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Astrology Predictions for Libra

For everyone with Sun in Libra - Weekly & Yearly Astrology Predictions for the Year 2018


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This Year 2018 for Libra - Part II

31st March => 31st August 2018



Destined Changes for a better future ...

Summer of Magnetism and Attraction

The key to success in 2018 is that you be yourself - don't lie or pretend to be someone you're not - be the real "you"

Destiny is all about the strength of Cohesion that you feel connected to all facets and people in your life

The more connected you are - the more alive you will be - the more successful you will be ....


The beginning of a whole new phase of your life has begun with Saturn in Capricorn - which combined with Jupiter in Scorpio until November 2018 - means - it has been and will continue to create MAJOR changes for you. Depending on your age and astrological change - you will adapt quickly - things will happen suddenly and surprisingly - OR - you will resist these changes - until the inevitable happens - when you're compelled, forced and enticed - into these destined changes.


The past 3-5 years of your lives have been defined by whatever you've been doing and the way you've been living - and - on 21st December 2017 - that specific phase of your life was declared as being over and finished. Saturn in Capricorn from 21st December 2017 => December 2020 - is defining a whole new chapter of your life.


It will be something you've either neglected - something you never believed could happen - something that has been stuck, dead, non-existent or something that's been assumed that would last forever - Saturn in Capricorn has defined - it must change.


You're moving-on forwards towards the future - during the next 6 months from April => September 2018 - destiny is going to be forcing changes to happen. Some of you are going to be loving the vibrancy of the changes and some of you will need to THINK twice before you do whatever you're going to be doing next.


Although the truth is even if you have to THINK and CHOOSE - you will still arrive at your destined destination connected to the people you're destined to be connected to - because the compelling forced attraction - due to the POWERFUL ASTROLOGICAL OPPOSITIONS - will ensure you get magnetized to be connected to all the people and situations that life wants you to be connected to.



Inner Planets - attraction of opposites to - Outer Planets


Between 1st April => 29th May 2018 - inner planets in Taurus - opposes - Jupiter in Scorpio

Between 19th May => 22nd July 2018 - inner planets in Cancer - opposes - Saturn in Capricorn

Between 14th June => 22nd August 2018 - inner planets in Leo - opposes - Mars in Aquarius

Between 10th July => 22nd September 2018 - inner planets in Virgo - opposes - Neptune in Pisces


Even though Jupiter is in Scorpio and Saturn is in Capricorn - the only time - you truly feel the planets is during OPPOSITIONS of inner planets to outer planets. This is why the Full Moon is the most powerful day of the month. OPPOSITIONS always do something for everyone.


Even if "logically" you've decided not to do something - even if "logically" you're not interested in changing things in your life - when you get energized by the alluring and enticing magnetic attraction of OPPOSITIONS - you can't and won't be able to say "no".


Whilst you're empowered with this astrological information and will be realizing the reason WHY things will be changing in the next few months - others won't have a clue - other than they will be compelled and enticed to be connected to other people by way of unavoidable attraction.


How these changes unfold and happen in your life - and - how you react to the inevitable changes will be defined by your own astrological chart and your ability to adapt to new changes. But once you embrace the destined changes - that you'll be enticed into making - then - you'll realize how "dead" you've been in comparison to how "alive" you'll become over the next few months.



How your SunSign Libra will react to these Destined Changes .....


Unlike the past 3 years - and - unlike the past 12 years - the astrological energies for your SunSign Libra won't be forcing you to do anything - you won't even be forced to change anything in your life. Instead - YOU - will desire and want to make some important changes.


Indeed that's the important difference this year - the sense of correctness in your life - the sense and desires to WANT to do something. And that for a SunSign Libra is the best - because whenever you've been forced to do anything - the word "FORCED" means imprisoned - and that means you've instinctively wanted to rebel in order to break-free and liberate yourself.


April, May, June and July 2018 - everything that you do will be defined by what you know to be good for you - because it will be defined by your past mistakes and you'll instinctively know what's good for you and what isn't.


No-one is going to FORCE you to do anything you don't want to do - and - quite remarkably - you'll find how much you're going to accomplish and achieve - because your SunSign Libra - vibrancy and positive thinking Libra head will be ensuring you stayed FOCUSED on what you want. Now is the time to put your heart and soul into whatever it is life is making you focus on - and - the good news it will be - impossible to get distracted.


The 3 months - April, May, June 2018 - will be goal orientated - focus carefully - because life will be giving you something NEW to focus on - and - the more you focus on it - the bigger the sense of achievement when you arrive at July 2018.


The good news is that from April => August 2018 - there's no energy to be distracted - there's no energy to do anything you don't want to do - and - there's no energy to do anything that's going to be a waste of time.


Whilst you're a kind-hearted SunSign - life is going to ensure you can be a kind-hearted relationship person - and balance - career, goals and achievements - although, if I'm honest with you - during April, May & June 2018 - you're going to be really focused on career, work and accomplishing something important for your long-term stability - such as making-money.


The irony is that the more you achieve SUCCESS - the happier you become - and - the better you become at "relationships". In fact - for all SunSign Libra - you're only really attractive when you're being SUCCESSFUL and when you're working with other people.


Hence, if you haven't sorted-out your personal relationships - don't worry - life will ensure you focus on SUCCESS - then you'll be attractive to new relationships. Whoever the NEW people that will be coming into your life - you will begin to see them in April - but - it won't be until July 2018 - when you'll truly know the meaning of Saturn in Capricorn - by the way of the quality of your relationships with good people.


Indeed, as you change - so too the people whom are in your life will be changing - and by July 2018 - you'll see STABILITY - as they will bring out the best in you - as you will be a catalyst to bring out the best in others.


With so much energy in your life - you will probably do more physical exercise, walking or outdoor activities - indicative of a sense of your FREEDOM - as SunSign Libra when you're FREE - you do things that define FREEDOM for you.


Now, whilst I should say that life is about BALANCE - that would be useless for me to tell you to balance your life until September 2018. Because you've been so many years out-of-balance that you need to oscillate into the other direction before BALANCE is restored.


Combined with the fact that have something totally and unexpected NEW coming into your life when Uranus enters Taurus on 15th May 2018 - that for me to tell you "calm-down" or "take-it-slowly" would be waste of time.


Uranus in Taurus from 15th May 2018 - in fact - "it" will begin to be felt from 20th April 2018 - life is going to present you opportunities to make you life busier - not quieter. The good news is that you're going to love it all. And by July 2018 - you'll be happier and more alive than you have been in the past 3-7 years of your life.


I must say that Uranus in Taurus will be EXCEEDINGLY powerful - if you've got any planets in Taurus & Scorpio - as Uranus will be bringing these planets ALIVE to make you realize that an aspect of your life that's been DEAD - is indeed ALIVE. Uranus will shock and surprise - read the full explanation for Uranus in Taurus - on - SunSign Taurus.


That's because whilst Uranus in Aries from 2011 => 2018 - has created some unexpected BIG changes in your life - it has created some instability because it eliminated something out of your life - something you had assumed would be in your life forever prior to 2011. Now thanks to Uranus in Taurus - and - Saturn in Capricorn - a NEW stability will be formed in your life.


There's ONE important fact that I must say to all SunSign Libra - will be because of Jupiter in Scorpio until November 2018 - and - that is take NO RISKS - don't do anything that requires you to invest your money.


Your true nature of being a SunSign Libra - is working for something that creates something from nothing - letting the finances comes to you because of the work you do. You've got a role to do what you do best - STABILITY - defined by Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio means STABILITY - no risks or investments yet.


After Jupiter enters Sagittarius on 8th November 2018 - thereafter - you can spend all the money you've got - because a continual flow of money and security for your long-term future will have been established.


Now - let me get back - to the CHANGES created by the magnetic attraction of OPPOSITIONS - you're NOT GOOD at knowing who is attracted to you - because - UNTIL - they do something BIG that attracts your attention - you don't know and have no idea of what you do for others. You have no idea of your personal magnetism which excites other people.


You don't know what energies of incoming attraction are - even though you yourself emit energies towards whatever you want and are attracted to - you're not good at sensing it coming from others and the truth is you've never known what people are truly feeling towards you.


The good news is that instead of GUESSING who is attracted to you - "they" will be making the moves and by Mid-May 2018 - you'll know the meaning of Jupiter in Scorpio - which will be BIG and POSITIVE - giving you optimism and growth towards your future - and by Mid-July 2018 you'll know the meaning of Saturn in Capricorn DESTINED relationships.


It will be 100% clear to all of you - and - unlike the past 7 years - you won't be fooled nor deceived anymore - hence you won't make any mistakes - even so - I should say WAIT to decide anything really BIG until you see how strong and trustworthy it truly is.


By end of July 2018 - you will be living that NEW life with someone NEW and/or working at and earning money doing something NEW - and/or living somewhere NEW. The purpose of which is for your long-term stability, existence and ultimately your destined happiness.


I will tell you the truth - you've never really felt the power of - Saturn in Capricorn since - 1988 - 1989 - 1990 - whilst some of you have felt "it" - 14 years ago - in 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - during those years - it merely defined what you didn't want in your lives - not necessarily what you positively wanted.


This is a NEW chapter of your lives - which needs your active participation - it needs you to be CONNECTED with STRENGTH to the right pieces of the puzzle of your life. Some of these pieces includes people you've forgotten about from the past too - people who are trustworthy and good for you - because they've always been good for you - now you'll see how important they are.


The magnetism your personality creates will SHOCK and SURPRISE you - because - you will see how strong and important your individual MAGNETISM is. This will SHOCK you - as even people from your "past" will reconnect with you - now that you're personality will be restored to you.




The Outer Planets of Generational Changes

Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] | Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] 15th May 2018 | Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] | Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Jupiter in Scorpio 10th October 2017 => 8th November 2018

Saturn in Capricorn - 21st December 2017 => 16th December 2020

Uranus in Aries - from 11th March 2011 and until 15th May 2018

Uranus enters Taurus - from 15th May 2018 => 2025

Neptune in Pisces - from February 2012 and until 2025

Pluto in Capricorn - from November 2008 and until 2024


The combined power of these 5 outer planets will be to create an important change - not just in one area of your life - but in all areas of your life - especially if your life is not RIGHT at the moment. These 5 outer planets always have their greatest impact on people's lives from the age of 29/30 onwards - that's because the Saturn return at the age of 29/30 - unlocks the full power of the other 4 outermost planets.


Usually between the ages of 30 => 50 - most people are readjusting their lives in sync with TRUTH. You see midlifecrisis isn't really a crisis - it is an adjustment to ensure you're living the life that is correct and good for you. It is when you get forced and guided to find yourself.


Due to Saturn returning to it's natural home of Capricorn means - everyone will be going through a sort of "midlifecrisis" of finding your own DESTINED TRUTH - some of you - it will be minor adjustments - others it will be major. The most important change will be to ensure you're CONNECTED to the people who are RIGHT for you. And - disconnected from anyone who is WRONG for you.


Life will do it for you - for example - say you're working or living in a place that's wrong for you - STRONG coincidences will happen - anytime between January 2018 => September 2018 - to get your where you should be with the people you should be with.


As Saturn in Capricorn is an [Earth Sign] - combined with - Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - and with Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] 15th May 2018 - means REAL LIFE movement - REAL LIFE relationships - REAL LIFE - that means - face-to-face human energies of warmth and connectivity.


Which means for you SunSign Libra - that - Saturn in Capricorn - means a new vibrant phase of life begins - and a BIG CHANGE for you - Saturn understands that everything GOOD and DESTINED happens slowly - from now onwards you'll see the reasons for everything you've been through in the past 3 years - especially as you'll sense Saturn making everything become "light", good and showing you that everything is going to be alright. But to become RIGHT - something BIG will be CHANGING in all your lives !



Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] from 15th May 2018 | Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] | Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - each define a stage of growing-up - collectively and generationally for everyone in the whole world - each planet defines a border that you can't go-back to the "old" you - you can't go back in time - and you either move-forward with everyone else, adapt and change or you'll find yourself being left-behind.


The effect of these 3 planets will depending on your age and circumstances - and - depend on whether you're in sync with your true destined destiny - then destiny will create necessary changes for everyone.


As a SunSign Libra - all these 3 planets will work to create long-term stability in your life - as you define what's truly RIGHT for you - and - STOP being DISTRACTED by other people's lives and nonsense - and - END / DISCONNECT from anything that's bad for you!


Now - I must be honest with you - that there will be some facets of your life that have been a part of your life for the past 5 years - and - for some of you for the past 12 years - which will now END. It's not a "maybe" - it is a fact. The truth is - during the past 2-3 years in 2016-2017 - you already sensed and saw that things needed to END. And now it will - if it hasn't already happened - because something else better for you will come-along to replace it.


You see - every phase of life is defined by specific facets - and because it's a whole new phase - specific things will be forced to change - as they've "died" - there's no energy in "it" anymore. Don't be shocked when it happens - because you'll see - as one door closes another opens.



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