aspects - will be magnified with a thrust forwards of excitement and optimism. Remember that even though Mercury is in retrograde it is still in Virgo - it's natural home - hence - the power of communication to fix things, sort things out, dealing with everything that needs "tidying" up from the "past" will be strong.


The good side to Mercury retrograde means that people can't be bothered talking about nonsense or meaningless stuff - Mercury retrograde will ensure ONLY the important stuff is communicated. Thereafter when Mercury goes direct on the day Sun enters communicative air sign of Libra means - suddenly - everyone will be communicating with everyone they know and the seriousness will vanish - as people become positively enchanted by Sun in Libra.

17th September: Mars 23° Sagittarius trines Uranus [retrograde] 23° Aries
18th September: Venus 23° Libra opposites Uranus [retrograde] 23° Aries
19th September: Venus 25° Libra sextile Mars 25° Sagittarius
21st September: Mercury [retrograde] 14° Virgo trine Pluto [retrograde] 14° Capricorn
22nd September: Mercury goes direct 14°50' Virgo

22nd September: Sun enters Libra



The World is a Wonderful World ....


Whenever you've got a specific problem in your life - it makes you feel heavy and it clouds your vision of the world. But when that BIG problem is taken away, when it's healed, when it vanishes and when it is eliminated - then you feel the world is wonderful.



Life will ensure that everyone feels the world is a wonderful world. Because a negativity will be eliminated and you'll be healed. The inevitablity of time and astrology means that NOTHING even stays the same. Things always and eventually change. This year is STRONG zodiac year and hence - even if you wanted some things to stay the same - they can't.


Whilst some star signs will initially HATE the whole concept of CHANGE. By December 2016 - everyone will be so happy that things did change - because from now onwards you will be singing to yourself - what a wonderful world - and you won't be singing it alone - as destiny has destined relationships planned for everyone. No-one will be alone - unless ofcourse - you really want to be alone.


By 22nd September 2016 - when Sun enters Libra - whatever has been a source of negativity in your life that has blocked your true vision of life - will be eliminated - hence you'll be ready to enter the 2nd half of the zodiac with optimism and excitement for what is to come.




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