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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you. The long introduction to Moon Astrology explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares & the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.


Moon Astrology explains that "Timing is Everything" - "When you do things at the right time - because you're in a good mood - you will have success" - and if you attempt to do anything when you're in a bad mood - you'll have problems. Understanding Moon Astrology and which StarSign the Moon is in - and - the Moon's positive aspects - informs you of "when that right time is for you".



Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st April 2019 - Moon in Scorpio

Feeling the Relief of Change - Transformed - You've made "it" !

Freedom from the Negativity of the "Past"

Audio for Saturday 20th / Sunday 21st April '19

Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus


The 1st stage in knowing "something" major is about to change and is changing in your life - is waking-up the day-after a Full Moon and feeling with intensity, clarity and truthfulness that "something" has changed. You should be feeling like Saturday is a completely different day to Friday. Sun in Taurus & Moon in Scorpio is TOTALLY different to Sun in Aries and Full Moon in Libra.


During the past 7 days - as the Moon headed towards that Libra Full Moon on Friday 19th April 2019 - you felt the stress and strain - you felt the anxiousness and nervousness - you felt the uncomfortable feelings that "something" is really wrong with your life - and - hopefully you got the message that "something" urgently needs to change in your life. That's the purpose of Sun in Aries - creating - Full Moon in Libra.


Now that you've had the maximum intensity - now begins the next stage - Sun in Taurus - ready for action - ready for life - ready for destiny - ready for what comes next. And because of the sharpness of Sun entering Taurus on a day-after the Full Moon - the changes that will be happening in the next few days - will be SHARP and STRONG.


The key word for Moon in Scorpio is calmness and healing - which means - anything you've worried about and stressed-out about - anybody who has been annoying you and been overstepping their boundaries of interfering with your life - will now be eliminated from your life - or - will be forced to "behave".


Scorpio is the StarSign of "DEATH and REBIRTH" - and - Moon in Scorpio will ensure "DEATH" to anything negative - anything that's been worrying you - anyone who is no reliable or honest for your future. Moon in Scorpio will ensure "REBIRTH" to anything that is perfect, solid, trustworthy, honest and reliable for your future.


The RECONNECTING energies will be exceedingly STRONG - due to Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus - exact on Monday - and - due to the Zodiac year wanting everyone to feel the STRENGTH of being reconnected to people who define destined stability - and - disconnections to people who've defined instability in your life - especially in the past few years.


Friday 19th April 2019

Moon 29° Libra opposes Sun 29° Aries - Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra 12noon UK - 1pm Europe - 7am USA EST

4:30pm India - 10pm Sydney Australia

Moon enters Scorpio 2pm UK - 3pm Europe - 9am USA EST

6:30pm India - [Saturday 00:00am Sydney Australia]

Moon 2° Scorpio opposes Uranus 2° Scorpio


Saturday 20th April 2019

Sun enters Taurus 10am UK - 11am Europe - 5am USA EST

3:30pm India - 7pm Sydney Australia

Moon 6° => 20° Scorpio

100% Pure Sun in Taurus - Moon in Scorpio

Moon 17° Scorpio trines Neptune 17° Pisces

Moon 20° Scorpio sextiles Saturn 20° Capricorn

Moon 23° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 23° Capricorn

Venus enters Aries 5pm UK - 6pm Europe - 12noon USA EST

9:30pm India - [Sunday 3am Sydney Australia]


Sunday 21st April 2019

Moon 23° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 23° Capricorn

Moon enters Sagittarius 5pm UK - 6pm Europe - 12noon USA EST

9:30pm India - [Monday 3am Sydney Australia]

Moon 1° Sagittarius trines Venus 1° Aries

Moon 6° Sagittarius trines Mercury 6° Aries


All the STRONGEST moments of your life are defined by your connections to OTHER people. When you're connected you feel ALIVE - and - equally true is - when you're disconnected from anyone who has been source of pain to you - you get liberated in the divorce - because you're SET-FREE from the pain of being connected.


The same applies to illnesses and any negativity - when you're SET-FREE - you become HEALED. That's because - deep-down inside you - your intrinsic identity gives you BAD vibes when you're not being natural and honest with yourself.


During Sun in Taurus - [as I'm about to fully explain on Month's Astrology] - Sun in Taurus is all about "finding" yourself from within yourself - by knowing honestly what it is you need in your life - and - what it is you hate about your life.


The Moon which accompanies Earth in our orbit around the Sun - is our companion to give us the STRONG and HONEST feelings of what we feel to be RIGHT and WRONG.


Sun in Taurus is about TRUE HAPPINESS and SUCCESS - by concentrating on everything that creates SUCCESS in your life - and by eliminating things that have created negativity and unhappiness in your life - Sun in Taurus will unblock blockages in your life - and - ensure you divorce yourself from things that are wrong for you. And if you don't do it - then - the shocks and surprises will be how life will be doing it for you.


I've added - Venus enters Aries on Saturday because - Aries defines NEW beginnings - and that means - something NEW has to happen to make you feel ALIVE. Venus is about feeling ALIVE - circulating and energies of excitement - the total opposite to depressingly dull-and-boring.


Venus in Aries from 20th April => 15th May 2019 - because it's illuminated by Sun in Taurus - and - held in orbit around the Sun which is in Taurus - means - that something NEW will appear in your life from Saturday onwards to enliven you - and something OLD from your life will vanish - means - it's something TRUTHFUL and STABLE for your future.


Venus in Aries with Mercury in Aries - and - on Sunday & Monday - Moon in Sagittarius all energized by and held in orbit by the Sun of Solar System - the Sun in Taurus - means - something NEW - full of excitement for your future stability will be unlocked - a perfect gift for Easter Sunday - Happy Easter !




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