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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Gemini 20th May => 20th June 2017

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2017


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Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

The important astrological aspects will be explained for each of the 12 star signs :-

Sun in Gemini | Mercury in Gemini | Venus in Taurus | Mars in Cancer | Jupiter in Libra

Saturn [retrograde] in Sagittarius | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces | Pluto in Capricorn


20th/21st May: Sun enters Gemini

25th May: New Moon in Gemini

29th May: Mars 25° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 25° Sagittarius

31st May: Mars 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries

31st May: Uranus 27° Aries - "begins Cusp energies into Taurus"


3rd June: Sun 13° Gemini trines Jupiter [retrograde] 13° Libra

4th June: Sun 14° Gemini squares Neptune 14° Pisces

4th June: Mars enters Cancer

6th June: Venus enters Taurus

6th June: Mercury enters Gemini

9th June: Full Moon in Sagittarius

10th June: Jupiter goes direct at 13° Libra

11th June: Venus 4° Taurus sextiles Mars 4° Cancer

10th/11th/12th June: VERY STRONG Karmic Dates-With-Destiny - Power of "50"

13th June: Mercury 13° Gemini trines Jupiter 13° Libra

14th June: Mercury 14° Gemini squares Neptune 14° Pisces

15th June: Sun 24° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 24° Sagittarius

16th June: Neptune goes retrograde at 14° Pisces

18th June: Sun 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries

18th June: Mercury 24° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 24° Sagittarius

20th June: Mercury 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries


21st June: Sun enters Cancer

21st June: Mercury enters Cancer

24th June: New Moon in Cancer

25th June: Mars 13° Cancer squares Jupiter 13° Cancer

26th June: Mars 14° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 14° Pisces


Introduction to Sun in Gemini 2017


By the time Sun enters Gemini on 20th/21st May 2017 - each of you - whatever your age and star sign - will realize the truth that this year's Zodiac year is a STRONG year and is creating MAJOR changes in your life. The only problem for "some" stubborn people will be refusing to go along with the changes - even so - it's going to happen anyway.


During Sun in Taurus 20th April => 20th May 2017 - many of you will have experienced good changes and good coincidences - you will also have experienced moments of clarity and truth - and - anything that needs changing you will have seen it and done something about it.


The good news is that during Sun in Gemini 21st May => 20th June 2017 - everything happens much easier - that's because Gemini is an OPEN star sign that creates changes via communication. Gemini is the star sign of connectivity and making things happen because you're connected to all the right people - most importantly you'll be disconnected from the wrong ones.


I'd say that the biggest problem for most people in life is dealing with difficult people who create problems and blockages. Wouldn't it be wonderful that all the people in your life would co-operate with you - work in sync with you - live in sync with you - and everything goes smoothly. Well - it's going to happen during Sun in Gemini and has already been unfolding during Sun in Aries & Sun in Taurus thanks to Mars in Gemini.


Now that doesn't mean everyone becomes sweet and nice to you - it merely means that anyone who isn't sweet and nice - you will see the truth that there's no point in being connected to them. Conversely and most importantly - everyone who is destined to be in your life - will be in your life - and they'll all be sweet and nice to you. They'll all prove themselves to be loyal, kind, caring, loving and good for you - as you will prove you're good for them.



Life is about good relationships

Sun in Gemini [Air sign] Mars in Gemini [Air sign] Jupiter [retrograde] in Libra [Air sign]

Saturn [retrograde] in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]


This is a strong positive phase for humanity - due to these planets in positive star signs - ensuring you're connected to all the good people you're destined to be connected to and disconnected from anyone you're not to be connected to.


Sometimes the word DIVORCE is essential - to defined a complete disconnection between you and anyone who is bad for you. "Divorce" isn't a piece of paper - "divorce" is an emotional disconnection from anyone who either drains you, hurts you or is negative for you.


You know the difference when you're connected to someone who is good for you and someone who is bad for you - because the connection either brings out the BEST in you or the WORST in you.


During Sun in Taurus - and - thanks to Mars in Gemini - many of you have seen in work and business that some people have been really good - the co-operation of others has worked well - however, in personal relationships it's not always that simple. The purpose of this year's Sun in Gemini is to make it simple in ALL your relationships with everyone in your life.


And instead of having fights and arguments with people you can't work-with - Sun in Gemini will show you to detach and don't careless about them anymore - Sun in Gemini will set you free from people who aren't good for you.


The reason I've introduced this in advance is to let you know that life wants you to see the GOODNESS in GOOD people in your life - and - wants you to stop wasting time thinking of or complaining about bad people.


You see - anyone who COMPLAINS about anyone else is merely saying "GO AWAY". Complaining merely defines an auric energy that you don't want something that's in your life - so life will take "it" away. Whereas everything you LOVE in your life - everything you talk about with admiration and love for "it" is another way of bringing it into your life - keeping it in your life and making it part of your life. Sun in Gemini will ensure you talk about whatever you want in your life and then achieve it.



6 Planets are in the Daytime Sky

Astrologically - the current problem for many people is so much intensity in at least one area of your life ....


This is the simple math of astrology is that in one segment of the sky is where most of the action and energy is. Sun is surrounded by 6 planets - this is why things are happening for everyone - this is why there's an intensity of action and energy - this is why some of you are feeling totally energized and others are feeling overwhelmed with too much energy.


Each day of Sun in Gemini - [like it was during Sun in Aries and Sun in Taurus] - is going to unlock a lot of energy - everyday - and - will be making a lot of things happen quickly - in a refreshingly good way. That's why it is BUSY and INTENSE for many people at the moment - and - that's why it will be even BUSIER and STRONG this month and next month too.


I mustn't forget in the NIGHT time sky - throughout the whole night - Jupiter in Libra is in the sky - and - Saturn in Sagittarius - to enhance - to energize - and - to talk to your aura telling you the clear message - that everything's going to be alright.




The daytime sky with 6 planets in the sky and the Moon too - defined by the New Moon in Gemini on 25th May 2017

Neptune in Pisces - Venus in Aries - Uranus in Aries - Mercury in Taurus - Sun in Gemini - New Moon in Gemini - Mars in Gemini

The Planets App for iPhone/iPod is =>



"Predictably predictable - Communication"

Sun in Gemini - Venus in Aries - Mars in Gemini - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries

6 planets in positive star signs being energized by Sun in positive open star sign of Gemini

with Jupiter & Saturn in retrograde have the purpose to create, reset and restore goodness and good people in your lives


"Predictably unpredictable" - is always the expression that defines that OPEN astrological energies - and - with so many changes of planets - ANYTHING is possible. However, this month Sun in Gemini I can say it's predictably predictable that Sun in Gemini will be creating a lot of changes for everyone of every star sign.


Sun in Gemini will be defined by the OPEN positive energies which will ensure you're connected to everyone you're supposed to be connected to and disconnected from all the others. The invisible bonds of cohesion between you and everyone that are destined parts of you - will ensure - you feel the positive energies.


Let me explain - if you stay indoors and don't go outside - then you're not experiencing the outside weather - it could be sunny, windy, pleasant fresh-air or could be freezing cold - either way - you don't know - because you're indoors.


Astrologically - when there are changes that need to happen - it will make you feel like you're living outside, traveling or on holiday - and - you're feeling all the changes - this makes you OPEN to opportunities and OPEN to meet so many different people.


Sun in Gemini - OPEN communicative star sign - Venus in Aries - Mars in Gemini - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries - and - the fact that this zodiac year is - a VERY STRONG astrological year - means Sun in Gemini - the 3rd star sign of the zodiac is going to be powerful and strong.


Sun in Gemini will continue to make the impossible possible - especially because on 9th/10th June 2017 - Jupiter goes direct in Libra - on the day of a Full Moon in Sagittarius - this means that ANYTHING is possible - especially the OPPOSITE to whatever "negative-thinking" people are predicting.


Indeed, SURPRISES are defined by when you think it's going to be negative and depressing - instead - it becomes positive and exciting. Many of you will have experienced lots of positive surprises since Sun in Aries March/April 2017 - others during Sun in Taurus April/May 2017 - and everyone will receive a STRONG CHANGE during Sun in Gemini.


Hence - by 10th June 2017 - anything you've been worried about - anything negative in your life - anything that's been a blockage will be out of your life forever. That includes all the negative hot-spots of conflict and wars in the world - destiny will find a way to end them abruptly.


Indeed ANYTHING that has been blocked from happening - especially in the past 6 months or even 6 years - is being unblocked - Sun in Gemini will be the next stage of movement forwards.


The past month of Sun in Taurus ensured your life is moving and changing - by making even the most unexpected of coincidences and unpredictable things happening. Whatever HAPPENS will make you clearly aware that destiny is making it happen - in order to get your life moving and in order for you to LIVE LIFE to the fullest.


As many of you've experienced since the beginning of the zodiac year Sun in Aries is a truthful realization that doing NOTHING and NOTHING changing aren't available options - you've been awakened to WANT to live life - you've been energized to WANT something different in your life - and - now pieces of the puzzle will be moved around.


Indeed for "some" people it might seem confusing - because whereas a few months ago - people didn't want this or that - now - they've woken up - changed their minds and actually want this or that - whatever "it" is you've been awakened to WANT is a good thing - so be OPEN to whatever opportunities and possibilities that will be coming your way - especially via connections to trusting and good people.


You see the TRUTH is many things that will be happening and that are happening now - are things that should have happened as far back as 2011 - in the past 4-6 years of your life - but due to the astrological afflictions - especially of "start-stop" and "distractions" were prevented from happening.


This New Zodiac year which began with Sun in Aries and continued with Sun in Taurus - defined by 3 visible outer planets of Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - is ensuring everything that needs to happen will be happening - everything that should have happened will now be unblocked to happen. "STAGNATION and NOTHING HAPPENING" won't apply for the next 6 months. Life is on-the-move for everyone.



How easy do you change to become Yourself ?

The strength of the zodiac year and Sun in Gemini is to ensure you're being yourself - no more lies or deception - just being "you"

What & Who gives you energy - What & Who makes you feel alive - What and Who has real meaning in your life


Last month I explained that Taurus is the 2nd star sign of zodiac which in it's purest form - defines ACTION, CHANGE and MOVEMENT - everyone likes something new but the problem is how do react when you see something needs changing in YOUR life. [ "Changes" - Fully Explained on Sun in Taurus ]


Unfortunately "stubborn" minded people - know they must change but during Sun in negative star sign of Taurus it's not as easy as Sun in positive star sign of Gemini - hence - changes that should have been made in the past 30 days - will happen now - immediately unlocked when Sun enters Gemini and unlocked by the Gemini New Moon on 25th May 2017.


I've added this here to remind you - that destined changes are inevitable for everyone - many changes have begun since the beginning of the zodiac year during Sun in Aries & Sun in Taurus - and - will continue to get the message to you during Sun in Gemini - except it will be much easier and much clearer to know exactly what you need to change.


The TRUTH is all you need to be is YOURSELF - the astrology of life never demands or forces people to become someone you're not - the astrology of life wants YOU to be YOURSELF. The problem for so many people is they've forgotten the real true version of themselves and became someone they're not.


Let me explain, "someone" who marries someone for status or money - knows deep inside them - it's not them - but they fake and live the life UNTIL it comes a point - they can't fake it anymore - so the TRUTH is revealed. When some people realize the TRUTH - they walk-away others "explode" with "anger" - because - they're angry with themselves - the battle is an internal struggle of TRUTH versus LIES.


This zodiac year is powerful because it's making RESET for everyone - it's ensuring destined destiny happens - because it's forcing TRUTH to be revealed and forcing people to deal-with-the-truth. Most importantly, it's ensuring you realize - it's time to discard the fake-version of yourself and simply be "yourself".



You always get a strong feeling about Changes

Everyone always gets strong feelings when changes are coming .... because you know something isn't right ...


You always know when you're alright because you intrinsically feel it's right. Whereas whenever "something" isn't right - even if you don't know exactly what "it" is - you just know - "something" isn't right.


Let me give you an example - Uranus in Aries since March 2011 - has defined that during the past 6 years - something hasn't been right and something isn't right - something needs changing. Syria has been at war since 2011 - the refugees that escaped from Syria - instinctively knew that their lives were in danger if they stayed there and knew that had to ESCAPE. They kept moving until they arrived in the safety of Europe.


This reminded me of the plight of my Jewish great-grandparents who escaped the pogroms in Russia in 1903/1904 to flee to England. They instinctively knew danger was coming and the Holocaust of WWII defined it clearly. Thanks to my great-grandparents listening to their feelings and sensing the need to change - I'm alive today !


I'm not predicting anything catastrophic to happen - but - if it's clear to you in your life that something isn't right and something needs to change - then whatever "it" is - you're being shown this at the moment and being saved from anything bad and from a dead-end pathway - so appreciate that wherever you're living is lucky for you - and - whatever you're being compelled to change is helping you not hurting you/


If you've been nervous or worried in the past few months - if you've been unsure - then the good news is that after Jupiter goes direct on 10th June combined with Sagittarian Full Moon on 10th June 2017 - all the astrological energies from now onwards for the rest of the year 2017 - define changes and movement forwards for everyone - movement towards STABILITY - a destined stability that will be defining at least the next 3-4 years of your lives. The only problem will be CHOOSING what next in your life - because for once - you're going to have CHOICE of what to do next - choices that some of you have not had in the past 2-3 years.



What's the basis of Your Choices in Life

Everyone has a pattern of the way you Choose

All the major decisions you make are defined by wanting something positive & getting-away from something negative


Destined choices are defined by CROSSROADS of life - when you get to a point of stagnation or point of intense stress - when you can't continue unless you make a choice. All energies of MAJOR DESTINED CHOICES sit at the same place in your aura - because the essence of CHOICE compels, entices and forces you to DO something. You can't just leave it - ignore it - or do nothing about it - CHOICE defines getting involved and doing something.


Depending on your karma and depending on your intrinsic nature - you have TWO ways which ensures you make DECISIONS - you either make a decision because you want something positive to happen - and/or - you make a decision because you must get-away from something negative.


A destined decision is defined because you either need to do something POSITIVE or you need to eliminate something NEGATIVE. Sometimes, it is because something NEGATIVE vanishes from your life that you're enabled to do something POSITIVE - and - sometimes it's because something POSITIVE comes into your life that you dump and leave the negative. During Sun in Gemini - everyone will get "it" one way or another - whatever destiny decides works best for you.


There will be 3 phases of changes .....


[1] Prior to the New Moon on 25th May 2017 - events will define things that have already begun in the past few months will now become committed - eliminating doubts you've had - because it becomes STRONG. That's because immediately Sun enters Gemini - it unlocks the power of all planets that have been in place in the past few months - Sun in Gemini will create the confirmation of all ongoing continuation - except it becomes much STRONGER and CLEAR.


[2] From the Gemini New Moon on 25th May until the Sagittarian Full Moon on 9th/10th June 2017 - new possibilities will be revealed - everyone - every star sign will be fed-up of anything negative - so everyone will be looking for and open for something NEW.


[3] After the exceedingly positive powerful liberating Full Moon on 10th June and due to Jupiter going direct in Libra on 10th June - means clarity and seeing the direction forward. Especially as the past has been healed, sorted-out and you've found yourself again.


Indeed, during the past 3 months - every Full Moon has done something for everyone - this Full Moon will be so strong that it will create a whole new meaning to Full Moon's - as it will truly strengthen you in sync with your destiny - as the Full Moon conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius.


Events after the Full Moon will create a compellingly STRONG BOND with a STRONG feeling that you really need and want whatever life is making you want - it will be supported and energized by all the GOOD people in your life - who'll be in sync with you - to work together in cohesion.


As explained in the past few months - this zodiac year being STRONG is because of an emphasis of COHESION in relationships - being connected to the right people and being disconnected from the wrong people. It is COHESION that's creating luck, positive energy, success and putting you on the right pathway of your life.



Sun in Gemini - Choices to Make?

All your destined choices are always defined by other people - their positive and negative influence on you

Your aura attracts people into your life that ensures you make the right choices


All choices you make in your life - are defined by other people. Even job interviews are defined by the vibes felt and received. Someone could be perfect for the Job - but if their personality is horrible - they won't get the job. You are continually receiving STRONG feelings - however illogical - to ensure you're attracted to and connected to everyone life wants you to be connected to.


I should say that we all make MISTAKES in life - that's life - but the strength of your character is what do you do when you've realized you've made a mistake - do you continue - or - do you admit the mistake and do something about it. Some "stubborn" people - continue to live the mistake even after they know the truth. That's painful.


Sun in Gemini will ensure you can UNDO your mistakes and hence HEAL your own inner pain - simply by eliminating and deleting the mistake and living the true life you're supposed to be living.



"Dead" or Blocked Aura is created by Lies

If you're having a dead-boring day or if you feel your aura is blocked

then there's something wrong in your life that's defined by a "lie"


You know when you feel alive - because life is clear and wonderful. You love everything and everyone in your life - and - you simply can't complain about anything. But when you're afflicted you feel the whole world doesn't understand you, you feel isolated and you feel "dead" - and tend to complain about life more than when you're truly alive.


Hence the transition of feeling dead to feeling alive is defined by seeing something clearly, honestly and truthfully. That basis is to realize that you should consider yourself "LUCKY TO BE ALIVE". Unfortunately ungrateful people are afflicted inside - and - the affliction of ingratitude is an illness created by something being WRONG.


BookofChanges defines whatever is WRONG in your life is a LIE. Because whenever things are true to you - then everything is RIGHT. Hence, you need to find out what "it" is that's WRONG. WRONG is something "wrong" for you - not necessarily something "wrong" for others.


WRONG is something you believe-in to be TRUE. For example, if you believed the world was flat with Sun revolving around the Earth - and - then you find out the world is a Globe in orbit around the Sun and Sunrise and Sunset is created by Earth spinning on it's axis - then your mind and thoughts are in SYNC with the truth - you're believing in TRUTH. This - for example is why all generations prior to 15th century - were WRONG - all of them had an affliction in their aura.


I always say a truthful mind - always questions the Bible - questioning the Word of God is enlightened wisdom - because whilst prophetic visions of great souls saw things of importance applicable for all generations - there were facets of what "they" said which were LIES - because they lacked the knowledge of TRUTH - because their minds were blocked from seeing things.


Today - you should be a happier and more-alive person than all the generations - because your mind is in sync with a TRUTH - you'd never be able to believe in garbage "they" believed in. TRUTH expands your mind - TRUTH heals afflictions - TRUTH is life.


To find out the SOURCE of what is WRONG with you - make a list - a full description of the 10 most important things you believe in - then ask yourself honestly - is what you believe in 100% truthful. If your mind is believing in just ONE thing that's a LIE - then it will mess with your whole mind.


I often say - when you were young, healthy and felt 100% alive - your mind was relatively empty and pure - because you didn't yet messed-up by all the nonsense, lies and meaningless garbage you've learnt over the years. The information you've absorbed - especially the LIES you've been made to believe in - are the reasons why you feel depressed and dead. Sun in Gemini reveal the truth and set you free.



Sun in Gemini - Reveals the Truth

Defined What is "it" that excites you


Due to the open energies of Sun in Gemini and immediately after Sun enters Gemini on 21st May 2017 - you're going to be seeing the truth - what "it" is and who "it" is that is fundamentally essential in your life. You will see it so clearly and so honestly - because you'll be totally excited and connected to "it".


Everyone of every star sign - will be seeing something that excites you - whatever "it" is and whoever "it" is will become 100% clear during Sun in Gemini - and hence anything in your life that no longer energizes you - will be ignored and discarded. You won't need to ask any questions of what to do next - because you'll either feel excited and energized or you'll feel nothing.


You see - everyone and everything speaks to your aura - you either feel a positive energy or you feel nothing. Sun in Gemini will ensure you get the positive message and you do whatever you need to do. And I sign that it's right is that it makes you feel ALIVE and HAPPY to be ALIVE.


Let me give you an example - say you're having a dead-boring day - and then someone brightens your day - something happens that unlocks your aura to make you excited and alive - then that's it. The truth is the energy of excitement, aliveness and happiness is WITHIN you - but you need other people to unlock it. During Sun in Gemini you'll see clearly all the good people in your life who unlocks your full potential.



Finances - self-employed or employed ?

The way you earn money is defined in your astrological chart - as regular or irregular - employed or self-employed


Money is defined in astrology as what you need to live with, however, defined by your astrological chart - you might be a person who has salaried job and fixed amount to live on like a pension - OR - you might be a person who has erratic ups and downs - when you have periods when lots of success and money comes in - and - then you have periods of nothing.


If you're the latter - that last month's combination of Sun in Taurus & Mars in Gemini - unlocked money and business to come into your life - and - this month's combination will be even stronger - defined by Sun in Gemini & Mars in Gemini until 4th June 2017 and then Sun in Gemini with Mars in Cancer from 4th June 2017 - will be defining MONEY for everyone.


Even if you have a regular salary - Sun in Gemini with Mars in Gemini - will be creating that EXTRA bonus - defined by a surprise bonus of money - like inheritance or the sale of your home/assets or something owed to you from the "past".


And this is why I can see lots of people getting excited and coming alive during Sun in Gemini - whatever "it" is - whether it's more money or the promise of more to come - it will make you more confident and optimistic about your future - as it will give you more security and stability.


I should add that in the same way your "finances" are defined - so too your love-life or more to the point your sexual love-life - you see some people have normal regular sex-life others have phases of "all" or "nothing" - so if you've been afflicted in the past few years - and you've been waiting - then Sun in Gemini will begin a phase of getting what you need for healthy stability in your life.



This Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun in Gemini - May - June 2017


Sunday 21st May: Sun enters Gemini the gift you have as a human being is your ability to communicate

When you say the right things to the right people you have success and when you don't you're blocking your own destiny

Life is about to create SUCCESS because you're communicating correctly to the right people

Life is about having TWO-WAY communicative relationships with good people



100% Pure New Moon in Gemini

25th May: New Moon in Gemini - creates something NEW to happen - via good people in your life

New Moon at 4° Gemini 9pm UK - 10pm Europe - 4pm USA EST [Friday 1:30am India - 7am Sydney, Australia]


100% Pure New Moon in Gemini is defined by the fact that it will unlock a new phase in everyone's life - irrespective of your age, status and reluctance - this New Moon is going to create something NEW for everyone of every star. For some of you - it is a phase that's been trying to happen - it is a phase that's been blocked because a facet of your aura didn't want a CHANGE. That's what we call afflicted aura.


Afflictions can be caused by karma, by other people's negativity preventing you from getting your destiny. How many times have you read a prediction that something is going to happen - you get a glimmer of hope - and - then it gets blocked? Well - this Gemini New Moon defines NO MORE BLOCKAGES - you - me - everyone in the world - will be on-the-move - there are destined changes for everyone everywhere.


Moon astrology - defines that irrespective of logic - when things need to happen - you're given the right feelings to make it happen. This Gemini New Moon leading to the Sagittarian Full Moon on 9th June 2017 - means - things will be happening - and quickly too - all of which will be created by destiny ensuring everyone moves-onto the next phase of life.


You see - so often - life forces and creates changes - to move you into a new phase of life. Because your destiny is mapped out in terms of destined events - especially destined relationships you've got to experience in your life. You've not been born for a dead-boring stagnant life - you've been born to experience life with the fullness of your positive emotions. This Gemini New Moon will ensure you feel exactly what you need to feel - in order to move-forwards.


Let me explain - your destiny has a timetable - your life comes in stages - and this zodiac year because it is a STRONG year - defined by Saturn in Sagittarius which will be moving into Saturn in Capricorn in December 2017 - and - Jupiter in Libra which will be moving into Jupiter in Scorpio in October 2017 - means that specific destined events that should have happened in your life since September 2015 - will have to happen.


Now - those dates might appear to be a long way away - but in order to get you to those dates of destined stability - this is the time when things will be changing in order to get you there. The open energies of Sun in Gemini - will ensure - things happen to release you from negativity - and - get you moving-towards your future. This is it - there's something for everyone.



Cohesion from 26th May => 4th June 2017

Fast-moving events created by positive energy

Very powerful for MONEY and BUSINESS - the cohesive forces of destiny will ensure - financial success.

Defined by Sun in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius & Mars in Gemini until 4th June 2017


29th May: Mars 25° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 25° Sagittarius

31st May: Mars 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries


To understand the purity of Sun in Gemini and to comprehend what and why things will be happening in your life - you have to understand the words COHESION & ACCEPTANCE of everyone in your life. You see the truth is NONE of us are perfect - we all have flaws and all have afflictions - that's the essence of our lives. The essence of life is COHESION - keeping it together via positive energy.


However, the truth is sometime you don't feel like holding-it-together - because deep-down you don't want a relationship. So intolerance, anger and arguments break-it-apart. They say - "love is blind" - that's not entirely true - as the truth is - you see it clearly - but out of love, compassion and mature acceptance - you choose to ignore the negativity - and focus on the positive.


From the Gemini New Moon and thank to the power of Mars in Gemini creating aspects of COHESION - you're going to have the power to make things happen. It's your choice. If you want something to happen - you have to want it via positive energy. Be positive - keep it all together.


The power of communication is a power of COHESION - but it's in the power of your words - what I means is people talk all the time - but they've little people - because their words aren't empowered with STRONG energy of destiny.


When someone tells you something - and - destiny isn't energizing the words - you feel nothing. Whereas when they say something empowered by destiny making them say it - you feel it STRONG inside. During the next few weeks - and leading up to the Sagittarian Full Moon on 9th June 2017 - there's going to be lots of STRONG words said - because destiny will be empowering you and everyone to say things that are truly 100% destined.


Hence, if you have to tendency to say something STUPID - then please do yourself a favor and better to SAY NOTHING until 20th June 2017 because throughout Sun in Gemini - words will have extra special power to create something powerful life-changing and destined.


The good news is that you will observe lots of idiots saying STUPID things over the next few weeks - and as they do - you'll observe them destroying their own lives. The good news for you is you're empowered by Astrology to know to be careful what you say - and anything - especially breakdown other people's relationships that gets destroyed - you can have opportunity to jump in !




31st May: Uranus 27° Aries - "begins Cusp energies into Taurus" - when I predict changes - I look ahead and see the destination - and - the fundamental reason this zodiac year is a STRONG year is because of 3 major upcoming changes ....


[1] Jupiter enters Scorpio 10th October 2017

[2] Saturn enters Capricorn 20th December 2017

[3] Uranus enters Taurus 15th May 2018


Even though Uranus only enters Taurus in May 2018 - between now and 2nd August 2017 - Uranus arrives 28° Aries - this will define - things that need to happen and have needed to happen as far back as March 2011 - will be pushed and forced into happening.


Especially if you're a person that's had NOTHING good happening in your life in the past 2-3 years - or - had start/stop events happening since 2013 - then this is your destined time for SOMETHING GOOD to happen.


You see - in predicting astrology - it's predicting a journey to get to a destined destination - so I attempt to see when is it the most likely time for changes to happen. And hence, the whole month of Sun in Gemini is the most likely time for things to happen - because of Sagittarian Full Moon on 9th June 2017 and Jupiter goes direct in Libra on 9th/10th June 2017 - means this is it.


By 18th June - when Sun 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries - you will see clearly what "it" has defined in your lives - with amazement - breathtaking amazement and that's when you'll realize the truth - that irrespective of your negative-thinking fears - that - what I've predicted for so long is finally happening for you.


Thereafter - you're going to be ready to totally and thoroughly enjoy the Summer of 2017 - a long enjoyable Summer which will last until end of September 2017 - with the purpose to create stability for your future.




3rd June: Sun 13° Gemini trines Jupiter [retrograde] 13° Libra - whilst this aspect is exact today - depending on whenever Sun in Gemini touches your astrological chart - that's when you'll feel it - anytime from 21st May => 20th June 2017 - defined by something GOOD happening in your life.


Let me explain - whenever you're depressed and miserable - you instinctively go introvert and can't communicate - whereas the more alive you are - the happier you are - the more good luck is happening in your life - the more you talk.


Sun trines Jupiter means coming alive either because someone from the past contacts you - or - something you've been waiting for to happen - happens. the good news will trigger you to become larger-than-life - full of excitement - full of words to express how wonderful life is.




4th June: Sun 14° Gemini squares Neptune 14° Pisces - very often people stay stuck in their circumstances because they accept it. However, when life needs you to change - it shows you - with a sense of clarity and urgency - that you can't continue the way things are - and that you must change.


Sun square Neptune will apply to your current circumstances - and - ensure you see the urgency that something must change, the good news is that most of you will love experiencing this square - because instead of just wishing for something good to happen - something good will actually happen in real life - especially when a negative nuisance is moved-out of your life.




Mars in Cancer - Power is restored

Mars is the power that creates what you need to survive and live - Mars in Cancer will ensure you can be yourself

Mars in Cancer from 4th June => 20th July 2017


4th June: Mars enters Cancer - with Sun in Gemini and Mars in the 2nd house to Gemini which is Cancer - Mars will continue to ensure that life is about stability via finances - that you have whatever you need. Not for wasting or for the stupid luxuries of fantasies of things that you don't need - but of things you absolutely need in order for YOU to be YOU. For YOU to be able to live your destiny.


Mars in Cancer is defined by the fact that Sun is in Gemini. If Sun would be in any other star sign - it would not have the magical power that it is having and will be having now. That's because Sun in Gemini & Mars in Cancer is movement forwards - ensuring you have everything you need in order to move-forwards. And that means it's money-related.


You see money is merely a vehicle to ensure you get to wherever you need to be with the people you need to be with. And because everyone will be changing - "money" will be an important factor to what you do and what happens next in your lives.


I've been explaining that this Zodiac year is wanting "YOU" to be "YOU" - hence if any of you have been afflicted and haven't been able to be yourself - because you haven't had what you need to be "YOU" - then your power will be returned to you and "YOU" will be "YOU" again from 4th June 2017.



Dates for reference - Mars is a 2 year cycle - can you remember what happened with Mars in Cancer ?


Mars in Cancer 25th August => 16th October 2009 | Mars in Cancer 3rd August => 19th September 2011

Mars in Cancer 13th July => 29th August 2013 | Mars in Cancer 24th June => 8th August 2015


Whilst the "Summer of Stability" will truly begin from 20th June 2017 with Sun in Cancer - meanwhile - preparations are being made during Sun in Gemini and the moment Mars enters Cancer - you'll really know where "it" is all leading you towards - as Mars is the "engine" and the "power" that will drive your life forward to get the stability and success you need.


Everything that's right and destined will have the power of Mars behind it - Mars in Cancer will create clarity, confidence and strength - as you'll be driven forward knowing "everything" is going to be alright because it is so right for you.


I should add that Mars in Cancer will be good for every star sign - some more than others - especially those of you who've been worried about money in the past 2-3 years - because you've had nothing in the bank and you've been surviving from week-to-week.


Whereas those people who've been mean, stingy and had money in the bank but not shared it with anyone - their "money" will get afflicted during Mars in Cancer - so I guess it's karma of life - wheel of fortune - changing things for everyone !


Mars in Cancer will defining - receiving money because of a flow of money - money in because of money out - hence people who don't want to make a flow of money - will be forced to spend money - as Mars in Cancer means movement of money - in order for everyone to keep moving the money around.


You see "prosperity" and "success" for all - is defined by everyone who receives spends it - and thereby continued flow of money means everyone benefits - it keeps flowing. So if "stingy" people don't want to spend money - life forces them to spend it on things - things they would have wished not to spend it on.



Venus is the ruler of star sign of Taurus

Tuesday 6th June : Venus enters Taurus - "Love & Money"

6th June: Venus enters Taurus - Venus is the ruler of star sign of Taurus - Venus in Taurus 6th June => 5th July 2017


Let me explain the energy of Venus - it defines love, money and success - and in it's home of Earth sign of Taurus - is where it belongs - because - everyone on earth needs "love and money" to exist - to live the real-life you're destined to live. Without either "love and money" it's impossible to exist.


However, some people make the mistake that they can live without love but can't live without money - whilst others live without money but love life - hence - when Venus transits Taurus - it realigns everyone - and combines "love and money" together - in sync with each other. Hence, if you've been without both "love and money" or been without either "love or money" then Venus in Taurus will make it clear and wholesome in your life.


There is just ONE important facet and that is Venus in Taurus defines what's right for you - it refuses to steal or take from someone else - it shows you clearly what is yours and brings you what is yours. Therefore, it is a time when you will eliminate all doubts and anything that's not yours.


Venus in Taurus will ensure you'll immediately realize - exactly what is yours - however illogical it might seem. That's because YOUR "love and money" will be connected together - your destined success in "love and money" - will show you clearly what is yours and WHO it is that is connected to you that creates YOUR SUCCESS.


Therefore - anyone in your life between 6th June and 5th July 2017- will be who and what destiny wants in your life - because Venus in Taurus wants you to have your key to "love, money and success" which will create an aura of HAPPINESS in your life.


As explained above - Taurus energies are 100% true, trusting and loyal - all you have to do is eliminate and avoid anything that doesn't bring you happiness - and - read the signs - if someone is in your life and you're having GOOD LUCK - defines - destiny wants them in your life to be your LUCKY energy.


Venus in Taurus will create STABILITY in your life because it will be true to you - and for all star signs that have been worried in the past 4-5 months - it will eliminate the worry by providing the clarity and solutions you need. This just one more reason why Sun in Gemini is going to be a wonderful month for everyone. The only moments which will be uncomfortable will letting-go of anything that's not yours to have - but that too - will be good - because be letting-go of things wrong for you - you will receive things that are right for you.



Mercury is the ruler of star sign of Gemini

6th June: Mercury enters Gemini - Mercury is the ruler of star sign of Gemini - Mercury in Gemini 6th June => 21st June 2017


Mercury is ruler of 2 star signs - Gemini & Virgo - and for this reason - is why all Virgo's love Gemini's and all Gemini's love Virgo - there's something they have in common. Mercury defines quick changes - as quickly as saying something and thinking something. People who hesitate - are made to hesitate because their destiny doesn't want them to do something.


Sun in Gemini & Jupiter in Libra means life is changing because of communication - the more you talk - the more you want to talk - the more life is making you talk - because - life wants you to do something meaningful - and as a human-being the way things happen is because you're talking.


The truth is you won't want to talk to "everyone" - but you will want to talk to "specific" destined people - because they are the ones who are totally in sync with you - energizing you - making you feel alive - and - they're the ones that life is ensuring you're connected to.



Wanting what you want because you really love it

Sun in Gemini - Mercury in Gemini - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries - Full Moon in Sagittarius


All the major decisions you make in your life are defined by either you HATE something and need to get away from it - or - because you LOVE it and want it so much. Sun in Gemini is unlocking the full power of 3 major planets - Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - Uranus in Aries - which for some people will make them HATE something in order to get away from it - and - for everyone else will make you LOVE something.


Combined with the Full Moon - you will be defining your choices by LOVING whatever and whoever it is that you want - but if your love doesn't love you back - don't hate them - continue to LOVE whoever it is that you LOVE - because you shouldn't change your nature.


The reason I say this - is all the astrological energies want you to love whoever you're supposed to love. When you LOVE - it energizes you. Like chocolate you love it - but it doesn't talk back to you - does it ?! Same with all the people in your life - LOVE whoever it is you LOVE - let yourself feel the energy of desire and love - it will energize your aura - focus on what and who it is you love - because love is what will make you successful - because it energizes your aura.




Astrological Chart of the powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius - with thanks to

The changes will be created through the power of honest and carefree communication.

Saying whatever you want to say - to the people you want to say it to - creating unexpected changes in your lives

The power of Full Moon in Sagittarius & Sun in Gemini is magnetic attraction to whatever and whoever makes you feel alive



9th June: Full Moon in Sagittarius - [explained fully on Moon Astrology] a pure natural Full Moon in positive star sign of Sagittarius - it will make everyone feel alive because you're being yourself - because you've found yourself - because life is making you feel alive.


You see - stagnation and depression are definitions that you're not living. The purpose of this zodiac year is to ensure everyone lives life. Living to the fullest means being EXCITED by life - means LOVING life - means LOVING all the good people in your life.



The Full Moon in Sagittarius & Saturn in Sagittarius

Once a year there's a Full Moon in Sagittarius - once - every 28 years - Saturn is in Sagittarius

This Full Moon will define the next 12 months of your lives - and for some of you - the next 28 years of your lives ...


The Full Moon - Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius will both begin a NEW phase and create a new level in your existing relationships, heal your existing relationships, and/or bring NEW relationships into your life. Indeed, if you've passed the karmic tests of the past few years - life will ensure you're moved to be with and connected to all the people for the NEW phase.


Even if you're HESITANT or NERVOUS about new relationships or making decisions. When you meet and see someone who you like and have an inexplicable affinity for - you might hesitate until it comes the destined time for the connection to be made - and then - the invisible blockage is eliminated and you begin your relationship - because the energy and timing is now right.


You will be surprised to see that everyone and everything that Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to be connected to - you will be connected - and all others you'll ignore - purely because you will feel nothing. So if you continue to hesitate - it means that Saturn in Sagittarius is blocking it - whereas if you feel the warmth and confidence - then you know that Saturn in Sagittarius is doing it for you - because it is your destiny.


The most powerful moments of the year are the Full Moon - and - this Full Moon will be unbelievably powerful that even the most negative-thinking, moaning and complaining person on the planet will have nothing to complain about.


The Full Moon-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius might not do it's magic immediately - but it will create clarity and set in motion - detachment from what isn't right for you - whilst it will push, entice and empower to want what destiny wants you to want. It is focused on being connected with all the right people who energize your life - whilst disconnecting from people who drain you.



From 9th June => 20th June 2017

Strong destined events created by positive energy


Immediately after the Full moon from 9th June and until 20th June 2017 - it's astrologically very strong, positive and unavoidable - it's truly destined destiny. When something STRONG happens in your life - it gives you lots of energy - the truth is the energy is within you - but it is UNLOCKED by the STRONG astrological energies.


Events from 9th June 2017 - as GOOD things will happen - will prove to you - that there is such as things as DESTINY. Do you remember from the past that when found your destiny - it was easy to walk-away from and let-go of anything you know is wrong for you.


Whatever "it" is - you're going to find something GOOD for you - that will ensure you leave the past - like finding a new home - you're happy to leave your old home. Finding someone you love and someone who really loves you - you're happy to walk-away from your current relationship. Finding a new job with better pay and amongst nicer people - you're happy to walk-away from your current job.


When something is compellingly truthful and clear - you feel the positive strength of it [FYI it is NOT a negative strength but a positive strength] - because it is DESTINY talking to you - and letting you know - "this" is "it" - "this" is your DESTINY. No doubts - no confusion - no questions - no negativity - no delays - just - yes - yes - yes - and everything goes smoothly will be the proof it is your DESTINY.


Whilst all the astrological aspects are EXACT at the Full Moon of 9th June - "It" could happen anytime between 21st May => 20th June - depending when the Sun in Gemini touches your astrological chart - and - depending on when - DESTINY - gets you in the right place with the right people. As I say - "It" can happen anytime - but one thing is for sure "it" will be happening during Sun in Gemini - for everyone of every star sign. It's unavoidable - it's destined destiny.



Sun in Gemini & Full Moon will define the Truth

Sun in Gemini is all about connections to other people - Full Moon & Saturn in Sagittarius


The Truth will be clear - especially if you've wanted but not heard from some people from the past, if you've disconnected and not in contact and if someone hasn't reconnected with you - then that's it - you're never ever going to hear form them again.


The Sagittarian Full Moon will define the truth - especially in love-relationships - if you're not communicating and not talking to any of your "ex's" - and you've been hoping to hear from them - then the TRUTH is - you're never ever going to hear from them again. It's over. If you can't create the connection or if they can't get through to you - then it will be clear - it's ended forever.


Conversely, the SHOCK and SURPRISE will be who it is that contacts you at the Sagittarian Full Moon - because the Full Moon will ensure - everyone is connected to everyone you're destined to be connected to. It's not just personal relationships - but work, career and business too - will all be 100% clear at the Full Moon.




Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system

Jupiter direct from today will be creating the big events in your life within the next 3 days - 10th, 11th & 12th June 2017

& will continue to create growth and optimism for your future from now onwards until end of September 2017


Friday 9th June 2017 - Jupiter goes direct

A "turnaround" in 1 aspect of your life

The Big Jupiter turn-around to your Future

Jupiter in Libra creates Self-Confidence

Everything that you need to give you confidence will be happening - in order for you to move forwards for your future ....


9th June: Jupiter goes direct at 13° Libra - Jupiter has been retrograde since 6th February 2017 and for some people it has created stagnation and uncertainty - for others it has ensured you've seen mistakes you've made - undone them - corrected them - sorted the "past" out and - now you're ready to move forwards - along your correct pathway. The Jupiter retrograde has ensured you've realized a lot about yourself as much as you've realized what works for you and what doesn't.


When Jupiter goes direct - due to the trine it forms with Sun in Gemini - means a sudden about-turn - clarity and movement forwards. And anything that isn't relevant to your future - will simply vanish as Jupiter goes direct. And as Jupiter goes direct day after the full Moon - you will notice it's power - "it" will stand-out and be STRONGER than normal.


Jupiter is the planet that creates both meaning to want to live, to look forward optimistically to your future - so whatever you truly need to make you LOOK FORWARD - is what Jupiter will be creating. Indeed - Jupiter in Libra - will define $$$, £££, €€€ - money - earthly needs - career, job, business - and relationships too - creating a positive movement forward - to make you look forward to the future - because you've got something you need that will give you CONFIDENCE.


You know - the funniest things always happen during "turn-around's" because in the same way people blame astrology for bad luck - they will be saying thank you for the good luck that Jupiter direct in Libra will create.


You see it's not just about Jupiter going direct at 13° Libra - but - today - after the Full Moon in Sagittarius - Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius means a turnaround in ONE BIG and important facet of your life - the "turnaround" means "it" has to be something that makes you want to live life - makes you want to look forward with optimism - and for most people that's the ability to live life to the fullest - and you can't truly live if you don't have someone to love, someone who loves you and you don't have money.



The Jupiter-turnaround will positively affect everyone .....

If you're finding it too much then - on Friday 9th June 2017 - it will become clear and good

Jupiter going direct in Libra won't show you the problems - it will show only you the positive solutions


"Jupiter going direct will stand-out clearly" - and without doubt and with 100% clarity - everyone everywhere is feeling something and experiencing something. Something about "You" and your life is being shown to you with a NEW clarity.


Even if you attempt to avoid it or wanted to avoid dealing with "it" - Jupiter direct in Libra will ensure you do what life wants you to do - in order to have direction, aims, ambitions and goals for your future. And the proof will be after you've done what you know you should do - it will unlock so much positive energy within you with a "knowing" it's 100% the correct thing to do.





11th June: Venus 4° Taurus sextiles Mars 4° Cancer - the reason why Sun in Gemini will be creating changes for everyone is that whilst all star signs will be energized by Sun in Gemini - the following 6 star signs of - Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces will be totally energized by Venus & Mars.


Venus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Sun in Gemini [Air sign] Mars in Cancer [Water Sign]


However, it's more than this configuration - because it's all about Sun in Gemini being surround by and exactly in between Venus & Mars - that's what will creating the magic of what happens - excitement in harmony - power in cohesion.





10th/11th/12th June: VERY STRONG Karmic Dates-With-Destiny for Israel - Power of "50" - it's a fact of life that often "news" in the world is about Israel and the Middle-East - during the past 2 years - it's become relatively quiet for Israel - which is extremely unusual - that's because something is preparing to happen.


The Jewish Book called Sefer Hassidim of Rabbi Yehudah HaChosid of Regensberg - predicted that - the power of 50 years - the Jubilee will have importance to Israel and the Jewish people at the end-of-times.


In 1917 - the Balfour declaration paved the way for the existence of the State of Israel.

In 1967 - Jerusalem the capital of Israel became in Jewish hands

In 2017 - on 10th/11th/12th June is 50 years exactly after Jerusalem was given to State of Israel


What happens next - is an unknown - but it's clear - something destined will be happening.

I've detailed it here - because many of my Jewish readers in Israel - will be feeling something STRONG coming.


Lets be honest - the generation we're living in is quite unique - lots of things are happening that have never ever happened in the history of the world - such as the invention of the internet - these destined and karmic things are happening for a reason - a reason I hope we'll all soon see.


The historical events - exactly 50 years ago - 5th June => 11th June 1967 - was - the "6 Day War" - it was an unbelievable destined event during Sun in Gemini - because quick and unexpected events changed everything - and it all happened in 6 Days. Prior to the war - there was lots of negativity - fears of war and panic - fears of the destruction - all of which ended in 6 days - out of negativity into positive aura - it brought about peace, happiness, ceasefire and stability.


The Mid-East has been historically and karmically - a place that creates changes that influences the whole world - and - the reason I've mentioned it here - on the 50th anniversary - is because many of my Jewish kabbalists are predicting that there's going to be BIG changes again for everyone. A sudden cessation to negativity, to worries and to fears - in order to have peace and happiness.


The Sagittarian Full Moon on Friday 9th June & Jupiter going direct on Saturday 10th June - means that in your lives - BIG changes will be happening - for long-term stability, peace and harmony with all the good people in your life. Because it is only when you stop worrying, when you stop having fears - and - when you feel good is when you can change the most.




Mercury is the ruler of star sign of Gemini

Mercury is the ruler of star sign of Gemini - Mercury in Gemini 6th June => 21st June 2017


Whilst the following aspects are exact on the following dates - you will be experiencing the clarity and truth of all the astrological aspects involving both Sun and Mercury in Gemini will be defined by what "it" is that excites you and gives you energy - and what "it" is that is DEAD-BORING. Yes that's right - if you feel nothing and if you feel any DEAD energy - then it's clearly not right for you.



13th June: Mercury 13° Gemini trines Jupiter 13° Libra

14th June: Mercury 14° Gemini squares Neptune 14° Pisces

15th June: Sun 24° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 24° Sagittarius


18th June: Sun 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries

18th June: Mercury 24° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 24° Sagittarius

20th June: Mercury 27° Gemini sextiles Uranus 27° Aries



Each of the above aspects - whilst exact on these dates - will be felt between 6th June => 20th June 2017 - each of which will create something POSITIVE and REAL in REAL life to guide you towards the future. All you have to do is follow the truth - what and who "it" is that's make you feel alive, communicative and energized.




Neptune is the ruler of star sign of Pisces

Neptune is the ruler of star sign of Pisces - Neptune in Pisces January 2012 => April 2025

Sooner or later - and by 2025 - your dreams will be coming true - why wait - make it happen now !



16th June: Neptune goes retrograde at 14° Pisces - Neptune is the planet that creates MAGIC via the power of your thoughts. Neptune talks to your thoughts and guides you towards your dreams - Neptune in Pisces is making dreams come true. Unfortunately for "negative-thinking" people and depending on your own astrological chart - Neptune can make your fears come true too. Hence, the importance of POSITIVE-THINKING is 100% essential during Neptune in Pisces.


Each and everyone has "dreams" - totally illogical and yet many times in your life - you get am inspired "dream" and "vision" - and then life makes it happen. Neptune in Pisces since January 2012 and until 2025 - means sooner or later - everyone will have your Neptune moments.


The foolishness of people is that YOU know your dream - but often you're not-in-the-mood or not-ready or too lazy to energize your dreams. I should admit that many women are much better than men at Neptune-dreams - because you're able to talk about your dreams more than most men. Men don't talk about their dreams !


Even so - everyone has a dream - what's your dream ? what is that constant vision you keep being shown ? Something you can't get out of your head - well during Neptune retrograde's is always perfect to make the dreams come true. All you have to do - is DO SOMETHING - and that means using your head to THINK about your dreams.


Neptune in Pisces says USE YOUR MIND and THINK wisely as it creates an inspired visualization in your mind of what it wants to happen in your life - then it assists you to make it happen in real life. Many "think" that Neptune is an insignificant OUTER planet that creates nothing more than illusions, fantasies and dreams - that's nonsense - Neptune is powerful.


Neptune is the planet that "makes" you think the way you do think - and inspires you to THINK of what destiny wants you to THINK about. It creates a vision and dream that isn't easy to get out of your mind - because Neptune wants you to think about "it".


When you keep your mind focused on your goals and when you "tune-in" your mind to your dreams - you can find ENERGY and PEACE anytime of the day or night. Because a truthful dream contains lots of energy - thats the energy that will be making your dream come true.





21st June: Sun enters Cancer

21st June: Mercury enters Cancer

24th June: New Moon in Cancer

25th June: Mars 13° Cancer squares Jupiter 13° Cancer

26th June: Mars 14° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 14° Pisces