The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Leo 22nd July => 22nd August 2017

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2017


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Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

The important astrological aspects will be explained for each of the 12 star signs :-

Sun in Leo | Mercury in Virgo | Venus in Cancer | Mars in Leo | Jupiter in Libra

Saturn in Sagittarius | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces | Pluto in Capricorn


22nd July: Sun enters Leo

23rd July: New Moon in Leo

24th July: Venus 22° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 22° Sagittarius

24th July: Mercury 28° Leo trines Uranus 28° Aries

25th July: Mercury enters Virgo

27th July: Sun 4° Leo conjunct Mars 4° Leo

30th July: Venus 28° Gemini sextiles Uranus 28° Aries

31st July: Venus enters Cancer


3rd August: Uranus goes retrograde at 28° Aries

7th August: Full Moon at 16° Aquarius

10th August: Mercury 11° Virgo sextiles Venus 11° Cancer

10th August: Sun 18° Leo sextiles Jupiter 18° Libra

12th August: Venus 13° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 13° Pisces

13th August: Mercury goes retrograde at 11° Virgo

13th August: Sun 21° Leo trines Saturn [retrograde] 21° Sagittarius

15th August: Venus 17° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 17° Capricorn

17th August: Venus 19° Cancer squares Jupiter 19° Libra

20th August: Mars 19° Leo sextiles Jupiter 19° Libra

21st August: Sun 28° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 28° Aries

21st August: 2nd New Moon in Leo - 28° Leo


23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

26th August: Saturn goes direct at 21° Sagittarius

26th August: Venus enters Leo

27th August: Jupiter 21° Libra sextiles Saturn 21° Sagittarius


Introduction to Sun in Leo 2017

Life is - "on-the-move" - for everyone !


I've been telling everyone since the beginning of the Zodiac year in March 2017 - that life is changing - life is on-the-move for everyone. Ofcourse it depends on your own circumstances and situation - but sooner or later - you'll see and are seeing things change for the better.


Some of you who've needed to let-go of an old version of yourself - in order to be a new better version of yourself - it's been happening - and - you're seeing and feeling so many changes happening. Some of which - don't make sense - and yet they're actually happening for you.


During Sun in Cancer 21st June => 22nd July 2017 - the 4th star sign of the zodiac - a FIXED Cardinal star sign - which meant - in it's purity and perfection it was 100% reliable to get the destined job done - and - it has made you realize lots of things about yourself and about your life - both positive and negative things - both things that are right but was more about things that are wrong.


Most importantly, it's made you STRONG to know specific things you don't want in your life anymore - and - made you begin to think about what you do want in your life. For some of you - I'd say you've got what you wanted - whilst for others - you still don't know what "it" is you honestly and truthfully want - all you do know is what you don't want. The doubts and lack of clarity will vanish during Sun in Leo from 22nd July => 22nd August 2017 - and soon you're going to be seeing clearly what "it" is that you want.


Now - "some" of you - even if you aren't planning to change anything in your life - it will change - because Sun in Leo has the purpose to get you 100% connected to yourself - to the honest and true version of yourself that creates the maximum vitality. I should add that - even if you're happy with your life - you're going to realize clearly that you need to be stronger connected to some things than you have been.


The key words for - Sun in Leo - are - "Life is on-the-move" - indeed - it's that simple - because the truth is over the past 12-28 years - yes that's right over many years - 12 years defined by the Jupiter cycle - and - 28 years defined by the Saturn cycle - everyone has gone-astray - everyone has wandered around and got connected to "other" things.


Some of those "other" things are 100% perfect for you - as you know - because they give you your vitality and energize your existence - but "some" of the "other" things aren't truly right for you - and over the past 2 years - since Saturn entered Sagittarius in 2015 and since Jupiter entered Libra in September 2016 - you've been realizing this more and more.


During Sun in Leo - you will see clearly - with 100% truth - and get the need to be connected to everything and everyone that is really good for you - because it gives you lots of energy, vitality and success - and - to be disconnected from and stop being distracted by everything that's bad for you - because it gives you no energy and has been unlucky for you - because it has drained you.


Sun in Leo has the purpose to make you ALIVE and STRONG - by ensuring you're connected to everything and everyone that defines the SOURCE OF YOUR VITALITY. Hence - when I say - "Life is on-the-move" - what I mean you'll be moved to be RESET to be the person you're supposed to be, to be where you're supposed to be and to be with the people you're supposed to be with.


There's another facet of "Life is on-the-move" - and - that's at each important phase of life - the source of your vitality changes - like the relationships in your life - like the new home you move into - like the new job you do - like the different food you eat - sometimes - it's destined time for a change - and - that's when you get connected to a NEW SOURCE OF VITALITY.


Hence, whether you're going to be changing onto something NEW or whether you're going to be reconnected with the original karmic source of your vitality - Sun in Leo - will ensure you get the maximum positive energy you need to live life to your maximum potential.



Sun in Leo connects you to your source of Life

Sun in Leo defines what keeps you alive

"It" will be obvious and 100% clear to you what "it" is - as - "it" will truly make you feel alive and want to live life

Human instinct is always to look-forward - hence - destiny has to create reasons to look-forward to living life


This zodiac year is a STRONG year - and - that means things every month has a specific message for everyone. Sun in the 5th star sign of the zodiac Leo will ensure you're connected to the source of your life-energy - Sun in Leo will show you with clarity, who, what and where it is that you belong connected to - who, what and where is the true source of your vitality.


Ironically, Sun in Leo is often a time when "some" people go on holiday - and - very often - "those" people realize that the best facet of going on holiday is coming back "home" - to a "home" that is safe, secure and has everything you need.


Indeed, I always get puzzled why "some" people go on holiday - especially to risky destinations - when they could have a great time at "home" - and - do something more meaningful with the money they waste going on holiday !


But - the truth is we've all done it - we've all made mistakes in the past - by going-away and then realizing the truth - that we would have had a better time staying at "home" - I guess the lesson is the same - to teach you that you HOME is where you truly belong - HOME is the best place in the world.


Let me explain - whenever you go somewhere new or eat something new - you instinctively either like it or hate it - and the key to choosing whether you like something new is defined by what you're used to and what you compare it to.


Hence, foreign countries are foreign to you - because you compare it to what you're used to at "home" - likewise when you visit friends or family - you compare their home to your "home" - whether or not you choose to like it or not. This is the same reason whenever you're in a foreign country you always look for brands that you TRUST and know from back "home" - like Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi - as it makes you feel back "home"!


On a deeper level - your personality - your attitude - your way of life - defines - what you need in your life to have a sense of being at "home" - because "home" defines the source of your life-energy and what your aura needs. It's the same in your relationships - you look for defining factors that you know you need to be at "home" with the person you're dating. As soon as you feel at "home" then you know it's good for you - but at any moment you don't feel comfortable because something isn't right - is when you know it's not going to be right for you.


Sun in Leo - means - getting the strong feelings of being at "home" with everyone and everything in your life. And if you're not at "home" - then destiny will be creating changes to ensure you get "home". And it will all happen by "coincidence" - so technically you don't have to do anything - except - use your instincts and let yourself feel what life wants you to feel.


Sun in Leo will surprise you - as - even something NEW that will come into your life - will make you feel like "home" - and - that's because Sun in Leo - in almost every facet of your life - has the purpose to ground, connect and reconnect you to your - "home" - to the source of your vitality - and - to everything that's really right for you.



Whatever you love - you'll love a lot

Sun in Leo - defines the truth - whatever you love and whatever you hate will be 100% clear

Cohesion - whatever you love - you'll put energy into it - and - it will reciprocate it's power to you


Astrology is always defined by OPPOSITES - the most powerful day in the month is always the Full Moon - when the Moon opposes the Sun - and - in understanding the truthful facts of astrology - you should know by now that the Sun is the source of energy of our Solar system - and that - Earth moves around the Sun - hence - when we say that the Sun enters Leo - astrologically it means that Earth has moved into the opposite star sign of Aquarius - as viewed from the Sun - giving the appearance that the Sun has entered Leo.


Hence - the properties of Aquarius - define what happens during Sun in Leo - Aquarius is liberating and honest - it never fears saying the truth - Aquarius realizes the life must be lived truthfully - because if you deceive yourself - then sooner or later - when the truth is revealed - you won't be able to hide the truth.


Sun in Leo - means 100% TRUTH - whatever "it" is you love in your life - you'll love it a lot - and everything else you'll either discard or it will annoy you. Sun in Leo defines COHESION to all that is right for you - because it truly is right for you. The shocks and surprises will be - what happens during Sun in Leo - because things you always knew where right for you - suddenly and surprisingly come back to life.



Accepting the inevitable changes of Jupiter

Jupiter moving in Libra from 16° => 29° between now and until 10th October 2017 has a destined purpose


Jupiter in Libra is simple - it will be creating "something" that defines success, "something" that will create happiness and "something" NEW in your life. Everyone of you will see what "it" is during Sun in Leo. It will be BIG and LIFE-CHANGING for everyone.


I don't need to explain at length what "it" is - because - everyone of you will get "it" - even if you're not looking for "it" - "it" will be happening to you - "it" will be changing your life - and - ensuring that your life gets moving-forwards.


Now - one facet of Jupiter in Libra will be WHAT "it" is that changes - and - how you accept the changes. You see - some people don't want changes to happen - whilst others are desperately waiting for changes to happen - Jupiter in Libra will ensure BIG POSITIVE CHANGES for everyone.


Let me give you a few examples - someone who is married but doesn't love the person they're married to - will find themselves either falling in love with someone who does excite them - or - being forced into rekindling the love for the person they're married to - either way - LOVE will be generated. Someone who is working but unhappy with their work - will either be forced to find a new job - or - wakeup and realize how much they love their job. Whatever you're doing in your life that you're unhappy about - Jupiter in Libra with Sun in Leo - will ensure you LOVE doing it - or - life will find an alternative for you to LOVE.


However, negative people who complain about everything in life - will in fact find themselves forced to change their attitude or will be left with nothing. You see Jupiter in Libra with Sun & Mars in Leo - means COHESION - ATTRACTION to everything that is POSITIVE in your life - hence - if you see the whole world as being negative - then life will take it away from you.


Now is a time to be POSITIVE - to be attracted to everyone and everything that is POSITIVE for you - and - to be divorced from everyone and everything that is NEGATIVE for you. Jupiter in Libra will create polarization into groups of people - and - define boundaries too.



Jupiter is Big - Jupiter in Libra defines "BIG"

Are you feeling overwhelmed in any area of your Life ?


Whilst Jupiter in Libra is creating BIG opportunities for many people - Jupiter in Libra combined with Sun & Mars in Leo - will be making some of you feel overwhelmed that "it" is too much for you - and - that you can't go-on anymore but you can go-on and you will SUCCEED.


Jupiter in Libra is BIG - which means BIG changes have to happen - prior to Jupiter entering Scorpio on 10th October 2017. The BIG Jupiter in Libra changes are going to happen anyway - so if you've got a nervous tendency you're panicking - then - DON'T PANIC - you'll get through it all - you'll survive. Indeed everyone will get through it all - and - very soon you'll see - BIG POSITIVE things will be happening for you too.


Jupiter in Libra for some of you - will appear to be like waiting for childbirth - you're pregnant and waiting for something to happen - you know it's going to happen - but it's make you feel like you're "BURSTING" and about to EXPLODE !


And just ONE important point to note - and - that is Jupiter in Libra is sorting your life out for you - [ofcourse it needs your participation] - especially if something has been really WRONG in your life in the past 3 years - Jupiter in Libra is determined to sort it out once-and-for-all - and - to make it RIGHT - in order for you to move-on forwards with your life!



Sun in Leo - won't lie - can't lie - tells you the truth ...

Mars in Leo - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius

The power is defined by positively good people - destined good people who are really so very good for you


In the same way that during Sun in Cancer has unlocked the power of Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn ; Sun in Leo will unlock the full POSITIVE power of Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius.


This means that you will see 100% clearly - all the truly GOOD people in your life - because it will be so clear and honest to you - each GOOD person in your life will unlock full power of vitality and make you feel in love-with-life. It will be defined by the fact that they will make you lucky in real terms - make you feel lucky emotionally - create good luck for you financially - and get your lives moving forwards.


The power of COHESION defines - when you're connected and working with others - you get GOOD luck - and - during Sun in Leo you're going to be more alive and luckier than normal because of GOOD people in your life.


Technically and astrologically - Sun in Leo is the last month when you'll achieve what Jupiter in Libra wants you to achieve. So whatever it is - concentrate on it - and if it's business and financial related - use the GOOD luck of Sun in Leo to achieve it. Forget taking "summer holidays" especially if you've got a chance to earn a lot of money !


You see - very soon - Jupiter will enter Scorpio - which means a complete change of Jupiter energies. So take the opportunities whilst you can - make the moves whilst you can - live life to the fullest during Sun in Leo - and you'll see it will all pay off. Indeed Sun in Leo - defines what you put into life - you get out of life. People who do nothing - who put in nothing - will get nothing out of life.



2 New Moon's in Leo - Double-dose of Good Luck

Once in a lifetime - Eclipse New Moon in Leo over USA

The power two New Moon's is rare and yet will be very lucky !


Each New Moon in Each Star sign is unique - 2 New Moon's in a positive star sign is unique too - and - the 2nd New Moon which will be an eclipsed New Moon in Leo - defined by it being visible in USA on 21st August 2017 in positive star sign of Leo means the USA - with it's positive influence on the whole world - means EVERYONE will get a double-dose of good luck - real life GOOD luck - optimism - and - goodness - which are exactly what the world needs !


Check the history for yourself - there's never been 2 New Moon's in StarSign Leo in the last 100 years - AND - a visible eclipse New Moon in Leo - to be seen over USA - there's not been seen since 1918 - so it's unique - almost 100 years ago !



The Purpose of Sun in Leo is to create ....

Achievements, Success & Continuity forwards


The astrological reason for enthusiasm and optimism for every star sign is that Mars is and has been ahead of the Sun - and - finally Sun conjuncts Mars on 28th July 2017 in the positive star sign of Leo - which means all your efforts of the past 4-6 months will ensure you arrive at the destination of SUCCESS - with a sense of achievement - that you've arrived at and begun a new future - a new phase in your lives.


As you arrive at 28th July 2017 - you're going to be feeling OPTIMISTIC about your future - which will propel you forwards to the next stage. Let me clear and honest - to be optimistic in real-life means - receiving - either LOVE and MONEY or both.


When you work and achieve success - when you receive money for what you've been doing - it gives you encouragement to continue. I should add that due to Saturn in retrograde in Sagittarius - this might mean - finally achieving success because you've gone-back to what you've been doing - especially if you gave-up or almost gave-up in May/June 2017. Any delays or blockages you've had get unblocked and success finally comes to you wherever and whatever life has defined success for you.


That's because Sun in Leo - aspects - Saturn [retrograde] - Uranus [retrograde] - Neptune [retrograde] - Pluto [retrograde] - which means - things you thought weren't going to happen - will be happening - and as you've seen during Sun in Cancer - the surprises from the past - continue during Sun in Leo.


Indeed - when you receive what you'll receive from whoever you'll receive it from - it will create a BOND of COHESION - especially from good people from the "past" or from work you've done and you're doing in the "present" - but the bottom-line is to give you encouragement to continue doing what you're doing with people you're connected to.


Indeed - Sun in Leo - especially initially - between 22nd July => 30th July 2017 - will be teaching you that you should never ever give up hope - especially in relationships, in work and in business - in fact you should never ever give-up on "life" at all !



This Months Astrological Events Explained

Do you want to know - how what's going to happen to you - then wait and see .....

As Sun in Leo and Sun in Virgo will create something good for everyone - but you must wait and see what "it" is !





Nature talks to us ...... The color of flowers have been decided

The color is already decided by nature - and - yet we have to wait to see the truth when it opens

The flowers haven't opened yet - likewise in your lives too - "things" haven't yet opened or been revealed to you yet.

July, August & September - have already been planned by destined destiny with lots of changes coming

Look-forwards and know that it's going to be good, bright and colorful ......



Saturday 22nd July 2017

Sun enters Leo 4pm UK - 5pm Europe - 11am USA EST

8:30pm India - [Sunday 2am Sydney, Australia]


Sunday 23rd July 2017 [ As fully explained on Moon Astrology]

New Moon in Leo 11am UK - 12noon Europe - 6am USA EST

3:30pm India - 9pm Sydney, Australia


Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] has something STRONG and POWERFUL planned for everyone - especially after the New Moon in Leo [Fire Sign] on Sunday 23rd July. Everything is changing and everything will continue to be changing - defining your future - by leaving your past - life is on-the-move for everyone - no more living in the past - no more stagnation - no more lies or confusion - no more instability.



The Astrological configuration of inner and outer planets defines positively exciting times ahead

Planets in Positive Star signs - means - Positive changes for everyone


Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] New Moon in Leo [Fire Sign]

Venus in Gemini [Air sign] Mars in Leo [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air sign]

Saturn [retrograde] in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]


24th July: Venus 22° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 22° Sagittarius

24th July: Mercury 28° Leo trines Uranus 28° Aries



Mercury in Virgo - Truthful Communication - Honesty - Clarity

Mercury in Virgo from 25th July => 22nd October 2017 - which includes a Mercury retrograde


25th July: Mercury enters Virgo - Mercury in Virgo from 25th July => 22nd October 2017 - defines TRUTHFUL and HONEST thoughts. Mercury in Virgo illuminated by Sun in Leo will be different to Mercury in Virgo with Sun in Virgo and completely different to Mercury in Virgo with Sun in Libra - so you're going to see 3 different facets of communication in your lives over the next 3 months - but - and - here is my point - Mercury in Virgo will ensure EVERYONE COMMUNICATES.


Human beings are defined by the ability to communicate - communication is a necessity of life - to ensure you're connected to the right people - people who are good for you - and to ensure you're disconnected from the wrong people.


When someone is nasty, argumenatative and negative towards you - their communication defines - "keep-away" from them. Whereas someone who is positive, kind and energetic towards you - their communication defines COHESION.


Sun in Leo & Mercury in Virgo - wants you to be connected to all the right people - the stronger your bond - the happier you'll be. And conversely the more you avoid and disconnect from bad people - especially moaners and complainers - the happier you'll be too !



Sun in Leo & Mars in Leo will positively energize you from within

Sooner or later - depending on what degrees ° your Sunsign is - and - planets are - will define when you get "it"

Everyone will get a huge amount of powerful energy - that some of you haven't felt in the past 2 - 6 - or even 12 years of your life



27th July: Sun 4° Leo conjunct Mars 4° Leo - specifically from 23rd July and until 22nd August - the combination of Sun & Mars in Leo moving almost conjunct together - means - that sooner or later - you will get the full power and it will ensure you achieve and accomplish what you need in your life. Whilst the EXACT conjunction is today - you will be feeling the positive power for the next 3 weeks - and in fact for the next 3 months - because energetically Sun conjunct Mars wants to get your life moving forwards - and - it will refuse to accept laziness and stagnation.



30th July: Venus 28° Gemini sextiles Uranus 28° Aries - added to Sun in Leo - means positively energetic in making good things happen - especially for all Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius - things that should already have happened in your life - will be happening now. Venus defines LOVE and MONEY !



Cohesion and Continuity - the importance of planets on either side of the Sun

Venus in Cancer - Sun & Mars in Leo - Mercury in Virgo

The astrological configuration of daytime energies is ensuring continuity - movement forwards for everyone


During the past 6 months - the daytime configuration has been ensuring COHESION, CHANGES and MOVEMENT forwards for everyone. If - and - only if you haven't yet seen any changes - then Sun in Leo will create a lot of changes for you.


And everyone else - whose seen changes - if you've arrived at your destination then Sun in Leo will give you a great sense of achievement - and if you're still in the middle - the Sun in Leo will give you a boost of confidence and an extra push-forwards to get to your destination. Either way and whatever star sign you are - Sun in Leo will be creating a positive optimism that you've not really seen for the past 6-12 years.


31st July: Venus enters Cancer - Venus in Cancer from 31st July => 26th August 2017 - will ensure continuity for everyone in moving your lives forwards and ensuring you can't go-backwards. Venus defines LOVE and MONEY - and will be ensuring all star signs [especially Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces & Taurus] will get excited by LOVE and MONEY !




3rd August: Uranus goes retrograde at 28° Aries - have you noticed since 2011 with Uranus in Aries - how excessively selfish some people have become? "They" always go-on talking about themselves - and - it's never ever about "you" ? Well that's due to Uranus in Aries - luckily from now and until end of December 2017 - selfishness will have no power.


You see Uranus in Aries has purpose to make people interact with and communicate with other people - but unfortunately - "some" people only talk about themselves - they fail to use it as a COHESIVE power to create energy for everyone to benefit from. Hence - if you've felt drained that you give energy to selfish people who never give you anything back - then Sun & Mars in Leo - with Uranus retrograde from now onwards and approaching the Aquarian Full Moon means you'll be quite happy to DETACH yourself from selfish people.



The Full Moon of Success and Breakthrough's

If nothing happens by Full Moon - then it will never ever happen ...

Some people live in dreams and fantasies - that the "past" will return to them .... they will have to face the truth at the Full Moon

If you haven't been reconnected to the "past" and it hasn't happened by the Full Moon - then it will never happen ...

Conversely, if the reconnections have been made - and - you're feeling the full power of positive energies then now it will succeed



7th August: Full Moon at 16° Aquarius - complete liberated detachment from negative situations and negative people who are bad for you - AND - complete COHESION to your source of positive vitality and positive people who are good for you. [Explained on Moon Astrology].


Everytime a MAJOR change happens in your life - everytime you buy something new - everytime you do something is defined by BOTH doing something POSITIVE and getting-away from something NEGATIVE.


The power of Full Moon in Aquarius will be exceptionally strong - it will ensure - everyone is connected to POSITIVE so strongly that you simply don't even see the negative anymore - as life will completely detach and disconnect you from anything and anyone that life no longer wants you to be connected to.


The secret of success in all the events that happen in your life from Leo New Moon of 23rd July leading to the Aquarian Full Moon of 7th August - will be defined by THINKING of and being ATTACHED to everyone who is energetically POSITIVELY very good for you.


Let me give you an example - whenever people are in trouble in distress - many people run-into Church - light a candle and ask GOD through the Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ to save them from the trouble. Hence, the negative situation is in order to run-towards something positively good for you.



When you're in trouble - you always turn to the Source of your Vitality

Who do you turn to when you're in trouble - what do you do when you're in distress - defines the source of your soul

All children run-home to their parents in times of trouble - every adult has natural instincts to find your "home" too ...



St Stephens in Budapest, Hungary | Duomo in Milan, Italy | St Peters in Vatican City, Rome


I've specifically added this here - to define a TRUTH - for me personally - my instinctive nature is to turn to Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ and therefore ANYONE who hates Jesus Christ - ANYONE who hates me because I believe in Jesus Christ - is obviously not good for me.


Whilst I might be tolerant of all religions and all people's of the world even atheiests - this has to be reciprocated - when "people" don't respect your wishes - when they hate you because they're arrogant and intolerant - then they're obviously not good for you.


The Full Moon wants you to see this clearly in order to redefine karmic boundaries of whom you're connected to and who you're disconnected from. Everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle and opinions - no-one has the right to tell others what they can or cannot believe in.


So when tyrannical regimes COLLAPSE at the Full Moon - when bad relationships END at the Full Moon - it is merely defining that badness cannot interfere with goodness - that - darkness cannot extinguish the light.


Hence as explained above - the purpose of Sun in Leo is to ensure you're connected to the source of goodness and vitality in your life - but to be connected - sometimes you have to be put under pressure in order to find your source. Sometimes you have to see the truth - even if it hurts in order to get yourself back "home" where you belong. Indeed, we've all been on holiday's to places we wished we never went to - and - it's always great to be back "home" after a terrible holiday isn't it?


The Full Moon will ensure - you're connected - however, if you're waiting for something to happen and it doesn't happen by the Full Moon - then the truth is that it will NEVER ever happen. This applies for some people who've been waiting for people from the "past" to come back into their lives - if they don't come back - then their never ever coming back. That's because the Full Moon defines destined COHESION to everyone you're destined to be connected to.



4 Outer Planets in Retrograde

Ensures "it" is all about Jupiter in Libra & Mars in Leo

Saturn [retrograde] in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus [retrograde] Aries [Fire Sign]

Neptune [retrograde] in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The good news about 4 outer planets being in retrograde is there is no pressure at the moment - now - as some of you read that you're thinking NONSENSE - because Sun & Mars in Leo with Jupiter in Libra is putting you under a lot of pressure - but the truth is it is all POSITIVE pressure.


You see - when you're under pressure because you're worried and negative - defined by negative star signs - you're different to when you're under pressure in POSITIVE star signs - you could compare it to freezing cold winter or hot heatwave summer - which is better for you?


Hence, even though life is enticing and ensuring you do something - you're doing it because you can see something POSITIVE coming out of it. Like , getting a job and working - you know that you'll have money with which to do something with.


Therefore astrologically - it's the best time to do anything - because the flow of life-energy is encouraging everyone to be POSITIVE and for people to say YES to you - as much as you're enticed to say YES to others.



10th August => 22nd August 2017

Everyone wants something - Everyone loves something

Sun moves from 17° => 29° Leo | Mars moves from 13° => 20° Leo | Jupiter moves from 17° => 21° Leo


The year - Sun in Leo is unusually powerful - because there are TWO New Moon's in Leo - [1] 23rd July & [2] 22nd August 2017 - this will define that you'll have a double-dose of wanting something NEW in your life - and - achieving it all.


But the key is you must want it and "it" - whatever STRONG feelings you get given are feelings of COHESION - because life wants you to want something specific. The essence and ingredient for being ALIVE is about wanting something - if you don't want anything then you're not really alive - everyone should WANT something - that something is what makes you come ALIVE !


The SHOCKS and SURPRISES you'll get during Sun in Leo - will be combination of what you want and who you want - and - who wants you - as "they" will be letting you know they want you - because YOU make them come ALIVE !


The STRONG feelings created by Sun & Mars in Leo are feelings of COHESION. For example - when you go shopping for clothes or shoes - you "try" the clothes on to feel the energy of COHESION - is this right for "you" or not - likewise in relationships and everything you do in your life - you get a feeling of "this" is right for you - defined by your emotions of COHESION.


Whenever you change your mind - it is merely your feelings attaching you to something that's right for you - and - detaching you from something that's wrong for you. Sun & Mars in Leo combined with Jupiter in Libra - means - 100% being connected to everything that's right for you. Right means "it" gives you lots of positive energy.


If something gives you NO energy or if something gives you negative vibes - Leo will ensure you feel "it" and get it out of your life by either ignoring "it" or discarding "it". The collective POSITIVE energies at the moment are for COHESION - so it is all about being connected to things in real life that are 100% good for you and right for you.


Anything or anyone who is NEGATIVE towards you - life will ensure you get disconnected from them - you won't even waste your time talking to them - because "it" is all about people who are POSITIVELY GOOD for you - people you like a lot - as much as they like you a lot.



10th August: Mercury 11° Virgo sextiles Venus 11° Cancer

10th August: Sun 18° Leo sextiles Jupiter 18° Libra

12th August: Venus 13° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 13° Pisces



Sunday 13th August 2017

Mercury Retrograde - excellent opportunities

Success will be created via reconnections to all people you can trust - especialy in Career and Business


13th August: Mercury goes retrograde at 11° Virgo - the mere fact that Mercury sits in Virgo is going to be ensuring everyone is communicating - even in the Mercury retrograde from now until 5th September - it will ensure that everyone is connected to everyone you're supposed to be connected to - especially important people from your past.


This Mercury retrograde will have especially strong power to BUSINESS and CAREER - as - you will realize clearly you belong doing something you're good at doing - and - that's the truth - everyone is good at something - but sometimes people try other things or take-leave - and then Mercury ensures you go back and come-back to yourself - to what you're truly good at doing.


Everyone in the world earns money and has earned money doing something - so life will now ensure you're reconnected to doing something you're good at doing.


Just one important word about Mercury retrograde's and that is many "fake" astrologers falsely teach that Mercury retrogrades are bad for communication and business - as you will see between 13th August => 5th September - Mercury retrogrades create BRILLIANT opportunities for business - because it will ensure - all your existing connections with all the people you already know are re-connected.


You see - Virgo is the star sign of trust - and - Mercury in retrograde in Virgo will define doing "business" and being connected to everyone you can 100% honestly trust - and the reason you can trust them is because you've done "business "with them - and - they've done "business" with you in the past - so the BOND OF TRUST will ensure you're reconnected.


This applies to everyone and everything you do - Mercury retrograde will ensure that the power of "past" trustworthy connections is energized - and all your movement and opportunities will come via people you can 100% TRUST - because you already know them and they know you!


The most interesting facet for the next 4 weeks - will be defined by the almost opposition of - Mercury [retrograde] 11° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 13° Pisces - MAGNETIC attraction - of whatever facet you're thinking about is attracted into your life. Think positive and it becomes positive - think negative and it becomes negative - it's your choice.


If you're optimistic and using your mind to want something - you'll find life attracting it into your life - but if you're pessimistic and nervous - then you'll find life making it difficult for you. You are what you're thinking about - think wisely - take control of what happens to you by taking control of your thoughts. Connect with people who are good for you - ignore anyone else.



13th August: Sun 21° Leo trines Saturn [retrograde] 21° Sagittarius


15th August: Venus 17° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 17° Capricorn

17th August: Venus 19° Cancer squares Jupiter 19° Libra


20th August: Mars 19° Leo sextiles Jupiter 19° Libra

21st August: Sun 28° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 28° Aries



The 2nd Leo New Moon - 21st August 2017

Doing whatever you honestly love doing .....


21st August: 2nd New Moon in Leo - 28° Leo

New Moon in Leo 7:30pm UK - 8:30pm Europe - 2:30pm USA EST

[Tuesday 00:00am India - 5:30am Sydney, Australia]


The fascinating astrological event of Sun in Leo is the fact that there are TWO New Moon's in Leo this year - this will ensure you see your life clearly - will ensure you are being truthful with yourself - because life will make you see what's good for you and disconnect you from whatever is bad for you.


Leo energies define LIFE energies - what makes you feel ALIVE is the source of your life energy. You can't fake it nor lie - because you either feel it or you don't. For example, imagine if you were forced to work for FREE - and - earn NOTHING from your hard-work - sooner or later - you'd RUN-AWAY from doing slave-labor !


Whereas - whatever you do because you LOVE doing it - you'd never be able to stop yourself from doing it. Everything you do in life - comes in 3 categories - [1] you either LOVE doing it - or [2] you're forced to do it - or [3] you get paid to do it.


This New Moon in Leo - means that you're going to take a look at facets of your lives - and - you will only continue to do things because you LOVE doing them [or you get paid to do them] - because it energizes your life - it makes you feel ALIVE.


Hence, this New Moon will create moments of TRUTH - as you will realize something you do - you don't love whatever you're doing anymore and you're not being appreciated or being paid to do it - so - you simply stop doing it. This 2nd New Moon in Leo - has both facets - doing things because you love doing them - and - ending things because you don't love doing it anymore.





Introduction to Next Months Astrological Events

Sun in Virgo - August - September 2017

"Life is on-the-move" - for everyone !

On 26th August: Saturn goes direct at 21° Sagittarius - destiny ensures everyone will change to live life with meaning



23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

26th August: Saturn goes direct at 21° Sagittarius

26th August: Venus enters Leo

27th August: Jupiter 21° Libra sextiles Saturn 21° Sagittarius




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