The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Taurus 20th April => 20th May 2017

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2017


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Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

The important astrological aspects will be explained for each of the 12 star signs :-

Sun in Taurus | Mercury in Taurus | Venus in Aries | Mars in Gemini | Jupiter [retrograde] in Libra

Saturn [retrograde] in Sagittarius | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces | Pluto in Capricorn


19th/20th April: Sun enters Taurus

20th April: Sun 0° Taurus conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 0° Taurus

20th April: Mercury retrogrades back into Aries

21st April: Mars enters Gemini

21st April: Pluto goes retrograde at 19° Capricorn

26th April: New Moon 6° Taurus

28th April: Venus enters Aries direct


4th May: Mercury goes direct at 24° Aries

4th May: Sun 13° Taurus sextiles Neptune 13° Pisces

9th May: Sun 19° Taurus trines Pluto [retrograde] 19° Capricorn

10th May: Mercury 25° Aries conjunct Uranus 25° Aries

11th May: Mercury 26° Aries trines Saturn [retrograde] 26° Sagittarius

10th May: Full Moon in Scorpio

11th May: Mars 13° Gemini squares Neptune 13° Pisces

12th May: Mars 14° Gemini trines Jupiter [retrograde] 14° Libra

12th/13th/14th May: Karmic dates-with-destiny

17th May: Mercury enters Taurus direct

19th May: Saturn [retrograde] 26° Sagittarius trines Uranus 26° Aries

19th May: Venus 14° Aries opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 14° Libra


21st May: Sun enters Gemini

25th May: New Moon in Gemini

29th May: Mars 25° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 25° Sagittarius

31st May: Mars 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries

31st May: Uranus 27° Aries - "begins Cusp energies of Uranus into Taurus"


Introduction to Sun in Taurus 2017


Taurus is the 2nd star sign of the zodiac - and in a strong zodiac year which began with Sun in Aries - means you can expect changes to happen - movement - defined by any blockages - any stagnation - anything inexplicable that has been preventing you from living the life you're supposed to be living - will be happening in your life.


To truthfully introduce Sun in Taurus - what I have to compare it too is the weather changing - springtime and the seasons of the year. When the weather changes - some people are slow at reacting - others react immediately. Likewise, some plants and trees react quicker than other plants - but everything always eventually changes when the seasons change.


The astrological aura of the world has changed - Sun in Aries - awakened all of us to this reality - "some" of you reacted immediately to the easiest of changes and to things that happened to you - whilst "some" of the more difficult changes - it's taken time for you to change. Either because you're stuck and unwilling to adapt and change - OR - because circumstances beyond your control have blocked you.


Sun in Taurus will ensure even the most stubborn and the most difficult of changes - will change too. Astrologically it's simple - because Sun in Taurus is pure 100% Sun in Taurus - there are no afflictions in the planets - because there are no planets in 5 of the star signs - no planets in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio & Aquarius - which means - its GREEN LIGHT for GO for 100% pure - Sun in Taurus - to do its magic.


Sun in Aries will define the journey has begun - without any delays - and - without any blockages - you're on the move - Sun in Taurus will ensure COHESION between everything that you should have in your life and your real life - no more dreaming or illusions ....


Sun in Taurus - defined by so many planets in retrograde - will ensure you're reconnected to the real version of yourself - and - reconnected to everyone you're supposed to be connected to. You see - whilst your aura and thoughts maybe connected to some people and certain places - your physical reality might be somewhere else. Sun in Taurus will ensure you are exactly where you're supposed to be.



Healing your afflictions and getting your life moving

Relationships - Physical Needs - Real Life - Money

Astrologically - the reasons for blockages in life is due to afflictions

The Zodiac Year has defined movement and changes for everyone - so the afflictions will end to get your life moving


Inexplicable blockages never makes sense - bad luck never makes sense - but in the same way the afflictions and blockages are created to stagnate your life - when destiny needs to get your life moving - the afflictions, bad luck and source of your inexplicable blockages gets removed.


During Sun in Aries - some of you will recognize with clarity what the source of your bad luck has been - what the source of your affliction is - and - you will have done something about "It". Sun in Aries ensures everything that YOU can do something about - you will do ; whereas Sun in Taurus will ensure everything YOU can not do anything about - destiny will do it for you. It will clear the pathway forwards for you.


You know everything you need - the planets are speaking strongly to everyone - and now it happens - as you and your reality - you and your destiny get joined together - "COHESION" is the word for Sun in Taurus - between everything that you should have in your life and your real life.


Simultaneously it will be breaking-apart and disconnecting you from everything you're not supposed to be connected to. This process of disconnection and moving-away from what's not right has begun with Sun in Aries and will be 100% clear for everyone at the Liberating Libra Full Moon on 11th April 2017.


Hence, the reason for this advance preview for Sun in Taurus is to tell you that whatever happens during Sun in Aries is going to ensure you get the energy, the determination and the ability to do something meaningful about changing any facet of your life that simply isn't right anymore.



The True Power of 4 Planets in Retrograde

"Deja-Vu - repeat story - but changing-the-end"


Mercury retrograde - Jupiter Retrograde - Saturn retrograde - Pluto retrograde


Mercury goes direct [4th May] - Venus direct - Mars direct - Uranus direct - Neptune direct


Retrogrades say - YOU CAN DO IT - because - YOU'VE DONE IT BEFORE.



The truth of retrogrades is that even though the planet appears to be going backwards through the star sign - all the planets are constantly moving forwards around the Sun in our solar system. Even so - "retrogrades" are truly fascinating for all astrologers - because often the most unexpected twists and turns happen. You see - RETROGRADE - technically gives you the opportunity to relive life and recreate a different ending.


The other magic of RETROGRADE is that the planet - especially 3 outer planets - Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto - have spoken to your aura - and told you what you need in your life - during RETROGRADE your aura is emitting the energy to attract it into your life.


It's like an identity - Saturn in Sagittarius has defined you need to attract into your life - DESTINED relationships - so your aura - is emitting the energy to the world - and only when you meet and see someone who is destined for you - Saturn energy ensures you get it.


Therefore [1] between now and 26th August 2017 when Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius - [2] between now and 10th June 2017 when Jupiter goes direct in Libra - [3] between now and 29th September when Pluto goes direct in Capricorn - everything you are supposed to have - will come into your life by coincidences - both because your aura is emitting for it to come into your life - and - because your destiny has defined what you don't need in your life.


You see RETROGRADES have the purpose that you don't waste you time and don't get distracted by anything you don't need in your life - hence RETROGRADES discard the "garbage" - the "negativity" and things that are simply wrong for you.


I must say clearly contrary to popular nonsense written about RETROGRADES - that BIG things do happen during RETROGRADES as many of you will see - the power of Saturn in Sagittarius creating powerfully strong destined relationships in your lives between now and 26th August 2017.


Indeed, almost everyone born is born with at least 1 planet in retrograde - it is rare to have all planets your time of birth direct. Which planet you have in retrograde - is the reason why many of you - hate being put under pressure or forced to do anything - because you have the stubborn nature of wanting to do what you want to do and when you want to do it too !


In fact the MORE planets you have in retrograde - the easier and less-stressed personality you are. You see when planets are moving forwards it makes people pushy and needy - it makes people forced into making changes. Whereas planets in retrograde - their power is still present - but without the pressure of being forced to happen.


3 outer planets - Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius & Pluto in Capricorn in retrograde - all illuminated by Sun in Taurus - means - lots of changes will be happening by coincidences - without any pressure.


And here is the MOST important facet of 4 planets in retrograde - and that's the astrological rule of YOU CAN DO IT - because YOU'VE DONE IT BEFORE. Let me explain - there's an old biblical proverb - "there's nothing new in life" - the truth is there's lots of things that are NEW and constantly NEW things are happening - what the biblical proverb is saying - everything NEW you experience is merely a repeat of something you've done before - packaged and appearing to be different - but it's technically the same.


For example, every adult has had sex - has been in a loving relationship - but inbetween relationships - you loose confidence and forget what it is all about - but the truth is you've been to bed with someone before - you know what to do - and - so you'll always know what to do.


Likewise in any STRESSFUL and PAINFUL situations you're in at the moment - the truth is - you've been in a problematic situations before - and somehow you got out of it - and hence - this time you'll get out of it too. All the planets in retrograde will ensure you're reminded of your techniques - your instinctive abilities and your method that you use to get yourself out of your problems - and do it.


The other important facet of planets in RETROGRADE is trusting in life - you will see clearly that there's no point of worrying about anything - especially if someone else is putting you "under pressure" - you'll simply ignore them - until they go-away and the problem goes away too.



6 Planets are in the Daytime Sky

Astrologically - the current problem for many people is so much intensity in at least one area of your life ....


This is the simple math of astrology is that in one segment of the sky is where most of the action and energy is. Sun is surrounded by 6 planets - this is why things are happening for everyone - this is why there's an intensity of action and energy - this is why some of you are feeling totally energized and others are feeling overwhelmed with too much energy.


Each day of Sun in Taurus - [like it was during Sun in Aries] - is going to unlock a lot of energy - everyday - and - will be making a lot of things happen quickly - in a refreshingly good way. That's why it is BUSY and INTENSE for many people at the moment - and - that's why it will be even BUSIER and STRONG this month and next month too.


I mustn't forget in the NIGHT time sky - throughout the whole night - Jupiter in Libra is in the sky - and - Saturn in Sagittarius - to enhance - to energize - and - to talk to your aura telling you the clear message - that everything's going to be alright.




The daytime sky with 6 planets in the sky ..... and the Moon too from 26th April => 5th May 2017

Neptune in Pisces - Venus in Aries - Uranus in Aries - Sun in Taurus - Mercury in Taurus - Mars in Gemini

The Planets App for iPhone/iPod is =>



Uranus in Aries March 2011 => May 2018

Uranus at 25° / 26° / 27° Aries in April May 2017

begins Cusp energies into Taurus"

From 20th April and until 3rd August 2017 - Uranus moves from 25° => 28°32' Aries


Uranus is the planet known as unexpected surprises - Uranus in Aries has initiated changes for many - but intrinsic in Uranus is refusing to accept the status-quo - it creates change at any cost. Uranus in Aries has been for many people exciting - but equally it has been UNSTABLE.


Uranus in Taurus will create STABILITY for everyone who has experiences INSTABILITY in the past 6 years since March 2011. It will also then create INSTABILITY for everyone who've had dead-boring STABILITY in the past 6 years.


That's the purpose of Uranus - to create change - to ensure you get and live everyday with the dynamic energy to enjoy the gift of life - as Uranus understands - any change is better than no change. But it is related to your life-choices and to your personal circumstances - and - your individual astrological chart and your personal destined destination.


Midlifecrisis that hits people when transit of Uranus opposes your natal Uranus - hits people who don't love their lives - who feel dead-bored and hate living life - so Uranus creates any necessary change - to ensure the end-result and that is to love living life. Often it makes people give-up dead-boring jobs - dead-boring relationships - to live a more thrilling and exciting life.


The reason I've inserted explanation of Uranus here is that during May, June, July & August 2017 - due to the fact that from 12th May 2017 and until 3rd August 2017 - Uranus moves from 26° => 28°32' Aries - Uranus is exceedingly close to CUSP of Aries/Taurus - and - many people will be feeling it's power of Uranus in Taurus.


All of you who've had INSTABILITY since 2011 - will find the next few months creating STABILITY. And any of you who've been living a dead-boring life - will begin to feel the urgent need for change.



The Breakthrough that creates Changes

The Outer planets in Positive Star signs

Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus

Mars in Gemini - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries


Whilst planets in all the star signs can create changes - the best and biggest changes always happen when planets are in POSITIVE star signs - that's because all the 6 positive star signs are AIR and FIRE star signs - which defined OPEN energies.


The power of Mars in communicative open-star sign of Gemini from 21st April => 4th June 2017 will be the real reason for all the changes - combined - with Sun in Taurus means - now is the time it can happen for you - now is the time it will happen for you.


And I don't usually like to "scare" anyone or lie - but - I will exaggerate in order to motivate "some" - and that is to say - IF you don't do anything to change your life and if nothing happens during Mars in Gemini between 21st April => 4th June 2017 - then NOTHING is going to happen in your lives at least for another 2 years.


Now that's not entirely truthful - but Sun in Taurus & Mars in Gemini are going to awaken and force many people into DOING SOMETHING - because the configuration of Mars in Gemini - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries - 4 planets in positive star signs - is going to ensure SOMETHING HAPPENS for EVERYONE.


If it looks like NOTHING is happening in your life by 2nd May 2017 - which will be very unlikely with Mars in Gemini - then after the powerful transformative karmic life-changing Full Moon on 10th May 2017 - life will be FORCING things to happen - that's what Mars in Gemini will be doing for everyone from now onwards - thereafter you'll have no choice but to CHANGE.


Hopefully - all you regular readers - you will infact be very excited and embracing changes unlocked by the power of Mars in Gemini - because many of these changes -you've been waiting for - for the past 2 years - and - some of you for 6 years and even 12 years !



Sun in Taurus - actions speak louder than words

Due to 4 planets in retrograde defines TRUTH - if something doesn't happen in Sun in Taurus - the truth it will never happen


Many of you - have felt - especially in the past 4-6 years - that life has been start-stop - things change - but you've not had any BIG changes. This is especially annoying when you've seen lots of other people have experienced BIG changes and you've had NOTHING.


Afterall - you're living on the same planet as everyone else and you should be receiving the same positive energies of change as everyone else and yet some of you have seen NOTHING has happened for you. That's about to change.


In fact the longer you've been waiting - the more significant the change will be - and - it will come suddenly - especially when STRONG once-in-a-lifetime events happen in your life.


Now, I should add that IF you've had STRONG changes since March 2017 - that means - you've had something destined happening but it was a start-stop - then - now - it steps-up a gear and Sun in Taurus is the month things will get moving forwards to the next stage.


There's an expressions "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" - that's because some people promise everything but do nothing - indeed sometimes you feel the planets and astrologers promise that things are going to happen and then NOTHING happens.


Sun in Taurus - because it is totally unafflicted - that means - THINGS will be HAPPENING in REAL LIFE. The shock surprises for some of you will be realizing a TRUTH about yourself - that YOU have been the ones blocking things from changing.


For example, it's like you say you want a relationship - but everytime some smiles at you - your reply is "Go-away". Sun in Taurus will ensure your attitude changes and even if you want to say "go-away" - you will end-up smiling !


The converse is TRUE as well - if you normally say YES to the wrong people - your aura will be saying NO. Destined changes in your attitude - created by Sun in Taurus, New Moon in Taurus on 26th April and Full Moon on 10th May 2017 - will ensure you attract into your life - everything and everyone that life wants for you - and - everything that life doesn't want in your life anymore - you become detached from.


Now - I should inform you that the Scorpio Full Moon on 10th May 2017 - defines ENDINGS and karmic DEATH - that doesn't mean lots of people will be dying - it merely means - that an absolute END to a phase of your life will be defined and a BEGINNING to a new phase will be clear. Hence, the shocks and surprises will be defined by what ENDS. What facet of your life will be ENDING in order for you to be set-free for a NEW BEGINNING.


Whatever "it" is - will be beyond your control - because Sun in Taurus is going to make it happen. Indeed, it's like "death" - no-one can predict when anyone will die - but death comes to everyone - to set us free from Earth-school. Likewise in all facets of your life - when they END - it sets you free - to move-onto the next phase of your life.



When you see something is wrong in your life ...

How easy do you adapt and make changes ?


Taurus is the 2nd star sign of zodiac which in it's purest form - defines ACTION, CHANGE and MOVEMENT - everyone likes something new but the problem is how do react when you see something needs changing in YOUR life.



Are you an impatient and immediate type of person ? Are you stubborn and slow ? Is life slow to help you ? Do you get distracted easily ? Due to the astrological configuration - and defined specifically by wherever Pluto and Uranus is in your astrological chart - and - also defined by your ability to adapt and change - will define what happens during Sun in Taurus....



I've categorized the 3 types - by placement of Pluto, Neptune & Uranus - but you might feel you belong to a different age group



[1st group] Born between 1948 => 1972

"Wearing the same clothes Everyday group"


[1] Born between 1948 => 1972 - you embrace changes when "it" suits you - but intrinsic to your nature is you can be stubborn to NEW ideas - only when you're convinced that's when you see the advantages to change and thereafter you don't hesitate or argue.


The only problem is your attitude - because something you've become attached to for so many years - you've forgotten to realize the importance of making a change. I compare people born between 1948 => 1972 to people who wear the same clothes and shoes everyday - whilst you think there's nothing wrong - it's actually very BORING aura to be the SAME person EVERYDAY !


The "dead" aura syndrome - is familiarity with routine - and without thinking - you've done the same things everyday. During the past 6 years - you should have had moments when you wanted changes - whilst some of you had changes - others had NOTHING.


Now it will be happening - partly because you've got no-choice and partly because destined changes will unblock blockages that will show you the truth - and then you'll change - for "some" of you - it will be a BLUNT and HONEST truth. Like looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing you must make a change !



[2nd group] Born between 1972 => 1984

"The midlife crisis group ...."


[2] Born between 1972 => 1984 - there's no easy way to say this - but it happens to all of us - anytime between the ages of 34 and 46 - defined by 3 aspects - transit Pluto square natal Pluto, transit Neptune square natal Neptune, and transit Uranus opposing natal Uranus.


You see - everyone of us has ambitions and goals in life - when you're young you have goals - but when you realize the TRUTH that you'll never achieve them - because they are unattainable for you - or - because they're unrealistic fantasies - OR - if you've achieved your goal - but realized the truth that "it" is not what you want. It creates hurt and pains.


The TRUTH is not meant to hurt or pain - but it is supposed to ensure you readjust to have realistic goals - based on your new truthful realistic appraisal of your abilities and limitations. You should realize that you have a recipe of success - because - you've had success - and now it's your job to use your individuality and recipe to plan NEW goals for your future.


The problem for people born between 1972 => 1984 [and in this 2nd group] - is a stubbornness to admit you've been WRONG. IF nothing has happened since 2011 - the reason is because you know some facets of your life are WRONG - but you still haven't admitted it yet. And now - you're being forced to face the fact of what "it" is that is really WRONG.


For example, say you're married but you don't love the person you're married to - and - you're not even having "sex" - then what are you married for? And - what are you doing with your life? It hurts - I know - it happens to everyone.


But the point here is to ADMIT whatever "it" is that is WRONG in your life and then get ready to do something about "it". This strong zodiac year - means - between now and December 2017 - whether or not you want to do something about "it" - life will be forcing you to do something about "it". Sun in Taurus will be showing clearly what "it" is - if you haven't already seen "it" in the past 2-3 months.



[3rd group] Born between 1984 => 1996

You're new to BIG destined changes ....

"Having a baby-group" & "Losing a parent group"



[3] Born between 1984 => 1996 - I call this group "having a baby-group" - AND - "losing a parent group" - that's because there a some destined changes that are simply beyond our control - they happen - because it's inevitable and destined. It's life.


The SHOCKS and SURPRISES that happen is when "it" happens - you really do change. You can't even imagine how you're going to react and what you'll feel like when "it" happens - because "it" is something MAGICAL and beyond logical explanations - and yet "it" will happen. The purpose is to ensure YOU GROW-UP and mature into an adult.


Now I should say that there are some people born prior to 1984 that still haven't grown-up yet - hence this zodiac year is going to create fixed destined events in their lives too - to force them to grow-up and become an adult.


You see - when you have a parent alive - you don't fully mature - and - until you've had a baby - you can't understand responsibility and compassion. You might be in a state where you DO NOTHING because you're immature and rely on others - well you're going to be SHOCKED and SURPRISED by events - because life is going to ensure you grow-up and mature quickly. Each of you born between 1984 => 1996 - should have experienced something life-changing in the past 4 years - but if you haven't then "it" is coming !


When "it" happens - "it" will shift and transform you to be a different type of a person - more mature - less selfish - more grown-up and compassionate for others. You see people who expect others to do things for them and they do nothing for others - simply haven't got the same soft aura of compassion and kindness for others - as those who do things for others. It can be some people are destined to do nothing for others forever - but they will be getting frustrated - because life will be forcing people to grow-up and do something good for others.



I've categorized the 3 types - by placement of Pluto, Neptune & Uranus - but you might feel you belong to a different age group



When something happens during Sun in Taurus, which "it" will - and will be followed by further changes in the next 2 months of Sun in Gemini and Sun in Cancer - then you'll know exactly which group of change your life is defining for you.


But it will be clear that EVERYONE will experience something during Sun in Taurus - even if it you don't want "it" or worse still want to admit the truth and want to avoid what is happening - "it" will still be happening and ensuring you grow-up and change into a new phase of life.


"It" is not meant to hurt anyone - "It" is meant to ensure you grow-up - all you have to do is FOCUS and put all your energy into participating in change that life wants you to change into. As explained above - it doesn't mean you will be forced into doing anything - you can pretend to avoid the opportunities to change - but if you do - like you have done for the past 2-3 years - you'll either have to wait until 2019/2020 or you'll even miss it forever - although that is a bit of exaggeration - as Saturn in Capricorn from December 2017 will be forcing it's destined changes on everyone - even people who want to avoid it - it's just the opportunities now - are all positive !



Sun in Taurus will strengthen what is yours


I'm sure as many of you are reading the above introduction and more importantly as you're feeling the truth of Sun in Taurus - you will realize that there are some specific things in the world that are YOURS - even though you've been disconnected or blocked - even though you might be experiencing some difficulties in holding-onto whatever is YOURS - the good news for you - is whatever is 100% truly YOURS - will be YOURS during Sun in Taurus.


All you have to do is realize what is truly YOURS and what is the cause of the disturbance - and then ensure you FOCUS and CONCENTRATE your mind and thoughts on what is YOURS.


Indeed, it is one dilemma of the modern-internet - there are so many distractions - for example - if you're having evening meal with your family or worse-still - you've gone-out for an evening-out - then DO NOT keep checking your emails etc ....


Dedicate real-time to real people in your life - don't have a conversation with someone whilst checking your emails - when you are with someone - be with them 100% in your mind and thoughts. I should say - if you FOCUS just 7 days during Sun in Taurus and don't get distracted - then you can achieve it - but - and this is my point - you mustn't get distracted by nothing that has nothing to do with you.



Sun in Taurus is creating Destined Changes in the World

As explained above - Sun in Taurus is ensuring everyone makes necessary changes


Astrologically - there are certain things in the world which are destined - and because this is a STRONG zodiac year - especially with 4 planets in retrograde - means that lots of things in the world that aren't right and haven't been right for the past 6-12 years - are now being forced into being put right. Many of which - should have happened many years ago - remarkably it will happen now and quickly. Both for you and globally.


I've listened to and read the kabbalistic prophetic visions about WWIII - and - astrologically - I have to say - that if it's going to happen - it will be very sudden and quick - it won't last more than a few hours - because it will be brought to a sudden dramatic end - as quickly as it will begin. War is NOT in the astrological charts - whereas quick unexpected burst of mayhem is unfortunately in the charts.


It won't be a true WorldWar like WWI and WWII - but everyone in the world will be awakened by what happens in that far-off corner of the world. It is defined by North Korea - and - looks likely it will happen anytime between 30th April and 14th May 2017 - that's because Sun in Taurus is ensuring that all negativity in the world is being removed and unblocked forever.


On an individual level - whether or not there's a WWIII - the good news is that anytime between 30th April and 14th May 2017 - life will be creating STRONG feelings for you to want love life - and - enjoy life via loving all the people in your life. This awakening will ensure good changes in YOUR life - to get your life back - if you've lost your way in life - and get your lives moving if you've been doing nothing.


Thereafter - you will know what you want - because Sun in Taurus combined with STRONG positive emotions you'll receive between 5th May => 14th May 2017 - will awaken you to want to live-life to the fullest with meaning and purpose.


The ONLY true lesson we need to learn is seeing the GOODNESS in everyone you know. And whilst all of us have known bad people, selfish and argumentative people - your focus is to FOCUS on the truly GOOD people in your lives. The nice ones - the kind ones - the people who make you feel ALIVE and make you feel LUCKY that you know them as they know you.


That's the power of COHESION - and - that's the purpose why we're all alive - to be connected to other GOOD people and to feel the positive energy you feel from other people - as others feel from you. Ofcourse it's always easy to see the badness and complain about others - but do yourselves a favor for the next 7 days - see the goodness and good facets of all the people you know - feel how GOOD they are for you!


The reason I've added this here - is - that over the next 7 days - due to the fact that there will be changing events happening - the only true stability you have is defined by GOOD people in your life - when you see their goodness - feel their good energy - that is what will give you STABILITY during some unstable moments.



This Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun in Taurus - April - May 2017



19th/20th April: Sun enters Taurus Sun in Taurus defines Focus and don't be distracted. And with a sense of urgency - you're going to get the feeling that if something doesn't happen in Sun in Taurus - then - it will never happen. That's a good panic feeling to get - because it will motivate many people to FOCUS.


Life is on the move and the purity of Sun in Taurus will ensure you FOCUS on whatever "it" is you need to focus on. In fact it will be impossible to be distracted because - life will either FORCE or ENTICE you to concentrate and whatever "it" is. The more you focus the more you'll achieve "it".



20th April: Sun 0° Taurus conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 0° Taurus - focus on whatever life wants you to focus on

20th April: Mercury retrogrades back into Aries - will ensure you get "it" done.



21st April: Mars enters Gemini - 11:30am UK - 12:30pm Europe - 6:30am USA EST - 6pm India - 9:30pm Sydney, Australia

Mars in Gemini 21st April => 4th June 2017


Mars in Gemini 21st April => 4th June 2017 - Mars in Gemini defines love and money and will restore power - plug everyone in and get things moving - especially if NOTHING has been happening in your life - and especially if you've not had any good luck, love or money in the past 6 months - and - for some of you - for the past 2 years.


For "some" readers I need to explain Mars in Gemini - 1st - "Mars" - the energy of Mars gives strength and confidence - 2nd - "Gemini" defines communication and connection to OTHER people - Mars in Gemini will give you the power to do what you need to live - but it will do this by showing you that you NEED other other people to have success.


However old or young you are - Mars in Gemini will show you - that you can have SUCCESS in life - all you need to do is communicate with other people - work-with other people. And it's all about bringing-out the best in you - via you bringing-out the best in others.


Anyone who can't be bothered communicating, too lazy or too arrogant to even say "hello" will find Mars in Gemini painful. And anyone who expects "others" to make all the effort to communicate - will find themselves ignored. You see Mars in Gemini means you have to make the effort to communicate with others.


Human-beings are destined to be connected to others - COHESION - is created via communication. Ofcourse "idiots" use communication to create disconnections - that's ok - that's who "they" are - all you have to do is connect with and be connected to GOOD people in your life who want to be normal human-beings - who want to communicate with positive energy and who want to be connected to you.


Dates for reference - Mars is a 2 year cycle - can you remember what happened with Mars in Gemini ?


Mars in Gemini 12th July => 25th August 2009 | Mars in Gemini 21st June => 3rd August 2011

Mars in Gemini 31st May => 13th July 2013 | Mars in Gemini 12th May => 24th June 2015


Mars in Gemini - talks differently to every star sign - but the general essence is that "doing nothing" and "nothing happening" is totally unlikely during Mars in Gemini - as it will push, entice and force - everyone to do something - because the essence of every human being is to TALK and COMMUNICATE with others.


I should add that - Mars in Gemini will be triggering and unlocking all communication in all DESTINED relationships - even in past relationships that have "destiny" written on them - as Mars in Gemini moves to oppose Saturn in Sagittarius - exact date is 25th May 2017 - although depending on when Mars in Gemini "touches" your chart - destiny will then choose to reconnect you with important people from your past.


In particular - Mars in Gemini will be connecting "family" and "relatives" - for family news - for example - weddings, funerals and celebrations, inheritance and money too will be highlighted - that's because Mars in Gemini - magnetic opposition to - Saturn in Sagittarius has the purpose to ensure you get connected to all the correct people you were born to be connected to and if necessary you let-go of "bad" karma in family connections and heal yourself via healing the past.




21st April: Pluto goes retrograde at 19° Capricorn - this defines that destiny has put you in the right place - and now during the retrograde - it takes away all the negative energies that Pluto in Capricorn has created to FIX you where you are. Indeed, the reason WHY you are WHERE you are is your karmic destiny - because you belong there.


When you are destined to move - because you've done what you're supposed to do wherever you are - then you'll move. And I have to add that the truth is all the BEST decisions you make in your life to escape from negativity - are defined because you've been held-back and dislike something BAD for you - hence by default when you avoid trouble, run-away and keep away from what destiny knows is BAD for you - is a powerful motivation to get you to move-forwards. That's the karma of Pluto in Capricorn - to teach you to overcome negativity.


Ironically, Pluto in Capricorn is brilliantly good as it ensures you KEEP away from people and things that are BAD for you - because it restricts your life - and therefore Pluto going retrograde between now and 28th September 2017 means you've got more FREEDOM to make changes - especially if you feel you're being held-back and restrained - and now you can do whatever you want - even if it means making mistakes !



New Moon in Taurus - Sun in Taurus

Taurus - defines Success - be secretive

As a human you have a mind that thinks - no-one knows what you're thinking - no-one knows what you want

Sun in Taurus will create success by determination - that means YOU have to be the one who is determined


26th April: New Moon at 6° Taurus - a pure Taurus New Moon that defines Success for everyone

[ explained NewMoon 26th April'17]


The reality of our solar system is that even though we say Sun has entered Taurus - the truth is the Sun at the center is in the same place - it is the fact that planet Earth is moving around the Sun is why the Sun appears to have moved star signs - but the truth is planet Earth that is viewed from the Sun has moved - and we are actually in star sign of Scorpio as viewed from the Sun - and the Sun is in Taurus.


This is the reason why the Jewish book of Astrology - explains the importance of the 6 Month rule of Astrology as explained on this website - it also explains the ANSWERS you need to know for SUCCESS during Sun in Taurus - the answers are defined by SCORPIO energies.


Scorpio in it's purest form - defines SECRECY. You see - human-instincts means that everyone is jealous of other people - the purpose of jealousy is in order to LOOK AT others and WANT what other people have got.


For example, others have got nice clothes - you want nice clothes ; others have got an automobile - makes you want an automobile ; others have got money - makes you want money ; others have got loving relationship - makes you want loving relationship ; others are having sex - makes you want sexual relationship ; and this goes-on-and-on .....


Each of you are WANTING something because you see something that others have got and you WANT it too. That's how we all grow-up - we COPY others - from a young age when we learn to walk, talk, eat and do everything we do - we COPY others - because we WANT to be like them. Then as you grow-up you begin to diversify and WANT specific things to YOU - to your own destiny.


Each stage of life - each phase of life - each zodiac year - you will WANT something NEW. Some of you have wanted whatever you're wanting at the moment for the past 6 months - some of you for the past 12 months - some of you for the past 6 years - but whatever "it" is - you WANT it because life is making you WANT "it". This 100% pure Taurus New Moon will be speaking to everyone - to make you WANT "it".


I should say for some idealistic or spiritually minded people - that WANTING something is intrinsic to being human - and - WANTING something is important for your spiritual growth too. Like you see - how I predict the future and have psychic gifts of knowing things - you too see I can do it - so you too want to do it. That's perfect - because I am the proof to you that it is possible - but you have to WANT it too - to achieve it.


Now for the SECRET - that whatever "it" is you want - don't tell anyone - especially people you can't trust and people you know are jealous of you - that means DON'T POST "it" or announce "it" on the internet. Keep "it" secret - UNTIL - it has happened and is yours. Keep it to yourself and only SHARE "it" with people you can 100% trust.


Now - it will still happen - because life is going to make sure it happens - because you're going to become very determined to make it happen - but what I'm saying for good advice for the New Moon is whilst it is unfolding you don't need to be open to unnecessary argumentative and jealous energies of "other" people.


I know you've all done this instinctively in your life - because as humans - we naturally sense "other" people's jealous energies - and that's why we keep the BEST things in our lives secret for as long as possible - like when you get pregnant - you don't tell anyone except the closest of good friends. Like when you've found a new loving relationship - you keep it secret at the beginning because you know secrecy preserves and protects "It".


Indeed - as you will see FOOLISH people being OPEN - and because they haven't learnt the power of secrecy - they will see that you can't be OPEN to everyone in the world - especially on the internet. So be WISE and be CAREFUL what you say and who you say it to.



26th April => 10th May - Success is fast-moving

The journey of New Moon to the Full Moon will create a lot of fast-moving destined events ....


This 100% pure Taurus New Moon will be giving everyone something NEW - defined both by your destiny - by your intensity of wanting the NEW things that life wants you to want - and - by COINCIDENCES that will be making NEW things happen in your life.


For some of you - you've been waiting 6 months - others longer - and because "it" is a BIG DEAL - as you've waited so long for "it" - you will get the instinctive feeling that you need to PROTECT yourself - and - PROTECT "it" - because "it" will be something precious to you.


The reason why it will create SOMETHING NEW for everyone is due to configuration of planets - and - due to the planets in [Fire Signs] means being EXCITED for whatever it is - that is what will propel you forwards - and - that is what will make you SUCCEED. Sun in Taurus [Earth Sign] & New Moon in Taurus [Earth Sign] are saying FOCUS on it - think about it all the time if you have to and don't get distracted.


Due to the planets in [retrograde] means - you've had chances at "it" in the past - but "it" didn't happen - now this year's Sun in Taurus is your chance - but you have to concentrate on it - if you really want "it".


Let me tell you a SECRET of the purity of star sign of Taurus energies and that is Taurus knows "it" is going to achieve "it" - because it ensures you stay HEAD-STRONG - determined - persistent - focused - and - with an inexplicable knowing - Taurus let's you know that you will get "it".


As explained above - there are "some" people who will be forced to accept that if they don't get "it" - then they will realize the truth that they will never get "it" - that ONLY applies to something that hasn't happened since 21st March 2017 - but if something has begun since then - something has been changing in your life - then Sun in Taurus will move-it-forward a lot more - Sun in Taurus will make you see that you're having a BIG breakthrough - and - thereafter Sun in Gemini will ensure you achieve "it".


The definitive cut-off point will be felt STRONGLY - especially around the Pure Scorpio Full Moon on 10th May 2017 - which will give you the urgent push to try-harder - or - give you the truth to give-up that pathway and thereby find a new alternative pathway - a pathway that is SAYING YES to you.



Sun in Taurus [Earth Sign] Mercury [retrograde] in Aries [Fire Sign] Venus enters Aries [Fire Sign]

Mars in Gemini [Air sign] Jupiter [retrograde] in Libra [Air sign] Saturn [retrograde] in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



28th April: Venus enters Aries direct

4th May: Mercury goes direct at 24° Aries


From the 28th April 2017 when Venus enters Aries - and until 16th May [for Mercury in Aries] ; until 6th June [for Venus in Aries] ; and until 4th June [for Mars in Gemini] will be the fundamental reasons for so many changes in everyone's lives - and - it's all illuminated by Sun in Taurus - means it is SOLID and REAL.


All you have to do is FOCUS on what "it" is you really want and need in your life. Be honest - be truthful - be pragmatic and be sensible - and - then work at "it" - and - you will see life will help you achieve "it". And I should add that it is better to FOCUS on ONE important thing than think of lots of things.




The Two Worlds of Astrological Energies

And neither will be conflicting with the other

Sun in Taurus - will be energizing everyone differently - it will be doing something for everyone


[1] Sun in Taurus - Mercury in Taurus [from 16th May] - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn

will be energizing all Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces


[2] Mercury in Aries [until 16th May] - Venus in Aries - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries

will be energizing all Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius



4th May: Sun 13° Taurus sextiles Neptune 13° Pisces

9th May: Sun 19° Taurus trines Pluto [retrograde] 19° Capricorn



10th May: Mercury 25° Aries conjunct Uranus 25° Aries

11th May: Mercury 26° Aries trines Saturn [retrograde] 26° Sagittarius



10th May: Mercury 25° Aries conjunct Uranus 25° Aries

Saying "YES" to everyone ...... for Business & Financial Success

Mercury direct in Aries - Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Aries - Venus in Aries & Mars in Gemini


The way movement and changes happen is because everyone is saying "YES". Even if normally some people would be stubborn, lazy or slow - the astrological configuration from Wednesday 3rd May until at least 14th May defines CHANGE for everyone.


That's because Mercury direct at 24° Aries which is almost conjunction to Uranus at 25° Aries - [exact conjunction is on Wednesday 10th May - the day of the Full Moon] - combined with trine to Saturn 26° Sagittarius - means lots of things you've been waiting for to happen - will happen.


Combined with Venus in Aries & Mars in Gemini - Sun in Taurus with Venus & Mars wants you to want to change and hence you'll say YES to everything and everyone. Mars in Gemini until 4th June 2017 will be creating the emphatic destined YES for everyone - Mars in Gemini defines a willingness to say YES to everyone and everything good for you. All you need to do is understand that OTHER people need to hear "YES" from you too - in the same way you're waiting to hear "YES" from them.


Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries from 3rd May => 14th May 2017 with Venus in Aries & Mars in Gemini means COMMUNICATE to make it happen - the more you talk - the more excited you are when you talk - talk and you'll find a way to make it happen - make it work - and - achieve success. With Sun in Taurus - this refers to most people for BUSINESS and FINANCIAL success - so focus and make it happen. I should add - that the current configuration is probably making some people WORRY about money.


If - however - you are not in contact with anyone - if you're not "talking" finances, career or business - if you're not interested in making any effort in business or finances - because truthfully you're simply not interested - then don't worry - it merely defines - it is NOT YOUR TIME YET. These aspects in Aries & Gemini are NOT touching your astrological chart "yet" - in June/July 2017 when it's Venus in Taurus & Mars in Cancer - it will then be your turn.


Everyone of you - who are concentrating on your business and finances at the moment - you KNOW who you are - because you're seeing things happen - NOW is the time to PUSH forwards and make it happen. Keep talking - keep negotiating - and - you'll be lucky - you'll see!


The power of the the past 6 weeks with 4-5 planets in retrograde at the beginning of the Zodiac New Year - was to ensure everything and everyone you're supposed to be connected to - you've got reconnected to. "It" is happening - because you got a 2nd chance.


The key to understanding astrological energies is that there is NEVER EVER NEED for any conflict - the only reason there's blockages and conflict in the world is because people are overstepping boundaries - people don't recognize that interfering with other people's lives is WRONG.


If ever you've been in a CONFLICT - and - then stepped-away - walked-away - then you set yourself free. Whilst the people who created the CONFLICT are still living in the negativity they created - they are living in a negative world they created - whilst you are living in a positive world.


Eventually "time" shows them what they've done is WRONG - but if their ego won't let them apologize - then they'll continue to live in their own world of negativity - whereas you've been set-free a long time ago - because you WALKED-AWAY from negativity.


During Sun in Taurus - it will be clear which world you belong in and filled full of positive energy you won't be affected by negative people. And if you have to apologize in order to RESET and RESTORE DESTINED RELATIONSHIPS - then you'll have many chances to do so.


It's your freewill choice what you decide to do when people reconnect with you and contact you. Hence, don't be so surprised when you hear "apologies" from people from the past who did you wrong - because of Mars in Gemini & Saturn in retrograde are ensuring they fix what has gone-wrong.


Now, I should add that humans are predictable - "some" will want a reconnection with you because they want something from you - whereas others genuinely remorseful will contact you because they're genuine - it's your choice what you do - but it will be compelling - because around the Full Moon will be putting pressure on people - to HEAL the past - to HEAL yourself - to HEAL all relationship energies to be wholesome and to be able to live-in-peace with yourself.


You see - the ONLY way you will be able to move-on forwards will be by HEALING the past - or - LETTING GO of the past - and that means for many people HEALING relationship energies - acceptance and letting-go - OR - healing and mending.


Now - I should say that EVERYONE has "relationship" issues - that's normal - and it is a fact that the BEST things that happen to you in your life happen because of GOOD people - and the WORST things that happen to you in your life are because of BAD people.


Healing means healing yourself - so instead of blaming "others" - accept the truth that you made a mistake and got connected to BAD people - now is your karmic opportunity to HEALING YOURSELF - by changing your attitude and changing the way you THINK.


Let me give you an example - when someone you hate drops-dead and dies - whilst you might feel sense of excitement - it won't change your life UNTIL you HEAL YOURSELF - and - conversely when you HEAL YOURSELF by letting go of the negative thoughts in your mind - then you'll see those people vanish from your life - as if they've dropped-dead.



Taurus - defines getting excited by something

Full Moon will make you get 100% excited

The karmic full Moon in Scorpio illuminated by Sun in Taurus will ensure you get excited by something in your life

And through your inner strength and true excitement - this will remove anything that is blocking your life ....


Full Moon at 20° Scorpio - Wednesday 10th May - 11pm UK - 6pm USA EST - 4pm Arizona - Los Angeles

Thursday 11th May - 00:00am Europe - 3:30am India - 8am Sydney, Australia



Wednesday 10th/Thursday 11th May: Full Moon in Scorpio [explained on Moon Astrology - FullMoon 10th May '17]


Powerful transformative karmic life-changing Full Moon on 10th May 2017


The only way forward will be defined by getting totally excited by whatever life wants you to be excited by ...



As I've explained above - this zodiac year is a STRONG year - Sun in Taurus - the 2nd star sign of the zodiac is ensuring that CHANGES happen - because stagnation and doing nothing is not an available option. The key to any CHANGE is because of a desire and want to make those changes - because you want "it" so much.


Sometimes you're forced into making a change because you can't continue the way things are - or - sometime you're enticed into wanting to make a change because of something life is making you desire and want. Something life is making you feel - you can't live without.


Whatever "it" is - is your destiny talking to you - the desire and want you have is your destiny making you WANT "it". Unfortunately, for some people - they will realize the truth that they can't have "it" - or - they will realize the truth that they're going to have to change in order to get "it".


The reason for this Full Moon being exceptionally strong is that it will be a pure Full Moon - because this year - there are no planets in Leo or in Aquarius - which would square the full Moon to create blockages. Therefore it is what I call an UNAFFLICTED PURE FULL MOON.


This pure Scorpio Full Moon will create change because it is right. There's no maybe or doubt - there's only clarity. Clarity is because you see the truth and truth is stability. The only dilemma for some people will be what to do with the TRUTH !


The good news for everyone else - will be the TRUTH will set you free and get your lives moving forwards and defined by all the other planets in positive star signs means that there's going to be a lot of changes happening quickly for everyone.



Mars square Neptune & Mars trine Jupiter

Facing the truth in your relationships - who you like and who you love


11th May: Mars 13° Gemini squares Neptune 13° Pisces - combined with the Full Moon - Mars square Neptune will be shattering some people's illusions - because it will reveal a truth - especially in love relationships. You see - sometimes people imagine their "ex's" will come-back - because they have an illusion of love. That's because they're living in the "past" instead of accepting the present.


The Full Moon will define a TRUTH - and - that's simple what and whoever is in your life - is the truth of your life - unfortunately some people won't believe it and Mars in Gemini is forcing some people to face the truth.


Now, I should say - if you have to be the one to shatter someone's illusions - then do it nicely and softly - tell them you like them a lot but just not for a love-relationship. Or tell them you've moved-on and with someone new.



12th May: Mars 14° Gemini trines Jupiter [retrograde] 14° Libra - in contrast to Mars square Neptune - the power of Mars trine Jupiter will in fact ensure you reach out to people from the past you have had a relationship with - and - others reach out to you - to make the reconnection which is truly right for you - the bond of cohesion will be so nice that you will realize you have a destiny together.


This will be triggered by the STRONG Full Moon - which will be making want their destiny - the desire and need for relationships is the essential reason why you're alive - and - why you are you. It is to attract the right people into your life - and - to ensure the wrong people don't come in.



Stability is created by Cohesion and Loyalty


The Scorpio Full Moon has changed everyone - even people that don't yet realize what it has done - are feeling a change. The message of the Full Moon was simple - that things MUST CHANGE - because you've realized that things can't continue the way they are.


I've been explaining that this New Zodiac Year is an even STRONGER zodiac year than last year - defined by specific CHANGES that must happen in your life. The 1st 3 months of the zodiac is when it happens - some of you have experienced it already - others are a bit slower - but it's certain that Sun in Aries , Sun in Taurus & soon Sun in Gemini will do something for EVERYONE of EVERY star sign.


Due to the astrological configuration until end of June 2017 - life is defining you CONCENTRATE on what is right for you. Let me explain - when you were younger - you had stability in your childhood because you had your parents, you trusted them and the bond of loyalty and love ensured you were alright. As you grew-up - you became opened to lots of people - some of whom proved themselves to be untrustworthy whilst others proved themselves to be even stronger and better than your own parents.


Defined by what you achieved and accomplished - all the different people you've known in your life - fit into one of two groups - those who are LOYAL and those who are DISLOYAL. Likewise you too - have people you don't careless about anymore and have people you care a lot about. It is your bond to OTHER people that defines your GOOD luck and your bond to OTHER people that creates your BAD luck - all you have to do is focus on the people who make you LUCKY!


Relationships - never ever makes sense - and yet - your SUCCESS is defined by being connected to the RIGHT people who are loyal and good for you - equally so - it's about not even wanting to be connected to anyone who is WRONG for you. When you're a child - you don't think of wanting "other" parents - because you're happy with your own parents.


During this last week of Sun in Taurus prior to Sun entering Gemini on Sunday 21st May 2017 - you're going to be shown the importance of loyalty - in order to be strongly connected to the RIGHT people - that's what will create SUCCESS for you. The Moon will ensure you FEEL who you can trust and who you can't trust.




17th May: Mercury enters Taurus - Mercury in Taurus between 17th May => 6th June 2017 - will be good for all - especially for the 6 star signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces. Now, I must remind you of a word I call COHESION of thoughts and real life reality - you see many people dream and fantasize of what they imagine to happen - but the world of fantasies and the real world are NOT in sync with each other.


For example, when you meet someone new you admire and like - you might fantasize and dream of having sex with them - because their energy does something for you - but until you actually have sex - it is splitting your aura into two departments - into thoughts and into reality. When you have COHESION of your thoughts and your real life - then you are wholesome.


Let me give you another example - when I give a reading or when you go to a psychic - the energy in your aura will define what's coming into your life - but until it comes-in - you're not wholesome. It's because your thoughts, your aura and your reality are not in SYNC with each other.


Mercury in Taurus defines COHESION between what is in your real life and what should be in your life will happen. It will pull you together - so that you are you - and - so that you are wholesome. Thence, the only problem for some people will be people who will continue to live in fantasy world of dreams - because - they will have to either do something to bring their dreams into reality - OR - be forced to accept the truth that their fantasies will never happen in real life.




19th May: Saturn [retrograde] 26° Sagittarius trines Uranus 26° Aries - this aspect has been defining your lives since June 2016 - and - especially during Sun in Sagittarius in December 2016 - it made you aware of what "it" is in your life - that life wants you to want.


You see all facets of destiny [ Saturn ] never makes sense - and - yet you're giving and inexplicably strong bond of cohesion towards everyone and everything that life wants you to be connected to - however illogical it might seem.


Sometimes the bond is afflicted - sometimes you might want it - but someone or something is blocking it. Thanks to Sun in Taurus and the Full Moon in Scorpio - all blockages are being removed - and hence Saturn trine Uranus will ensure things that should have happened will now happen.


It's not just today - but the Saturn trine Uranus will ensure continuity and changes from now and until December 2017 - with the best set of unexpected shocks and surprises defined by destiny coming at the next Full Moon on 9th June 2017 - a Full Moon in Sagittarius - which will indeed ensure DESTINY for everyone. And by destiny - I mean destined relationships for everyone.




19th May: Venus 14° Aries opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 14° Libra - the magnetic attraction of opposites - defined by Jupiter in retrograde - means everything and everyone you should be attracted to - will be sitting in your mind and in your aura - and with it will come a success, vibrancy and aliveness - because Venus in Aries will be ensuring SUCCESS.


For example, say you have a shop full of merchandise and then suddenly one particular line sells-out - then you know - it's popular and you'll get more - that's what Venus-Jupiter opposition will do - make you work at and do something that's successful for you. It will create movement for whatever needs to be moved.




Sun in Taurus defines immediacy

If it's successful - it will happen quickly

If it's a failure and not your destiny - you will be hesitant, delay and have to think about it


The karma of your own life and your own soul - will have a big influence during Sun in Taurus - because instinctively light souls - good souls - always have vibrant energies - good people are always busy doing something - good people comprehend the value of the gift of life and never like dealing with lazy people.


The astrological energies throughout Sun in Taurus - and for the next 4 months - Sun in Gemini - Sun in Cancer - Sun in Leo - Sun in Virgo - life will be creating lots of opportunities to change - there's nothing blocking anything from happening. But it's up to you - to recognize the need to do something with your life instead of being lazy and doing nothing.


The key message of Sun in Taurus is movement - and - quick movement too - hence anything that is going to be successful will be happening quickly - you won't even need to think about it - as instinctively - Taurus will make it happen quickly.


Hence, anything you have to pause and think about - you're being made to stop - because truthfully - your aura is blocking you. This could be intrinsic in your blocked aura because you've been used to being blocked for so many years - now that change is offered you're slow - OR - because you feel something isn't right - either way - if you delay - you will miss it.


This FACT is indeed - why astrology differs from spirituality of destiny - and - why I try and combine BOTH. Because Astrology explains that there is a BACK-UP PLAN. You see "someone" or "something" might be your destiny - but if you're afflicted with laziness and create blockages - then astrology says - your destiny can be given-away to someone else. Even so - like this strong zodiac year - you will get opportunities to get your destiny back - but if you don't take the opportunities - then that's it.


Astrology will define during Sun in Taurus [and Sun in Gemini] - that back-up plans - and - positive alternatives - and - reset -restore to what you should have had - will all become available to everyone who wants to move-forwards. But if you don't want "it" - then - life will give-it away to someone who does want "it".


The dilemma for some of you - will be CHOOSING between the back-up plan and the current situation - because you will be oscillating between keeping the dull-and-boring past - AND - the exciting future - whilst some of you might feel guilty to choose the new alternative because it means letting-go of what you have.


Ofcourse - it's much easier - if it's a choice of work or financial better alternative - but if it's personal relationships - some people get guilty feelings. The truth is if the person you're with is 100% truly loving you and you loved them - there would be no reason for Sun in Taurus to bring in a back-up plan?!


For some of you - it will be clear - what life wants you to do - because the coincidences will create excitement and movement - everything will go smoothly. Remember the purpose of everything happening is to create a STRONGER future - a STABLE future that will define at least the next 12 years of your lives.





21st May: Sun enters Gemini

25th May: New Moon in Gemini

29th May: Mars 25° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 25° Sagittarius

31st May: Mars 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries

31st May: Uranus 27° Aries - "begins Cusp energies into Taurus"