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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you. The long introduction to Moon Astrology explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares & the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.


Moon Astrology explains that "Timing is Everything" - "When you do things at the right time - because you're in a good mood - you will have success - if you attempt to do anything when you're in a bad you'll have problems" Understanding Moon Astrology and which StarSign the Moon is in informs you of "when that right time is".


Sunday 18th & Monday 19th November 2018 - Moon in Aries

Initiating Connections - Excitement - Positive Vibes

When you've got feelings of what you want and what you don't want - then life will makes things happen


Moon in Aries [Fire Sign] Uranus [retrograde] in Aries [Fire Sign]

Mercury in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Venus in Libra [Air Sign]


The only way you know you're alive is because you have feelings. Sometimes your feelings are depressed and negative - at other times you feel nothing - but the energy you're really waiting for is to feel POSITIVE and EXCITED.


When you receive emails and check your iPhone - you're waiting for the "exciting" emails from other people - you're waiting for good news - you're waiting for something GOOD to happen in your life - and - during Moon in Aries on Sunday evening, Monday & Tuesday - you're going to become POSITIVELY excited by something and someone.


Even if you don't know what or why you're excited - Moon in Aries [Fire Sign] will enliven you from within yourself to make you feel positively optimistic about the future - even and especially if you've been depressed and negative during the past few days of Moon in Pisces.


Aries is the 1st StarSign of the Zodiac that makes things happen - that gets things moving - Aries makes things happen - defined by whatever you WANT and DON'T WANT in your life. The emotional energies of DESIRE and LOVE versus HATE and ANGER will ensure you want something and will ensure you get rid of something too.


Sunday 18th November 2018

Moon enters Aries - 4pm UK - 5pm Europe - 11am USA EST

8:30pm India - [Monday 2am Sydney-Australia]

Moon 2° Aries trines Jupiter 2° Sagittarius

Moon 6° Aries squares Saturn 6° Capricorn


Monday 19th November 2018

Moon 13° Aries trines Mercury [retrograde] 13° Sagittarius


Tuesday 20th November 2018

Moon 19° Aries squares Pluto 19° Capricorn

Moon 29° Aries conjunct Uranus [retrograde] 29° Aries


Wednesday 21st November 2018

Moon enters Taurus - 00:00am UK - 1am Europe - 4:30am India

[Tuesday 7pm USA EST] - 11am Sydney-Australia

Moon 6° Taurus trines Saturn 6° Capricorn


Thursday 22nd November 2018

Sun enters Sagittarius - 10am UK - 11am Europe - 5am USA EST

2:30pm India - 8pm Sydney-Australia

Moon 13° Taurus sextiles Neptune [retrograde] 13° Pisces

Moon 19° Taurus trines Pluto 19° Capricorn


Friday 23rd November 2018 - Full Moon

Moon enters Gemini - 4am UK - 5am Europe - 8:30am India

[Thursday 1am EST USA] - 3pm Sydney-Australia

Full Moon 1° Gemini - 6am UK - 7am Europe - 1am EST USA

10:30am India - 5pm Sydney-Australia

Moon 1° Gemini opposes Sun 1° Sagittarius - Full Moon

Moon 3° Gemini opposes Jupiter 3° Sagittarius

Moon 3° Gemini squares Mars 3° Pisces

Moon 10° Gemini opposes Mercury [retrograde] 10° Sagittarius


Saturday 24th November 2018

Moon 13° Gemini squares Neptune [retrograde] 13° Pisces

Moon 26° Gemini trines Venus 26° Libra

Moon 29° Gemini sextiles Uranus [retrograde] 29° Aries


I've defined all the above aspect for Moon in Aries - Moon in Taurus - leading to the Full Moon in Gemini on Friday 23rd November 2018 - because - it's a journey to the Full Moon - and - the next 5 days - will be creating things to happen for everyone - defined by whatever you WANT and DON'T WANT in your life.


Your desires will become stronger and stronger - and - the more you WANT "it" - the more life will make you DESIRE "it" - and - the more energy you'll focus on achieving "it" - and - the reason you're given emotional energies to WANT and DESIRE - because life wants you to participate in acheiving "it".


Even if you don't feel "it" on Sunday evening - when you wake-up on Monday morning - the Moon in Aries will be speaking to your aura - to make you change your mind and make you WANT "it". Likewise - everyone in the world will be waking-up on Monday morning to WANT "something" - and - by the power of COMMUNICATION - they will be telling you want they want and contacting you.


Monday will be a busy communicative day - driven by whatever people WANT. Hence, when others email and contact you - you should realize - that the Moon is instinctively enticing them to contact you - because - they WANT YOU !



Today's Audio for Sunday 18th & Monday 19th November 2018

Moon in Aries & Sun in Scorpio [5 mins audio]


Audio for Apple . .Audio for Windows

Audio is now in Apple mp4 format & Windows-Android


Moon Astrology

"Sun defines your Surname - Moon defines your 1st Name"


Everyone in the world has TWO MAJOR components - SunSign & MoonSign - LOGIC & EMOTIONS - think of your SunSign like your surname - and - your MoonSign is your 1st name - your 1st name is more important than your surname as it should contain much more energy in defining you - especially to all the closest people in daily your life.


Your personal friends and closest people in your life - know you by your emotional energies - whereas everyone else in the world defines you by your surname. The more friendly you are - the more you like other people - the more you love other people - the more you love and enjoy life - the more positive emotions you're emitting - the more Moon Astrology defines your life. Ask yourself - and - define the people who know you - into categories - who knows you by your emotional character and who knows you by the definition of what your status and identity is.



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