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Astrology Predictions for Sagittarius

For everyone with Sun in Sagittarius - Weekly & Yearly Astrology Predictions


Week from Monday 15th October => Monday 22nd October 2018

To be read in conjunction with "This Weeks Astrology"

* Sun 22° => 29° Libra

* Next Full Moon 1° Taurus on Wednesday 24th October 2018

* Mercury 7° => 17° Scorpio

* Venus 9° => 5° Scorpio - retrograde

* Mars 12° => 15° Aquarius

* Jupiter 24° => 26° Scorpio

* Saturn 3°44' => 4°11' Capricorn

* Uranus 0°55' => 0°38' Taurus - retrograde

* Neptune 14°08' => 14°01' Pisces - retrograde

* Pluto 18°48' => 18°52' Capricorn


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Weekly Astrology for Sagittarius

For everyone with Sun in Sagittarius - it's all on "your own Astrological Chart"


This Week Creates Re-Connections

Communication and Honesty with Good People

Life is defined by truthful and good connections to all people who are good for you

Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - Uranus in Taurus - healing of relationships - solving problems


This week's Astrological Events will create considerable changes for everyone every star sign....

This week will create a lot of destined and unexpected changes for everyone created by attraction and magnetism


Sun in Libra [Air Sign] New Moon in Libra [Air Sign] Mars in Aquarius [Air Sign]


Mercury in Scorpio [Water Sign] Venus in Scorpio [Water Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign]

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The planetary configuration defines BOTH sets of astrological energies are being awakened and activated. Via the power of communication with other people - areas and facets of your life which have been "DEAD" are now coming-alive.


Life-energy and vibrancy will be created by COMMUNICATION - Sun in Libra & Mars in Aquarius - and - this week's New Moon in Libra on Tuesday 9th October 2018 - says - Believe in Life - BELIEVE in your future - BE HAPPY - and - don't dare complain about anyone or anything. Use the power of communication to bring happiness into other people's live - and - they'll reciprocate by bringing happiness into your life.


Anyone who can't be nice to you - you'll realize the truth - that you no longer want to be connected to them. Life will ensure you become DISCONNECTED from "moaners" and "complaining" - especially anyone is is critical of you.


The next few weeks - you're moving out of dead-zone into alive-zone in your relationships - which means - a STRONG change is actually happening - a specific CHANGE you need in order to for "you" to be "you". You're about to be the best version of yourself.


"Some" of you - depending on your age and circumstances - especially born prior to 1986 - are RECONNECTING to people from the past - as you realize the truth that "they" are very good for you - as they "know" - and - they're in sync with you.


Sun in Libra will bring out and is bringing out the best in your nature - you see - as a communicative and friendly Sagittarius - you're intrinsically one of the most generous of StarSigns - as you're a born communicator that GIVES positive energies with KINDNESS and WARMTH to everyone you meet - even if they don't reciprocate.


The afflictions many of you have had - and - your BIGGEST problems - in the past 7 years is that "other" people didn't behave towards you as you behaved towards them. Hence, life seemed unfair because "other" people were being unfair to you.


The week of Monday 8th => 15th October - with - a New Moon in Libra on Tuesday 9th October 2018 is going to change your life - positively and dramatically. It will bring GOOD people into your life - and - eliminate all BAD people. It will ensure "other" people will be changing their minds towards you - and - will be in sync with you.


All you need to remember is your true nature - as you were in your younger years is all about giving HAPPINESS to others because of your GENEROSITY of spirit. It's not about "buying" people - it's simply about POSITIVE energies of warmth, love, kindness and compassion towards others - and - they do the same for you. Emitting warmth to them - as - you feel their warmth towards you. The SHOCKS and SURPRISES will be who reconnects with you and how you feel so strongly connected towards them.


This week will unlock something NEW for all SunSign Sagittarian's - all you have to be is GOOD to other people - FORGIVING to others - and - don't dare to argue with anyone - as you sometimes have a tendency to pick-a-fight with others - so please just SMILE and be NICE - and - then you'll see how the world will positively respond to you.


You could say - the next month ahead Sun in Libra will be good for you - you'll attract lots of people into your life - all you have to do is be warm and charming towards them all - bring out the best in others. Use your natural charm and vibrant communicative nature to emit positive vibes to the world. And then you'll see the world positively responding to you.


All the other planets will be working to ensure success - but - during the whole month of Sun in Libra from 23rd September => 22nd October 2018 - you will be experiencing a MAJOR step-up and MAJOR move-forwards - just keep it all moving forwards and NEVER EVER get involved in arguments with anyone. If you have to LIE to others in order to keep the peace !


Therefore, whoever destiny sends into your life - say YES to - have a coffee with them - it doesn't have to lead to sex and marriage - but FRIENDSHIPS - full of joy, happiness and laughter is essential to healing your aura - and - you becoming YOU again. Indeed, you know the truth - all your success in all your life comes when you're being friendly to other people - because other good people bring out the best in you.


The next month of Sun in Libra - says - if you fail to communicate nicely with other people - you will fail at life. The more you communicate with positive energies - the more positive you are with your words - the BIGGER your success. It's simple isn't it ? Dedicate your life and make the effort to TALK to everyone you know and everyone who comes into your life. COMMUNICATION will make you BELIEVE in life . You see whenever it's "dead-boring" - you feel dead. When it suddenly changes - then you feel ALIVE.


Life will ensure you feel ALIVE again. Especially when something that's been draining you - vanishes from your life. The best facet of the week ahead is the fact that Jupiter direct in Scorpio is on the ONE-WAY journey to arrive in Sagittarius on 8th November 2018 - which means - "something GOOD" - to ensure you believe in "life" again - especially if you've recently had "bad" luck and "dead-endings" - Jupiter will create a TURN-AROUND for you.




This Year 2018 for Sagittarius - Part III

22nd September => 31st December 2018


Complicated and Very Busy

Revival of Life-Energies - Coming out of Dead-Zone

During the past 7 => 12 Years - as far back as 2007 - you've been in dead-zone in at least 1 area of your life

From now onwards many areas of your life will be coming alive - and - by December 2018 - 2 good facets of life will be activated

Mars in Aquarius untiul 15th November - Jupiter in Scorpio until 8th November - Jupiter enters Sagittarius 8th November 2018


September => 31st December 2018 - it will be complicated and busy for every SunSign Sagittarian. The 3 astrological months of - Sun in Libra - Sun in Scorpio - Sun in Sagittarius - says - "Things that are wrong, draining and bad - can't continue the way they have been - Things must change for the better - in-sync with long-term stability and honesty".


The true date with destiny for all SunSign Sagittarian is 24th/25th September 2018 - defined by the Aries Full Moon. With a VERY VERY VERY BIG DATE with destiny for all SunSign Sagittarian is 23rd November 2018 - defined by the Gemini Full Moon Whatever is happening between now and 23rd November is merely preparing you for the FUTURE which begins on 23rd November - when your life will be VERY BRIGHT - filled full of happiness.


Let me explain a fact of life - when good things happen in your life - they happen because of an inexplicable affinity and magnetism - good luck happens because it's time for you to have good luck - things happen by coincidences to make you feel alive and happy to be alive - because - destiny wants you to be yourself - you're supposed to be in love with life - and - you're supposed to be enjoying the gift of life.


Many times in the past 7 years - whenever you've forced something to happen - whenever you've run-after something - whenever you've been deceived - it has ENDED in failure. But, whenever things happen naturally and by coincidences because you are being yourself - and - you feel the genuine inner happiness and aliveness - then - magically - everything good happens to you.


Now - let me define the expression "DEAD-ZONE" - everyday life is supposed to make you feel ALIVE and HAPPY to be ALIVE. If you feel depressed and sad - and - you're not happy to be alive - then you're in "DEAD-ZONE".


It's perfectly normal to have phases of life in "DEAD-ZONE" - but - you're not supposed to be in "dead-zone" forever. Unfortunately, during the past 3-7 years for some of you - or since 2007 - some of you have been totally in "DEAD-ZONE" - and - there are some facets of your life that have never been ALIVE.


From 24th September 2018 - will define - the 1st step of coming out of "DEAD-ZONE is defined by - both - Mercury & Venus - [as explained in Healing your Mercury & Healing your Venus - [1] Mercury means you're being communicated to - people are emailing you and you're emailing them - you've always got people interested in your life - and - equally - you're interested in other people's lives too. [2] Venus - love of life - something has happened and something will continue to happen to ensure you HEART is constantly kept alive and in love with life.


You see "DEAD-ZONE" defines your inner self - when both Mercury & Venus are afflicted makes you feel depressed - with no love-life and no-one who loves you - no-one contacting you and you couldn't be bothered contacting anyone either. That's completely changing - and - for those of you who haven't yet had it change - then it will change. Immediately it does - you're officially out of your "DEAD-ZONE".


The problem in this generation is that some people are TOO LAZY and TOO SELFISH to communicate with others. Your natural nature of every SunSign Sagittarian means you have to be an initiator of communication - you have to wake-up other people to communicate with you - and - sooner or later the right people will respond to you.


You must not be lazy when it comes to talking to and contacting other people - you must keep communications / emails going - in order to get others to respond to you - in order to become ALIVE - in order to get out of your "DEAD-ZONE" - in order to live your life with happiness.


Every SunSign Sagittarian from now onwards - at least until January 2020 - is now in the zone of HAPPINESS and ALIVENESS. All you have to do is communicate with other people. Don't dare spend time alone - you're not destined to be alone. If you are alone - then - use you email to initiate communications.


During Sun in Libra 23rd September => 22nd October 2018 - and - Sun in Sagittarius from 22nd November => 21st December 2018 - you will have a lot of SUCCESS and HAPPINESS - but to have it - you have to constantly think optimistically and keep yourself in a good mood.


Jupiter in Sagittarius from 8th November 2018 => 20th December 2019 - combined with - Uranus [retrograde] in Aries from 7th November 2018 => March 2019 - means - lots of people coming back into your life - and - lots of new people coming into your life - and - this means the possibilities for once-in-a-lifetime things happening for you are 100%.


Career - Business - Relationships - are all defined by your SunSign Sagittarian that has a genuine affinity to other people. You're a likable StarSign - you like to be liked by others - and - in your nature you naturally like other people. You always see the good in others and want to be connected to other people.


All you have to do is say "YES" to life - say "YES" to other people - and - please be honest with yourself - listen to what you feel is right for you - don't you dare to think-negative - discard all doubts - discard all fears from the past - and - for once in your life - truly BELIEVE in yourself - BELIEVE in your future.


Indeed, that's the purpose of Jupiter in Sagittarius - between 8th November 2018 => 10th December 2018 - you will feel and see what Jupiter has planned for you - and - it will be a - BIG BIG BIG - VERY BIG - VERY POSITIVE change in your life. After the 10th December 2018 - Jupiter will force you to make a BIG DECISION for your future. The decision will be easy to make - because - it will be BIG and BRIGHT - and - you'll say "YES"!


Now - let me define Saturn in Capricorn from 21st December 2017 => December 2020 - is defining a whole new chapter of your life. It is something you've either neglected - something you never believed could happen - something that has been stuck, dead, non-existent or something that's been assumed that would last forever - Saturn in Capricorn has defined - it must change.


You're moving-on forwards towards the future - during the next 6 months from September 2018 => March 2019 - destiny is going to be forcing changes to happen. Some of you are going to be loving the vibrancy of the changes and some of you will need to THINK twice before you do whatever you're going to be doing next.


Although the truth is even if you have to THINK and CHOOSE - you will still arrive at your destined destination connected to the people you're destined to be connected to - because the compelling forced attraction - due to the POWERFUL ASTROLOGICAL ENERGIES of COHESION in RELATIONSHIPS - will ensure you get magnetized to be connected to all the people and situations that life wants you to be connected to.


Saturn in Capricorn will ensure that everyone is connected to the right people - and - most importantly DISCONNECTED from the wrong people. There's no room for error's or mistakes in relationships - hence - until 2020 - everyone will achieve harmony and stability - thanks to the cohesive power of being connected to GOOD people. The only problem will be for "selfish" types of people - as - Saturn in Capricorn will force people to want to be in relationships - and - that means CHANGING for many people.


Uranus [retrograde] in Aries from 7th November 2018 => March 2019 means you're going to have SUCCESS - defined by reconnecting with people from your past. Ex's and past-lovers will be coming back into your life - to tempt you - to ask forgiveness - to bring-back something you've lost.


There's ONE important fact that I must say to all SunSign Sagittarian - will be because of Mars in Aquarius until 15th November 2018 trines your SunSign Sagittarius - and - that is take NO RISKS - don't do anything that requires you to invest your money - instead - let luck give you something good.


And as I've said before your true nature of being a SunSign Sagittarius - is working for someone else - creating something from nothing - letting OTHER people worry about the finances. You've got a role to do what you do best - STABILITY - defined by Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio means STABILITY and no risks - and - it's worked well for you.


After Jupiter enters Sagittarius on 8th November 2018 - thereafter - you can spend all the money you've got - because a continual flow of money and security for your long-term future will have been established.





The Outer Planets of Generational Changes

Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] | Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] 15th May 2018 | Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] | Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Jupiter in Scorpio 10th October 2017 => 8th November 2018

Saturn in Capricorn - 21st December 2017 => 16th December 2020

Uranus in Aries - from 11th March 2011 and until 15th May 2018

Uranus enters Taurus - from 15th May 2018 => 2025

Neptune in Pisces - from February 2012 and until 2025

Pluto in Capricorn - from November 2008 and until 2024


The combined power of these 5 outer planets will be to create an important change - not just in one area of your life - but in all areas of your life - especially if your life is not RIGHT at the moment. These 5 outer planets always have their greatest impact on people's lives from the age of 29/30 onwards - that's because the Saturn return at the age of 29/30 - unlocks the full power of the other 4 outermost planets.


Usually between the ages of 30 => 50 - most people are readjusting their lives in sync with TRUTH. You see midlifecrisis isn't really a crisis - it is an adjustment to ensure you're living the life that is correct and good for you. It is when you get forced and guided to find yourself.


Due to Saturn returning to it's natural home of Capricorn means - everyone will be going through a sort of "midlifecrisis" of finding your own DESTINED TRUTH - some of you - it will be minor adjustments - others it will be major. The most important change will be to ensure you're CONNECTED to the people who are RIGHT for you. And - disconnected from anyone who is WRONG for you.


Life will do it for you - for example - say you're working or living in a place that's wrong for you - STRONG coincidences will happen - anytime between January 2018 => September 2018 - to get your where you should be with the people you should be with.


As Saturn in Capricorn is an [Earth Sign] - combined with - Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - and with Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] 15th May 2018 - means REAL LIFE movement - REAL LIFE relationships - REAL LIFE - that means - face-to-face human energies of warmth and connectivity.


Which means for you SunSign Sagittarius - that - Saturn in Capricorn - means a new vibrant phase of life begins - and a BIG CHANGE for you - Saturn understands that everything GOOD and DESTINED happens slowly - from now onwards you'll see the reasons for everything you've been through in the past 3 years - especially as you'll sense Saturn making everything become "light", good and showing you that everything is going to be alright. But to become RIGHT - something BIG will be CHANGING in all your lives !



Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] from 15th May 2018 | Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] | Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - each define a stage of growing-up - collectively and generationally for everyone in the whole world - each planet defines a border that you can't go-back to the "old" you - you can't go back in time - and you either move-forward with everyone else, adapt and change or you'll find yourself being left-behind.


The effect of these 3 planets will depending on your age and circumstances - and - depend on whether you're in sync with your true destined destiny - then destiny will create necessary changes for everyone. [Uranus entering Taurus will be a BIG positive change for you - which I will explain here in April 2018].


As a SunSign Sagittarius - all these 3 planets will work to create long-term stability in your life - as you define what's truly RIGHT for you - and - STOP being DISTRACTED by other people's lives and nonsense - and - END / DISCONNECT from anything that's bad for you!


Now - I must be honest with you - that there will be some facets of your life that have been a part of your life for the past 5 years - and - for some of you for the past 12 years - which will now END. It's not a "maybe" - it is a fact. The truth is - during the past 2-3 years in 2016-2017 - you already sensed and saw that things needed to END. And now it will - if it hasn't already happened - because something else better for you will come-along to replace it.


You see - every phase of life is defined by specific facets - and because it's a whole new phase - specific things will be forced to change - as they've "died" - there's no energy in "it" anymore. Don't be shocked when it happens - because you'll see - as one door closes another opens.



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